6.5 – The One With The Big Mistake

What happened in the last post? I’m so far ahead in game that I don’t remember any more XD

RECAP; Ginny refused to age up and ultimately got deleted, Remus adopted a Unicorn (I never said, but it counts towards his LTW. Remus is secretly Hagrid), Billy and Remus got married, there was skilling and friendmaking, more woohoo than normal, hopefully the start of Generation Seven (that’s scary), Remus set himself on fire, and Sirius got old.


Bubbles: You’re such a sweet horse, have some carrots. Don’t tell the Unicorn.

Buckbeak: 😀

Tonks: Is it just me or do these ducks have echoes?

Maybe don’t drink the unnaturally blue water anymore…


After completing his LTW and topping the Law Enforcement career (forensic branch), Martin retires.

Martin: More time to work on my true passion; music!

Please no.


There are going to be a few jumping pictures this post, I’m afraid. Remus makes a ridiculous face, and Sutter looks so good…


You’re supposed to give with your hands when you jump, but if you ride with reins like washing lines I don’t suppose it makes a difference.

Remus: They’re not washing lines.

Sutter: Yes they are. Don’t change them.


It’s so photogenic I can’t help it.

I’m not sorry, this is what Remus spends most of his days doing right now.


He also needs to get in as much riding time to improve his skills, because if he ends up being the one who’s pregnant he won’t be able to ride then.

In hindsight, I think sims aren’t supposed to be able to ride from the moment the lullaby plays, not just when they pop. But I can’t remember.


Given the fact that nobody ever seems to leave the house, it seemed reasonable for Billy to spend time chatting to people online in an attempt to make friends.

Billy: Must. Find. New. People.


Remus: All this riding has made me cold. Unless I want to end up an old man like my father, I’d better do something about it.

This seems fair. Also, the Slytherin fire is still going strong!


Bubbles has a kindle! Or some kind of kindle type thing, anyway.


It’s winter! I should’ve thrown a Christmas Gift Giving party, it would have only been three weeks late.

Remus: Merry Christmas, my butt. You didn’t even get us anything!

Oh, just you wait.


Uh, Remus? Dear? Why are you flying?

Remus: These are my life choices.

Get down, you’re my heir and I need you.



Minerva: That’s last week’s paper.



People do actually care about the animals in this house, they’re not just given the run of the place and left to their own devices.

Not at all.


Watching a horse playing with the ball is one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Considering this game isn’t real, of course.


Sutter: What do you mean, not real? I’m really fabulous, am I not?

Yes, dear.


You know what I thought would be a fantastic idea?



I have never been so wrong in my life and you’ll see why later.


Look at those swish new desk and chairs… Merry Christmas, Gordons! I bought FOUR Stuff packs at £2.50 each (thank you Steam!!)  and installed those, and then spent a good amount of time searching for new furniture and then replacing the old things with the new stuff.

Thank you, Boa, for this beautiful modelling of the new stuff!

Please ignore the change in screen size I’m using my boyfriends crappy old 4:3 monitor and instead of mine, it will return to normal soon.


Minerva still lives here! I know she doesn’t get nearly enough love, and that makes me sad.

Minerva: It’s okay, my human counterpart definitely gets enough love.


Sup Remus, what game you playing?

Remus: … SimAnimals.

Go pet your own Sim Animals!!


Bubbles continues to be cute, playing in the sandpit. Though, if she’s not careful she’s going to end up being slightly less cute when she gets frostbite and her nose falls off.

Bubbles: I don’t want to be Voldemort!


I was trying to get a kind of ‘family photo’, but Sirius refused to cooperate with me and instead deicided to pee on the rug. Thanks.

Billy: How are you still winning, surely you can’t see past the dog!?

Remus: There are things you learn to do in this house, seeing without seeing is one of them.


The obvious call for attention by Sirius was, however, answered, and Remus did stop gaming for five minutes to pet his dog.

Sirius: 🙂


Now this is a weird family photo if ever I saw one.

Minerva: Meow.

Billy: She’s here for the fishing channel.


Glad to see that Remus hasn’t given up on his habit of staring out of windows.

Remus: It’s nice to catch a glimpse of the outside world every now and then…

What do you have two horses for??


Never change, Mia. Never change.


Minerva is definietly Billy’s favourite pet, he seems to interact with her the most.

Remus: I love him.


And this was the point where I realised my big mistake/problem.

For some reason, Billy/Remus will not get pregnant. I assume the mod is broken somehow, maybe because I don’t have any male maternity clothes, but they usually just end up with invisible torsos when that happens. Whatever the problem, I instead decided that it would be easier to adopt and then blend the kid’s faces, and then change the hair and eye colourings to match whatever they rolled in the portrait.

HOWEVER, they couldn’t adopt because they had the maximum number of sims in the household. Because of Tonk’s puppies.


And so somebody had to go </3

The boys are nearing Adulthood, and while I do have my sliders set quite long for YA/A, I’d rather them not have their last child become a YA just before they die, you know?


Billy: I need to wash away the sin of putting Minerva up for adoption. At the same time showing off the amazing corner bath.


Old dogs eat lying down!

Sirius: It’s too much effort to stand up. It hurts my old man joints.


Goodbye, Minerva. You were a great kitty and I’m sorry I didn’t pay enough attention to you </3

Also please ignore the undeleteable dream pod in the background.


Remus: Well, I guess it’s time to replace our cat with a child. Because this is how it works, right?

Speaking of how it works, I decided not to just choose myself how many kids and of which gender they would be, but to let fate decide. And by fate, I mean a tiny dice that I stole from my boyfriend. So the number of kids and which gender each would be has been decided by the roll of the dice. I’m a little scared.


Billy: What do you think about having kids in the house, old man?

Sirius: I will eat them when they cry.

Billy: … Maybe we can keep you occupied.


Just give him a toy and he’ll leave them alone!


The baby is here!!


Baby Una!

Remus: I have a baby. This is my baby. This is my daughter.


Remus: She’s so cute!!

Martin: Excuse me, but I need to see my granddaughter. I  might die soon.


Billy: I need to ring every single person in my contacts and tell them about our daughter!

Remus: I will never put her down ever.


Tonks: Guys, I’m having babies over here too. Some attention would be nice!


WAH, none of them look like Sirius, which was the whole point!

I’m not sure which is which, but there was one girl and one boy; Hermione and Teddy!


Remus found it in himself to leave Una alone and celebrate the puppies with everyone else.


God, they’re so cute.


I hate that I have to do this 😦 If I want Remus to complete his LTW and if I want to have more than one child this generation, I have to.

It doesn’t make it hurt any less.


I think this picture was supposed to be showing that Beaky was trying to do the cavaletti jumps by himself. It was kind of funny, but the humour is dampened by the loss of the puppies.


ASDFGHJKL Why did I do this to myself?


This is another test on the pregnancy thing in case it was a fluke (HINT: it wasn’t), and also fulfilling their woohoo wishes.

Honestly, these two are sickening.


Oh god, they’re so small and cute that it actually hurts </3


Remus: Mother, please put on some clothes. You’re gonna leave Una with emotional scarring.

Bubbles: Well, you turned out okay.

Remus: You sure about that?


Bubbles: Remus, please! I’ve already died twice!

Remus: Sorry what? I got distracted by the cute baby.


Remus is banished from Una’s room and instead goes out to give his neglected horse some exercise.

Remus: I just wanted to hold my daughter, is that too hard to understand!?

Beaky: Yes.


Billy: Hey, Bubbles, could I possibly hold my daughter again?

Bubbles: I swear to fucking God, you two…


Billy: I don’t get it, what did I do!?

Beaky: Should we tell him…?

Sutter: No.



Billy: Wooooo, Una!!


I never actually mentioned her traits, did I?

She came with Athletic and Genius locked in! In the family tree she was already Remus and Billy’s, no awkwardly trying to add one of them in (as happened with a future child), and you don’t get to see her toddler look until next time! 😉

Let me tell you though, she’s freaking adorable.


3 thoughts on “6.5 – The One With The Big Mistake

  1. Hmm, so weird about the inability to get pregnant. I’ve not had any issues with same sex pregnancy in an overstuffed house using nraas mods. To be fair, it’s been f/f couples in the active house, not m/m, but I imagine it is the same. Pregnancy is enabled in SP, correct? I think it’s off by default. Anyway, I love your creative way around it, and cannot wait to see what Una looks like. Trying to figure out your naming theme, but Google isn’t being very helpful…guess I need a second identifier to help it out.

    Even though Minerva was adopted out, she still counts towards Remus’ tally, correct? So if my calculations are correct, he should only need one more animal to complete it, six strays, right? That’s exciting! Sad that they had to leave, but still.


    • I have no idea what caused it. I don’t think it’s off in SP, I downloaded SPPregnancy and fiddled with that for a while and it didn’t make a difference. I’m not overly bothered, though, adopting means I can go straight to the toddler stage without babies and pregnancy!
      Una is a bit of a odd name from it, so she probably wouldn’t have come up by herself… The rest of the kids will definitely give it away! 😂

      She does, but he has two left; Sirius doesn’t count because he was adopted before Remus picked the LTW, and Crookshanks was adopted in one of my crashes and I didn’t try again. So only Tonks, Minerva, and the two horses count!


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