6.6 – The One Where Bubbles Dies Twice

Did you know that tea leaves have more caffeine in them than coffee beans do? Before they’re brewed, of course. But, tea is diluted more than coffee is and ends up having around half the amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee? Because I didn’t.

At least tea doesn’t taste like the entirety of the League of Legends gaming community. Bitter.

So here I sit, with my giant mug of tea, my hair pointing in all directions, preparing to write another Gordons post. Honestly, you’d think this was torture if you saw me.

(And yes, the title is in reference to ‘The One Where Nana Dies Twice’!)


Introducing baby Una!

I think she aged up with brown hair, but her portrait had Billy’s colouring so I gave her that, otherwise I’m losing some epic genetics.

Her favourite colour is lime green, so prepare yourself for damaged retinas.


Billy immediately starts teaching her to talk. And I mean immediately; he didn’t even have any cake.

Billy: And the plates go into the dishwasher, and there’s a trash compacter. Think you could manage that?


Una: No.

Billy: I just want a clean house 😥


Sirius: I can’t bark at Martin because this chair is in my way.

Tonks: can’t bark at Martin because you are in my way.

Martin: Please don’t bark at me.


Buckbeak chose a very strange place to take a nap.

Sutter: Can I splash him? Cold water is known to shock.

Remus: If you screw up the jump, the only person you splash is me. No.


ACK! What do you think you’re doing!?

Bubbles: It’s called dying. It happens when you get old.

But you’ve been here twice already!


Grim: You again?

Bubbles: Nice to see you too.


Grim: Alright, alright!!

Bubbles: Wait, what’s happening?


Bubbles: Hold up. I’m alive!?

Sirius: Hell yeah you are.


Cute little victory dance from our Undead past Heir.

Bubbles: I’m ALIVE!


Bubbles: Sirius, you are the best dog ever.

Tonks: Excuse you!?

(If anyone missed it, Sirius harrassed death into bringing Bubbles back)


Daddy Remus tidies up the ‘nursery’ while Una sleeps.

Honestly, these two are really good dads. It basically goes against the stereotype that sims are crappy parents. Though I think most of my lot have had their moments XD


Remus: How do you feel about more kids?

Billy: Far better than how I feel about you talking while kissing me.


This is Tonks’ new favourite place to sleep. Also, ghost Lyra in the background!


This is Martin’s sprite that he hasn’t spoken to in forever; his name is Shane!


Martin: Here, have a nanothingy and then I can feel like a good sprite owner!

He got a moodlet from it. It was cute in a weird way XD


I bought this guitar for Martin, but he’s ignored it and now a stray pap has picked it up.

I had to listen to this guy learn how to play guitar for hours while everybody in the house slept… I don’t know how he even got there; the gates are locked to household only!


I don’t remember designing these pyjamas for Una, but as she’s a toddler for a grand total of three days, it doesn’t matter that much.


She really likes that car. She’s so cute!


Martin seems to have remembered Shane and now wants to get him out multiple times in a day, and Bubbles has been commissioned to write a drama novel by none other than her younger brother, Boomer.


The boys have also discovered a love of laundry. They did like four loads, one after the other.


Remus: Anybody fancy going out for a ride? Jumping practise?

Beaky&Sutter: No.


Billy: I’m so close to completing my life long goal, I just need to make more friends!


Billy: I can do that from here, right?



Harry called Remus for a chat, so that was cute.

Remus: Yeah, I have two dogs, two horses, and a daughter now! – What, you’re still not married?

-.- Damnit Harry.


Sutter: Attention, please!



Sutter: I’m old now.

If you can still jump, all is well, grey old man!


Speaking of grey old men…

Martin: Oh, is it my turn now?


Grims: Wazzup, old man!?

Sirius: Not you again…


Much to Remus’s horror, Martin greets death as an old friend (heh) and passes on.


Bubbles: I guess his heart just couldn’t stand seeing me die three times!


As he was younger than Bubbles I would usually be surprised he went first, but seeing how Bubbles is determined not to die, it’s not actually that surprising now XD


Billy: Wheeee – oops, let’s not tell Daddy about the accident with the light fixture, okay?

Her head is clipped through one of the lights, though it doesn’t actually look like it here.


Dog gnome!


Remus picks up where his husband left off; Una’s birthday is tomorrow and she doesn’t know any of her toddler skills. Both boys have wishes to ‘see Una age up well’, so we better get cracking on that ASAP!

All your attention needs to go to Una’s skilling, capiche?

Remus: Roger that.


Remus: Yes, my husband and I would like to adopt our second child.

That’s not what I meant.


At least one person is responsible, here.

Only potty training left after this!


And here is the boy’s second child and their first son; the easily impressed loner, Tristan Gordon!

Hands up if you know the theme?


I’ve never paid too much attention to the toddler skills until now, but the little pouty faces that they make are so freaking cute.


Bubbles: Do you think I could challenge Death to a game of Mario Kart when he next comes for me? I’ve been practising, and I think I’ve got a good chance at surviving my fourth encounter.

I mean, you might be able to rock, paper, scissors your way out of it, but it’s unlikely.


Grandma bonding time! Thankfully, Una’s head missed the lights this time.


And Bubbles finishes up the walk training. Una can now walk and talk!


Una: Daddy’s a gossip.

Yes, and it’s taken me about six hours to write the last few screenshots D:


Una learns how to pee responsibly!


Tristan: I am but a poor, negelected, starving child!

Remus: I should never have taught you to talk.


While Remus sulks, Billy teachers the UTTER CUTIE that is Tristan how to walk. Family bonding, folks!

Also, anybody notice my utterly hilarious choice of clothing for Tristan? A shirt that says ‘I love Dad’? Because he has two dads!? … I’ll show myself out.


Remus: Maybe if I pin Tristan’s face over the treble twenty I might hit it…

You know you love him really!

Honestly, these two are probably the best Sim parents I’ve ever had in a game. I love them so much ❤


Michael: I’m here to find inner peace.


What were you saying about peace?

I can count five other ghosts; Peter and Kenny out in the garden, Amy at the top of the stairs, I think that’s Lyra floating past the stairs, and I’m not sure who that is on the computer. Oh, and a rogue zombie!


Martin’s up already! And making everybody some food.


Michael: I found my peace!

Well, you always were a weird one.


Tristan: It vanished!

Tristan, what did you do with your toy!?



After some extensive googling (read: I opened six pages and they all said the same thing) it is apparent that you can’t adopt Supernatural children. Which means that Tristan has either inherited his powers from Lori when I was rerolling his genetics, or there’s something in Story Progression (that I can’t find on google) but that lets you adopt Occult children. I don’t know, though, because most things like that are usually defaulted as off, and I don’t play around with the settings enough to have turned anything like that on.

I mean, it’s probably a setting or even something added with a patch, but I’d just really like to think it was from Lori (though at this stage the chance of that is probably non-existent)! XD


Billy: Yes, soon no more dirty diapers!

That’s what you think 😉

Billy: Oh no.


Remus: Aaaaaaaah, the claaaw!! It’s coming for you, Una!

Una: My short life is flashing before my eyes!


Remus: Tickle monster!!

Remus and Billy are a literal match made in heaven.


Oh, for goodness sake, Bubbles!

Bubbles: Fourth time’s the charm, right?


Bubbles: Please! Let me live, I want to see my new grandson!

Grim: Come on, no more of this hopscotch business. It really is your time now.


These two are now the real, official adults in the house!

Remus: I’m not ready! I need an adult-ier adult!

You’re about 40.


Look at them… I’ll miss the constant drone of that laser-con thingy, and Bubbles and her books! See you two in ghostly form ❤

10 thoughts on “6.6 – The One Where Bubbles Dies Twice

  1. Billy’s mother isn’t Story…she’s his sister-in-law, married to Velma, his much older sister. I don’t know that witch parentage can skip several generations…maybe it’s an SP feature that adds the ability to adopt a Supernatural child? Either way, it makes Tristan early fave for heir! But both the kids are seriously adorable.

    Ooh, and the naming theme…Google says Tristan and Isolde?

    Liked by 1 person

    • … I knew that? I even looked it up, why did I say that? XD In my defence, I’d had five hours of sleep the night before and been up for about 18/19 when writing that. Brain derp!
      Yeah, I’m not even more confused – I know the witch gene can skip one generation because I’ve seen it, but I have no idea! I’ll have to check on the SP thing, maybe it is a mod that does it… Strange! Oh well, I’m not complaining, Tristan’s a cutie and I like witches!

      I have never heard of Tristan and Isolde (to me that’s the name of a skyrim character XD), but Tristan and Una definitely give the right result somewhere. Or, you could wait for the next child, her name alone gives it away!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stardust is right! Stardust is a fairytale style movie, and it’s really funny. I had never watched it until my boyfriend showed me about a year ago, and it’s really good. The plot is both predictable and unpredictable, which I really like, and it’s got that awesome fantasy edge of a fairy-tale. If you like that kind of humerous fantasy adventure type thing, I’d say try it 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  2. So, I’m not good with themes, but I do know of one that has a character called Tristan and a character called Una. Stardust by Neil Gaiman? If the next kid is a girl called Yvaine I will scream with happiness. Or a boy called Shakespeare. 😉


  3. *sticks hand way up in the air, Hermione-style* FFFYEAH STARDUST!!!!!

    *ahem* Yes, clearly others have come before me with the right answer haha but I just want it to be known that I called it when Una arrived. Another brilliant theme, naturally. Secretly hoping for a kid named Septimus, although I did get a brief glimpse at the heir poll already so I feel I may be disappointed (but not really ’cause all the names are great).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why am I not surprised that you know Stardust? I feel like we’ve had a conversation about in somewhere before… but what do I know? XD

      I did consider naming all the kids after numbers, but I couldn’t do it XD It would’ve felt weird calling one Seven where there’s only five of them, though 😛


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