Legacy Hall of Fail

I have started and failed five legacy challenges now, because I’m incredibly lazy. Also, most of them fell into the dust following ice cream trucks of doom, lag, glitches, crashes, and just generally high levels of procrastination. Here’s a little run down of the failed legacies.

The Webb Legacy
This legacy was doomed from the start; I broke half the rules in creating this legacy as I really didn’t understand anything. I started it halfway through the second generation, and both Jenny and her kids had the exact same pudding faces because I didn’t understand how to use sliders. Around the birth of generation three I realised I didn’t like them anyway, and left them for the crows.

The James Legacy
Second came the James family. This was the greatest legacy, and god do I miss them. I made it to the birth of generation six, and then everything fell to shit. They were fantastic, I had children stuck in doorways, witches setting everything on fire, the most boring sim alive that because fascinating once I ‘accidentally’ turned her into a vampire, fairies and general fabulousness. They were living in Isle Paradiso, and the Ice Cream truck multiplied in the hundreds and the game became unplayable as it would lag out – freeze for five minutes, run for 10 seconds, repeat – and then eventually crashed upon loading. By the time I resurrected them from the backup file, it was all a little lost on me and I had moved on.

I have, however, since discovered a Chrome Extension to download entire Facebook albums and have started posting all their old screenshots into chapters here! The only problem is I didn’t really understand the screenshot taking aspect of a legacy, and so the first generation is over in two short posts. I know it gets better, but I’m not entirely sure where that will be!

James Collage 2.0

The Wrenn Legacy
I no longer have any pictures of this family, and actually no trace that they ever existed. I started with one female sim in the Winchester Farming Community world, and lost interest somewhere around the birth of the second generation. All I really remember was that she was a journalist and spent a lot of time talking to mirrors.

The Hargrove Legacy
They’re still alive somewhere (they’re here, if you were wondering), but I lost interest in this family shortly after the birth of generation three, and gave up writing about them around the birth of the second generation. They probably won’t be coming back.

Hargrove Collage 2.0

The Spencer Legacy
I’m not really sure if I can get away with this one in here, as it was over not long after it started. If you’re wondering where they’ve gone, I only got as far as writing the first post before they became unplayable. Honestly, I could probably fix the file if I tried hard enough, but I don’t really understand computers or the Sims and I’m just too lazy. I got to the birth of the second generation, moved the file back to my laptop and poof. Suddenly they started crashing after two minutes of gameplay. Not my finest moment. I put a lot of time and effort into ways to recover them, but I think they’re lost for good. Which is a real shame, as I really liked them.

And so now I’ve started the Gordon Legacy, and I’m determined to see this one through even if it takes me years. I’ve seen legacies run for longer.

2 thoughts on “Legacy Hall of Fail

  1. Honestly, the Gordons are going pretty strong. You’ve gotten to the birth of Gen 6 in only a year! I’ve been at this legacy thing for that long and only just reached the declaration of the Gen 2 Heir! XD (must remember to update) >.>

    Good luck!

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    • Aah, I never saw this! Yeah, the James family reached the birth of gen six in just over a year, but obviously I abandoned them XD This is the furthest I’ve ever reached in a legacy, documented or undocumented, and I’m really happy 😀
      Just keep plugging, you can do it! 😀

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