Yours Truly


Livy King
The Author
.sim :: .sims3pack

Age; 20
Traits; Neurotic, Bookworm, Virtuoso, Socially Awkward, Rebellious
Favourite Colour; Spiceberry
Favourite Food; Fish and Chips
Favourite Music; Indie
Life Time Wish; One Sim Band

The hair is still too long, and also my hair is unfortunately not yet all that turquoise. I mean, the underside of my fringe is, but until the red dye grows out, there’s no chance I can colour it all over without it going green. Boo!
There are links provided if you feel like downloading her, she will almost certainly join the music career and adopt cats, but that’s fine. She’ll also experience the lapse in judgement that all simselves do, and end up dating her way through the entire old-man populace of whichever town you plop her in. There’s nothing you can do, I’m afraid, you just have to let it happen.

This is my real face.


(Yes, that is a Camp Half-Blood shirt that I’m wearing.)

I am a twenty-something gaming and book nerd with the time management & organisation skills of a lemon and the common sense of a spoon.


I’m sure that by posting the links/names on this page here I’m probably just inviting murderers and creepy old men to come and find me, but I’m doing it anyway!

Facebook: LJ & Livy Play The Sims 3 – a joint page between me and my friend where nothing really happens!
Steam: dslady13
Battlenet: DSLady#2215 (EU)
: DSLady#9989
Minecraft Server: Ask and you shall receive!
League of Legends: DSLady & Klanced (in the rare chance that anyone plays this ridiculous game)
BoolProp: DSLady (there’s a common theme here, isn’t there?)
Twitter: @DnDSLady – this is where I livetweet our Dungeons and Dragons exploits!


Evans EPIC – A legacy style challenge, only with certain restrictions that are lifted after achieving certain things within generations!
Runaway Gordon
– A runaway teen challenge, starring our very own Ginny of Gen6!
Hendrick Legacy – Definitely not a Sims 4 Legacy with Hanna Hendrick from that TS4 post that one time. Nope. Not at all.
DSLady’s Distraction Blog – If it’s stopping me from playing this game, has a screenshot function, and I can blog about it, you can bet you’ll find it here.
James Legacy – My first attempt at a real legacy (the Webbs do not count), who made it to Generation Five and died on me. Read at your own risk!
Maitland Round-Robin Legacy – A Sims 3 legacy co-authored by members of the boolprop forums! We’re currently on generation one, and I’m down to take over Generation Seven!

3 thoughts on “Yours Truly

  1. It is incredibly interesting how many gingers play the Sims 3. I myself am a brunette, descended from a plethora of Irish redheads. Apparently the ginger gene skips a generation every six generations. *sad violin*

    Also, the goats are incredibly cute!


    • I am technically a fake ginger 😮 I naturally have what I would describe as ‘sluge grey/brown’ hair, and I’ve been dying it red since 2011 XD However, I do have ‘the ginger gene’, because my hair starts to get ginger streaks when I’m out in the sun for too long and the red takes to my hair very easily – the red actually washes out after a week and I’m left with the gingery colour you can see 🙂


      • I’m still jealous. My mother has red-brown curls, one of my sisters has that color (a bit lighter), and the others are a bit blonder. All of them, when in the sun for too long, go ginger. My dark brown hair bleaches to platinum blonde. I’m not joking. :/


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