Generation Posters

Remember last post, when I said I was going to make that picture of Remus and Beaky into the poster for Generation Six?

Well, merry Christmas to all of you.


And following this, I decided to make ones for every other Generation Heiress! I also wanted to share the ‘Banner of Faces’ that I’ve been adding to and is my PC’s lock screen. My stepdad sighs in disappointment every time he sees it.


I will keep adding to this one, though I might have to half it and have 1-5 on the top row, 6-10 on the bottom.


I picked a more rock-ish font for Ella’s, to go with her Guns ‘n’ Roses tank and tattoos. Even Lyra didn’t have any tattoos! I also used her favourite colour for the font colour.

(Yes, that is a Stuff Pack guitar…)


Lyra got to ride her motorbike, though I do wish there’d been more beach in the shot. Whatever, it’s not like Lyra ever did what I wanted her to.

Lyra: Damn straight!


I didn’t want Mia to be dressed in some weird acrobat outfit, so I went with this. Also a funky font for her funky personality!


Bubbles did an awful lot of reading when I wasn’t monopolising all her time with skilling. I mean, she was fulfilling her lifetime wish, she should’ve been more grateful, really. And I feel like Bubbles would definitely be the kind of person who dotted her Is with love hearts.

Real post coming soon, I have one more before I’m caught up 😀

5 thoughts on “Generation Posters

    • It is! I tend to try and go for idles because it reflects the traits perfectly, and everyone knows what it is without having to try including an object *cough*Bubbles*cough*


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