Generation Posters

I picked a rock-ish font for Ella’s, to go with her Guns ‘n’ Roses tank and tattoos. Even Lyra didn’t have any tattoos! I also used her favourite colour for the font colour.

(Yes, that is a Stuff Pack guitar…)

Lyra got to ride her motorbike, though I do wish there’d been more beach in the shot. Whatever, it’s not like Lyra ever did what I wanted her to.

Lyra: Damn straight!

I didn’t want Mia to be dressed in some weird acrobat outfit, so I went with this. Also a cute and funky font for her cute and funky personality!

Bubbles did an awful lot of reading when I wasn’t monopolising all her time with skilling. I mean, she was fulfilling her lifetime wish, she should’ve been more grateful, really.

I feel like Bubbles would definitely be the kind of person who dotted her Is with love hearts.

Remus’s probably should have been him and Sirius, but this picture just looked so damn majestic and somewhat flamboyant, that I couldn’t stop myself.

Also, Buckbeak forever.

*deep sigh*

The font I used for this one is called TrashHand. I think it’s fitting.