Welcome! This is a home page. I have no idea what to put on it.

Let’s start with the obvious; this is a legacy challenge.
Less obvious, however, is the fact that this is my sixth legacy challenge. You can read about all of that here.

This is an observational legacy, and I act like a crazy person a lot of the time and talk to my sims. I’m also hugely sarcastic. So, there’s that.

The Gordon legacy begins with Lori!
Click her picture to take you to the start, or head to the Legacy tab to pick your chapter!

Screenshot 675

For those of you who don’t know what a legacy challenge is, listen up!

You create one sim – yes, just one! – and customise them any way you want to. Then, you dump them in the most expensive lot you can find (64×64 – in Sunset Valley that’s 15 Summer Hill Court) so that they’re dirt broke. Now, you play them and their family, choosing an heir from their children.

All the way to Generation 10.

You lose your sanity somewhere around Generation Four. Good luck!

If my exceptional explanation wasn’t enough for you, or you’d like to create a legacy of your own, the true rules can be found here! Again, good luck 🙂





Lyra Gordon


Mia Gordon


Bubbles Gordon







14 thoughts on “Home

      Hi there, name twin! I’ve seen you around Boolprop and didn’t realise you were reading!? It’s an honour!
      I just binge read the entire Nightingale blog and lajhsdklfjalajshfd CHRIST. Maybe I should read more storytellers!?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! Around Boolprop I have been! Hehe aww thank you! It’s my only style of writing really so I’m really glad you like it! =D
        I’m still not caught up with the Gordon’s completely (I’m a little slow at reading unfortunately) but I’m super hooked! You more than deserve this award and many more!

        Liked by 1 person

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