Behind The Name

All of my legacy kids will be named under specific ‘themes’, which is actually part of what encouraged me to start a new legacy.

Once I’ve decided the Generation has had enough children, I’ll update this page with links/descriptions of the things they’re named after.


Generation Two – Web Series

Ella Gordon Ella from MsLabelled! Well, this is somewhat of a lie, I actually asked my friend what I should name her, and when he said Ella I then realised it didn’t actually fit in with any of my themes. And then when I was watching MsLabelled that week, I realised it could fit, and excitedly bumped out one of my existing themes in favour of this.
Eli Gordon – 
Eli from Frankenstein MD! This is a web series that basically gender swaps all of the original Frankenstein characters, and also rips out your heart and stomps on it. There weren’t that many male names for me to choose from as aside from Carmilla there was nothing else I really watch, and while I didn’t really want to go with alliteration in kids names but… it worked and I like it!

Generation Three – Pokemon!

Brendan GordonBrendan from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire! I know he’s not originally from the remake but to make myself look less dumb for using the same game twice, he’s the Omega Ruby Brendan. He has Normal Type on his info page because he doesn’t really do anything special, he just watches TV.
Dawn Gordon Dawn from Diamond and Pearl! Pearl was actually the first game I played (sue me) and so I really wanted to use her name and was actually kind of gutted when Brendan was a boy. She has Fire Type on her info page because she loves red and I write her with a semi-feisty personality.
May Gordon
May from Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire! I was actually thinking of Emerald when I named her, which wasn’t in the remake so I can get away with that, right?? XD If she had been male, she would have been called Ethan. She has Fairy Type on her info page because I always imagine her as reasonably soft spoken, but she’s also often overlooked in the house and I almost forgot that fairy type existed.
Lyra Gordon
Lyra from HeartGold/SoulSilver! I really, really loved the name Lyra from the selection. Her other option was to be called Kris, and had she have been male she would have been called Red! She has Fighting Type on her info page because she’s athletic, and I seem to give her this ‘tough girl – fight me’ personality!

Generation Four – The Princess Diaries! (The books, not the movies).

Michael Gordon – Michael Moscovitz, Mia’s boyfriend (awkward) and ex and boyfriend and lots of things! He went to Japan and invented a cardio arm and is basically the opposite of everything our Michael is! He even donates one of these million dollar arms to Mia’s dad to help him win the election and in turn, make Mia happy. Michael Moscovitz is actual perfection.
Kenny Gordon –
Kenneth Showalter, Mia’s ex-boyfriend and Lily’s current boyfriend! Originally Mia’s lab partner, tall and geeky with a love of anime, he’s also a genius who manages to blow up the chem lab in their school in one of the later books. He then becomes a Muay-Thai fighter, and apparently is romantic, but is a dick to Mia in the last book.
Lily Gordon – Lily Moscovitz, Mia’s best friend and Michael’s little sister! One of my favourite characters (and the author used her to complain about the movies, which was fantastic), she dates this Russian musical genius called Boris (I was not using that name!) and they break up when she makes out with some other dude in a cupboard. Go figure. She and Mia fall out big time in book 8 after she sees Mia kissing one of her exes (JP, and it was HIS fault because he’s a dick) but they make up when Mia stops being a headcase.
Mia Gordon –
Amelia Migonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, Princess of Genovia (yes I can recall all of that from memory. Sue me)! The main character and my SPIRIT ANIMAL. Seriously, I love her. An adorable dorky girl (self-described – ‘5 foot 8 flat chested freak’) who has Princesses-hood dumped on her by her father (WHO IS NOT DEAD, JUST INFERTILE BECAUSE HE LOST A TESTICLE TO CANCER) and her Grandmere who (is EVIL, not the flawless Julie Andrews. She has drawn on eyebrows and tattooed eyeliner! Or something like that. Also a creepy rat-dog) is determined to teach her how to be a princesses.

Generation Five – Powerpuff Girls

Brick Gordon – Blossom’s male counterpart of the Rowdyruff Boys, a team created by Mojo Jojo to finally defeat the Powerpuff Girls. They were made of “snips, n’ snails, n’ puppy-dog tails”. Brick is the abrasive, short-tempered and aggressive leader of the group, and his element is the puppy dog tail.
Bubbles Gordon – Bubbles! She is the joy and the laughter! – Her element is sugar and she is naive, friendly, and sweet!
Blossom Gordon – Blossom! Commander and the leader! – Her element is the ever-so-specific ‘everything nice’ and she is confident, courageous, and determined!
Boomer Gordon – Boomer is Bubbles’ male counterpart. His element is ‘snips’ and he is the loud-mouthed dimwit of the trio. He is also easily distracted.

Generation Six – Harry Potter

I really don’t think I need to explain the characters to you, do I? So what I’ll do for this lot is sort them! I’ll sort them according to Hogwarts houses (sorry Ilvermorny!) because I know them best. I don’t really know their personalities all that well yet, so I won’t give a clear sorting until they’re teens/YA but… Here’s my guess!

Harry Gordon – Hufflepuff! So far, Harry is just an adorable sweetie who awkwardly tries to make conversation with people he likes, and tries to cheer people up. I’m pretty sure he got the Good trait somewhere, but that could be a total lie.
Luna Gordon – I’m not entirely sure, I’m swinging between Slytherin and Ravenclaw. I’m waiting to see what she’s like as a child and how school goes. She does have the Genius trait, but honestly that could work for either of these houses. FINAL DESICION – Slytherclaw!
Remus Gordon – I’m feeling Ravenclaw, but again I’m waiting to see how he goes as a child. He picked up all the skills really fast, and maxed out the play table skill before Luna, even though they’d used it about the same amount of time. I can’t remember his child trait! FINAL DESICION – Hufflepuff, with a hint of Ravenclaw.
Ginny Gordon – Slytherin. She was the start of my Runaway Teen challenge, I figured that she’d make a pretty good Slytherin.

Generation Seven – Stardust

Una Gordon – Una, the only daughter among the seven sons of the previous king of Stormhold. She’s also the mother of Tristan, and doesn’t actually do much in the movie. Though I guess being Tristan’s mother sets up the whole thing, but whatever. My Una is an athletic cutie, and I love her.
Tristan Gordon –
Trstian Thorne, the protagonist and the most ordinary person in the entire film. He’s a clumsy cutie! My Tristan is ironically the only supernatural of the generation, and a little bit bitter and a little bit useless.
Yvaine Gordon –
Yvaine is the fallen star, but only because she was knocked out of the sky by the ruby necklace. She’s friendly and sweet, though a little bit sassy and a little bit clueless. My Yvaine, however, has a mouth like a sailor, a deep love of Fall Out Boy, and dresses like she’s part of the 90s rock aesthetic.
Victoria Gordon –
Victoria is the girl Tristan loves (and the reason he crosses the wall), and is a complete and total spoiled brat. My Victoria is a friendly sweetheart, who loves painting and day drinking.
Shakespeare Gordon –
Captian Shakespeare, the biggest surprise of the movie. Also, the greatest character ever. My Shakespeare is very handsome, and I’m very in love with him. I have affectionally nicknamed him my Trash Son, because he spent his entire graduation ceremony streaking.

One thought on “Behind The Name

  1. I love the idea of different naming themes for different generations! I’m probably too lazy to implement it though! For non-legacy sims, I usually just get a random name from BehindTheName. XD

    So far, my favorite themes have been the Powerpuff Girls and Harry Potter characters. Probably because those are the only ones I really get. I’ve played pokemon, but only Yellow, Ruby Red and now Y, and only read a few of the first Princess Diaries (gave up when I realized there were more than three books…plus the next HP book came out soon after I discovered the series ).


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