6.7 – The One With The Children

Want to know a fun thing that happened in recent days?



The monitor on the left is my Christmas present to myself! Well, I guess technically it’s from my nan because she’s the one who gave me money for Christmas, but technicalities. The rainbow keyboard was an asked for birthday present from my parents – it’s a Poseidon Z RGB and I won’t bore you with details 😛

As you can just about make out, there is a PlayStation 2 on the left-hand side (there’re two controllers sitting on top), and that is the real reason I bought the second monitor; it has speakers! I’ve found a way to run my PS2 (and even the Wii XD ) through an HDMI cable and use my monitors here, only there’s no sound. Until now!

Anyway, details of my desk are not what you came here to read, so on with the post!

RECAP; Una was cute, Bubbles died but Sirius brought her back, Martin rediscovered his future Sprite, the world’s most annoying pap found an electric guitar, Sutter got old, Martin died, Una started learning toddler skills, Remus adopted a boy called Tristan, the ghost of Michael decided to meditate in the dining room, Tristan turned out to be a witch, and Bubbles died again, but for real this time.


Una can now officially pee responsibility!


Play-table bonding!

I realise that I didn’t say this last chapter, but Tristan’s favourite colour is purple. I’ve also gone with specific clothing patterns for all the kids this generation; Una has birds (not that you can see them in this outfit) and Tristan has castles!


Happy birthday, Una!

Billy: What? Birthday? Why am I missing this!


Remus: Why couldn’t Bubbles have been here to see this!?

Instead of crying over what you don’t have, why don’t you focus on what you do have?


Una: Like me!

You seeing the bird theme now? She rolled Disciplined as her child trait; it’s like an even more badass Lyra! I didn’t know such a thing was even possible…


After finishing her cake, Una takes up residence in one of the new chairs (did I ever point out that the new chairs and table are stuff pack items too? Probably not) and reads a book, like her late grandmother. In fact, I think that might even be one of her late grandmother’s books!

Tonks: Who are you? You smell like Remus, you look a little bit like Remus, but you are definitely not Remus.


This eyesore is Una and Tristan’s room because eventually they’ll have to share. There are only so many rooms in this house, and I definitely need those two bathrooms!


Children can hug toddlers!? When did this feature become a thing!?

I don’t care, it’s adorable.


They can play peek-a-boo, too!?


He’s so surprised!


This is too much. Honestly.

I left them doing this for a good few sim hours, and they made it to best friends really quickly.


Una: Are there pirates on the horizon!?

I don’t know, are there?

Una: Avast, me hearties!

Who are you talking to!?


This is her full everyday look, and she’s on her way to her first day at school!

Una: Can I not just stay at home and be taught here? We have, what, six generations of knowledge in this house? What does school even get me?

Friends? Good traits?


Tristan is left alone with the block table, which satisfies his loner trait so he’s a happy kid. That’s one thing I love about the loner trait, sims are generally happy to be left well alone, which works for me because I’m a horrifically negligent simmer when it comes to babies XD


Tristan: Yay, alone time!


Una: Can I go back to being a toddler? Learning to walk was way easier than maths.

Unfortunately not.


Speaking of learning to walk, it’s Tristan’s turn!

Though I think this is him completing it, because I don’t see a skill bar here.


Una: Chess is hard too, I don’t know why I find this fun.

Do you like anything?

Una: I like complaining.


I recently freed all my gnomes, and one of them died! 😦 I’ve also gotten a load of dog and horse gnomes from having the animals around for so long.


Gnome graveyard!


Remus: Pay attention to me, your wonderful heir!

Beaky: Please forgive him, I think he hit his head kind of hard doing… something.


After torturing his poor horse with his madness, Remus returns inside to torture his child with it instead.


They’re cute, too!


Tristan and Una are two or three days apart (or at least they should be), so it’s birthday time for Mr Witch!


Jet propelled sparkles?


He rolled clumsy, just like his father!

I should specify that in this case the father is Remus. This is the only problem with couples with the same pronouns!


Tristan: Dad look, I’m a child now.

Reums: That’s nice, sweetie. Who’s a good dog!?

Tristan: *sigh*


Billy has been overcome with a great love towards the stable’s replacement and is often throwing hay around.

Billy: I feel strong and manly.



He also loves his husband.

I will go on and on about how gross these two are until their dying days.


Billy: Yes, I think we’re ready for our third child now.

The dice command it!

Seriously, I don’t want a massive age gap between the last child and Una, else the last one is under-developed character wise and doesn’t stand much of a chance in the poll…


Una didn’t bother coming home, instead deciding to do her homework on the front steps.

Behind her is Somebody Mae-Sw0rd, so should keep an eye on her; apparently, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd makes some cute babies, and I’ve always liked Zelda Mae and her family. Though I assume those two are probably dead by now, because didn’t we move to Sunset Valley when Bubbles was coming up to her YA birthday? So, I have no idea who the parents of this kid are, but she has those names so good genes may be a thing!?


Finally, she decides to cycle home only a mere hour away from her curfew, and there’s a surprise waiting for her at home!

Una: Ooh, a surprise? Will I like it? Is it a potions station!?

Well, no.


It’s sibling number three! Meet Yvaine Gordon, a clumsy virtuoso who loves the colour orange!

Her theme is stars; I know I gave those to Amy as well, but Yvaine is literally a star XD


Tristan: Good evening, Sirs, Madams.

Wanna show them a magic trick? Make them appear for real.

Tristan: Rude.


Sutter: You have a strange smell about you, young one…

Tristan: That’s rude; I showered this morning!

Sutter: No, the smell of magic.

Tristan: Oh.


I finally remembered that there are toddler toys in the family inventory and dug them out for Yvaine. Of course, she immediately goes for the xylophone. I wouldn’t expect anything less from our little virtuoso.


Yvaine: Stick taste good.

Musically gifted, they say…


Billy has now decided to replace that annoying pap by taking up the guitar skill.

Billy: If I learn it now, I can help Yvaine when she’s older!


Remus: Sooo, what are you reading?

Una: A book.

Remus: What’s it about? Is it good?

Una: If it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t be reading it.


Now it’s Yvaine’s turn to learn how to pee properly.


Tristan: Good book?

Una: The next person to interrupt me while I’m reading is going to get hit by this book.

Tristan: Sorry I asked!

Una: You will be.


Remus, is your bathrobe really the right thing to be wearing a sandpit? Sand gets everywhere.


Remus: There are showers and washing machines in this house, you know.


Elisha: Who is this? How am I related to her?

She is your… Um…

So you’re Generation Two, which makes you Lyra’s aunt? That makes Yvaine your Great Great Great Great niece?

Yvaine: This family is weird.

You don’t know anything yet, kid.


Of course Elisha’s watching the gardening channel XD

Does anyone remember when Elisha’s garden got deleted? Or did it survive up until the move to Sunset Valley, where I never bothered to recreate it because nobody liked gardening?


Una’s also autonomously taken up ballet dancing! Or at least, she would do more often if dogs didn’t keep interrupting her.


Sirius: Food.

Tristan: Your bowl is full?

Sirius: Food please.

Tristian: But your bowl is full???


Billy has mastered diving, or something similar; he gets to do super fancy flips and look really cool.

This picture doesn’t do it justice.


And Yvaine learns to walk!


Una: Sheesh, this dog is freaking huge!

Tonks: I will take that as compliment, not you calling me fat.


Tristan: You know what, this castle sucks. It’s not even close to Hogwarts standards. I am a disappointment.


Sutter: Human, what are you doing!?

Tristan: Building a castle…?

Sutter: Unacceptable.


It seems that Billy and Harry have something in common!

They’re both desperate to be popular.


Una: Peek-a-boo!

It seems Miss Complains-About-Everything doesn’t complain about spending time with her siblings.


Seriously, this interaction is cute and I hope you guys think the same because you’re gonna be bombarded with endless badly captioned pictures of it.




I was complaining about needing a skilling room, when I was given the great idea (I think by my boyfriend) of using the attic’s deadspace.

In the actual skyrim house, there’s a basement, but unfortunately you can’t put a basement through foundations, at least not without some great difficulty. I’ll probably give it another crack at some point, because it’ll be easier for pictures and nicer for my sims to have a basement!

In fact, I’m gonna go and have another go at it now. If it works, you’ll see it in 6.9!

Tristan: Can we talk about where I’m going, now?

Oh yeah, right.


The little witch here has been rolling wishing about buying an Alchemy table and acquiring elixirs and shit, so I got him this!

I’m also using the ‘No Stretch’ Children Can series mod for alchemy. I’m not sure if this makes his alchemy a hidden skill, but we’ll see soon enough!


Yvaine: Dada two!

Billy: Alright, I don’t know what Remus has been teaching you, but I’m number one around here.


Billy: You’ll clean the house for me, won’t you, Yvaine?

Yvaine: No.

Billy: *internal screaming*


Apparently, in getting old, Sirius has lost the ability to play with toys.

Sirius: I’m old.


Yvaine has also discovered the block table, but as Una and Tristan are at school, it looks kind of lonely.


Though Yvaine’s quite happy slamming blocks into the table.

Yvaine: Die block die!



Tristan: Why does it have stabilisers?

Because you’re a child?

Tristan: Una’s bike doesn’t have stabilisers, and Harry Potter was Gryffindor seeker at 11.

One, I don’t make the rules, and two, you’re not Harry Potter.


Couldn’t wait to get inside to start your homework?

Una: The house smells funny.

What? Why?



Tristan: I don’t know what she’s said, but it’s not true.

So you’re not stinking the house out, then?

Tristan: Okay, that was true.


Remus: Can you smell something? I can’t tell through my cold.

Billy: You gave me your cold, of course I can’t smell anything.

Remus: Must have imagined it, then.


With the noxious alchemy fumes abated, Una comes back into the house to play racing games.

Una: Aunt Ginny left a hacked version of GTA on these laptops. Dad doesn’t know about it.

That’s an 18!! You’re like, 8!!


The manly man is back throwing hay around again. I assure you, as somebody who’s had about 12 years of hay-throwing experience, there’s nothing particularly manly about it.

Billy: This is my favourite past time other than talking to myself. Don’t ruin this for me.


Remus really loves that bathrobe. Honestly, he spends literally 90% of his time wearing it.

Remus: Are you talking shit about my bathrobe?


…. I think his screenshot once had meaning, but I’ve forgotten now. I’m pretty sure this was just some random kid on the lot, but I’m just laughing at Pyjama Man and Beaky in the background XD


Billy: I know this was my idea, but are you sure that more kids are a good idea?

Always. I’m full of good ideas!

Billy: What about that good idea where you deleted the back half of the house trying to install stairs?

Yeah, we don’t talk about that.

Did you know that on January 14th 2016, I posted the chapter 3.5? That means I’ve done three generations in the last year, and I’ve got a good chance of finishing this legacy this year! 😀

9 thoughts on “6.7 – The One With The Children

    • They’re all pretty much face clones of each other atm, but Billy and Remus definitely made some cute kids! They look questionable as teens, but teens always do XD
      Ah, but you’re nearly finished, aren’t you!?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m pretty close to gen 10! Might do more depending on how much more story I want to tell lol, although it’s taken me years to get this far so idk how long it’ll take to reach the end


  1. I love the child-toddler interactions, so adorable! And I like it when my sim kiddies are friends, so that’s an extra bonus 🙂 You’re right, purple and lime really do not go together well. A darker/lighter shade of either would have worked, but both bright is hard on the eyes!

    Ahah, Stardust! I have never heard of this book/movie (knowing you I’m assuming you read the book first). But yes, this was the other option when I googled Tristan and Una; Yvaine put it into the ‘definitely’ category 😛 Can’t wait to meet the nooboo(s)! And Yvaine is adorable too; is that Martin’s hair colour?

    Lol at the manly man and the hay. Sims are so *weird* sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’re so cute, and took me totally by surprise! Now it means I don’t have to worry about endless socialising when they’re kids 😛
      I was thinking the other day how, even though the two colours hurt your eyes, they don’t clash too much; it could be a lot worse XD

      Nope, I didn’t even know there was a book until a month or so after watching the film! My boyfriend showed me the film after we heard the music used during our local firework display XD

      It is Martin’s hair colour! I love getting grandparents genetics like that 😀


  2. Okay so I am already sold on Yvaine. Tristan has like seven chapters left to convince me he is cooler with his wizardy ways. I don’t even know if I’m going to catch up in time to vote at this point, but these are my current feelings!

    Also stop being so successful and productive with this legacy, please and thanks. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yvaine is such a cutie, I like her a lot. She’s also super fun to write, because swearing and musical references come pretty easily to me.
      *also thank you for not being convinced by Tristan*

      Hahaha, am I making you feel bad!? 😛 XD


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