The Runaway Gordon

It’s another announcement post! Of course I wouldn’t be able to go a whole generation without making one of these!

Anyway, this is to say I’ve start another challenge (I’m just a sucker for punishment, aren’t I?) in the form of the Teenage Runaway Challenge. And I used Ginny as my runaway teen! I figured I could use it as a plausible reason for her disappearance other than just ‘she broke and I deleted her’.

So if you’d like to find out what really happened to Ginny, head over to the Runaway Gordon blog here, and read the first post which is ready and waiting.

It’s written in first-person style, so Ginny’s narrating to you what she’s doing and why, not me trying to explain and make funny comments. It’s different for me, and I kind of like it. Though I am nervous about it, so if you do read it, make sure to tell me that the writing style is awesome, okay? 😉

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