4.2 – The One With All The Birth and Death

I had a sick day today (I woke up feeling like my brain was trying to escape through my nose and so didn’t go to college), so I got to play HOURS of Sims! I got so much done, but only like, a post and a half worth of pictures?? I don’t understand!

RECAP; Michael became obsessed with Chinese ladies, Mia started getting acrobat gigs, Sierra moved in, Lyra’s face broke, Brendan died, Kenny and Sierra got married, Sonia was a boob, LYRA COMPLETED HER LIFETIME WISH ( 😀 ), everyone went back to China so Michael could beat up old ladies, Amy learned how to sing Secret Tunnel, MICHAEL COMPLETED HIS LIFETIME WISH and was abruptly removed from the legacy house, Miamy started on babies, Bonehilda glitched, Peter died, and Amy went into labour!


Amy: Why are you guys yelling!? You’re not the one in pain!

Mia: I have to go through this in a matter of hours!

Kenny: Sierra wants five of these!

Amy: You’re forgiven.


And on Week Nine, Day Four of the Gordons legacy, we welcome the first child of Generation FIVE (nearly halfway!);

Brick Gordon! He was born as a hydrophobe who loves the heat and the colour lilac!

Don’t worry if you don’t get the theme yet, but if Mia’s baby doesn’t give it away then there’s no help for you 😉


In true Legacy-Mother style, Amy immediately deposited her baby in the nearest crib in favour of jumping into somebody’s leaf pile.



Lyra: This is how I induced labour for of you guys; squat that baby out!

They were literally doing this action in sync for a very long time. I’m so sad I didn’t get a video.



Amy: I’m not ready for a second one so soon!


Meet Bubbles Gordon! Got it yet? 😛

She was born an excitable heavy sleeper, and she also loves the colour lilac! Yay, I can treat them like real twins!


She has Amy’s ridiculous skin tone, but she’s a cutie!


Lyra: So you’re my grandson, eh? You don’t look like much.

Lyra, he’s a baby!


Aw, look at Mia being a mummy!

…. It’s Mamma Mia!

I hate myself


My first costume party! And Lyra dresses as an astronaut.

How original.

Lyra: It’s funny because I am an astronaut.

No, that’s exactly why it’s not funny!


Look at these two terrifying costumes! The already grumpy Lily came as a pregnant lady, and the slob Michael came as a Sir!


Mia dressed up like this, which I think is the best thing ever.

That’s Chef Sierra behind her.


This is Natasha Gordon, Dawn’s eldest!

And she’s stealing Bubbles.

I’m not even sure who that hotdog is behind her, but that nose sure is something!


Birthday time already!? Apparently nothing happened between now and the time they were born..

Being the oldest, Brick goes first!


Look at this lilac cutie! That’s Lyra’s blond colouring right there. He looks an awful lot like Amy though, but I can already see the Langurd jawline there!


If you didn’t get it before, you definitely should do now!


When she finally gets her shot at the cake, half the party has run off with Brick’s cake or just given up and gone home. Can’t say I blame them, honestly!


Again, she’s really like Amy, though that could just be the skin tone tricking me. It’s Amy’s eyes, and Mia’s jawline for now though!

Also what’s up with her hair colour? It’s blonde, but it’s got ‘dirty blonde’ highlight streaks in it. It’s nothing that I’ve seen in the legacy before.


This is by far the best thing to come out of Into The Future – NO MORE DAMN PLANTER BOWLS!!


Brick and Bubbles are instantly dropped off in the playpen and left to their own devices.

Brick learns how to speak almost instantly, while Bubbles is still halfway!


Potty training begins!

Brick: Please don’t watch me, Bubbles.

Bubbles: Don’t pee right in front of me, then.


Amy: Oh, is this one mine too?

Just because you didn’t give birth to her, Amy, doesn’t mean you forget she exists!


The master of speech instantly moves on to becoming the master of walking, as Amy’s memory thing helpfully tells you!


Now, I’m convinced I must’ve lost a bunch of screenshots because I swear this was not the next thing I took pictures of! Either that or my cold caused me to forget to take screenshots for a good ten minutes. But whatever.

Happy Birthday, Lyra!


Lyra: No, I’m old! I thought we had a deal, that I’d never grow old! My joints are going to start aching so I’m going to have to give up the things that I love!


Lyra: I can still slide down the stairs. Old is fine.


She immediately retires, to a pension of £430 a day.

I don’t even earn that in a month!


Everyone comes to celebrate, except Mia, who couldn’t get her shit together to find a decent place to stand to throw confetti.

Lyra: Damnit Mia, you’re ruining the best day of my life.


Mia: Urgh.

Hey, no more dirty nappies though! Or diapers, because this game is American and I am not.


With all the skills maxed and still three days to go before they’re ready to age, I let them loose on all the toddler books.

Apparently Bubbles is so heavy that she’s cracked the floor.



If anyone was wondering, she has the Surrounded By Family LTW…


Uh, Brick? I don’t think that’s how books work…

Bubbles: Haha dis book is funny!


Mia: So do I get the gig?

Proprietor #3: Where the fuck is your spine!?

Mia:  … I’ll take that as a yes?


And then Shalonda Langurd (Lev’s eldest) decided now was the time to die, and so stole any viewers and income from Mia’s performance.



Lyra: I will soon be joining you in death. I salute you, Legacy Master.

Lori: I have no idea what’s happening.


Mia leveled up and got the Balance Ball! She’s like level five at this point, she’s doing so well 😀


And she uses it in her next performance, where Sierra, Amy, and Lyra are all in attendance.


Mia does so many cool tricks now. Even though she landed this one on her face.

Mia: Don’t tell them that!


Lyra: You were shit. You call that athletics!?

Mia: Thank, Mother…

Notice she’s the only one without a plus next to her head?


Looks like the trip away from the legacy lot did some good for everyone after all!


Sierra: Why are you guys freaking out!?

Amy: We know what you have to suffer through!

Sierra: … Thanks.


Sierra: Men are useless. I’ll take myself to the hospital.


Is that old lady going in to die? Honestly wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

ANYWAY, meet Jonathan Gordon! He is brave and excitable, and loves the colour green!


Before Sierra could even bring Jon home, this happened.

This is Kenny’s most recent Chess Opponent, AND HE WAS LITERALLY JUST LEAVING!? COULDN’T YOU HAVE WAITED?

Oh, and between the time Shalona and this guy died, I had two other popups that some old people had died. This is death number FOUR!


*Grim takes a man while Miamy obliviously play catch in the background*


Kenny: Wait. This burrito is my son, not food?

Lyra: Ooh, a new grandson!? Is he as tough as me?

Sierra: Lyra, please stay away from the baby.


Kenny: Hey, Caroline! Come over here so we can play Chess and I can complete my LTW!

Caroline: You know, there’s nothing for me to do here so I think I’ll just go home.

This is the third time she’s done this. THE THIRD TIME!


These two look like they’re doing some weird satanic sacrificial ritual, but they’re actually just practising the school cheer together, despite neither of them ever having been to Uni.

Though given all the death in this chapter, I’m gonna go with the sacrificial ritual.


So, I managed to drag Caroline back for the FOURTH time, and she comes over exhausted and proceeds to just go to sleep in one of the igloos and piss everybody off.

I am never doing the Chess Legend LTW ever again. This is far too much work.


Michael: Hello! What’ve you all been up to since I left?


Michael: .. I have never been more glad I don’t live here any more.

So according to the ingame family tree, he and Sonia are married now! I didn’t get a popup but WHERE ARE MY SPARE BABIES??


Hey, it’s Amy’s mother, the immortal vampire who was here at ELLA’S YA party!

Gabby: Urgh, are you still around?

Livy: I made you. And this save. I control everything. I am god. Look at my gnome food.


Birthday time again already!? Well, all they did was skill so I didn’t take that many pictures of them, I guess.

And only three people from the giant party made it to the cake. Hopeless.


It’s the Lilac Loser! He rolled grumpy.

Your traits suck, dude.



Okay, calm down…


The blowing out the candles animation for toddlers is so cute. So, so cute.


And it’s the other Lilac Loser! She rolled workaholic. Why are my sims getting such lame traits!?

Oh and look, it’s the tiny professors birthday too!


Sierra: Kenny, you’re suffocating our baby!

Kenny: He’s fine!


Hey Jon, sit any further back and we’re going to lose you in the fake grass.

This kid is great.


Hey so Mia’s show in her first SimFest was ruined unsurprisingly by Sonia starting a fight in the audience, AND THIS WOMAN RANDOMLY WANDERING ON STAGE AND PUTTING HER TODDLER DOWN.



So, it turns out that Sonia is actually a singer now? And was probably trying to sabotage Mia’s show?

It’s cool. Mia won.






Kenny: Woo, she’s dead! Does that mean I win by default!?

No. Happy freaking Birthday.


Mia makes her acceptance speech after winning the SimFest while facing the wrong way round, which is fine because the audience is being mostly distracted by Sonia again, this time as a zombie trying to eat everyone.


I realised, at the same time, Brick had been at some rich lady’s house. But I couldn’t find a child on the lot anywhere.

Why does this always happen to my sims? How are they breaking into random people’s houses?


Ghostly Peter makes his first appearance since his death, and immediately decides to exercise.

Your wife would be proud.



Well, their kids are now children, so I guess it is time but… still! Ew!


Hey, I totally missed the shot by Kenny finally completed his LTW, a day after turning into an adult! Go Kenny!

And don’t you dare die, you old dude.


He isn’t allowed to enjoy his success, and he and his small family are immediately ejected into the time stream.


They ended up in this ugly little houseboat I built for them, and about five minutes later I get a popup saying that Sierra is pregnant.

At least somebody is giving me spare babies!


It’s a snowday for the kids, and only one to want to do anything snow-day-ish is Bubbles, who rolls the wish to make a snow angel!


And then goes inside and does her homework from the night before.

I thought you were supposed to be a workaholic!


Oh, she’d almost immediately after ageing up rolled for the LTW Illustrious Author, which was kind of weird given that she had no traits towards it? But I locked it in anyway, so here she is writing her first book (a childs book called ‘Ducktective’)! She started at skill level 2 thanks to the toddler books!


Mia’s out performing for tips again!

She’s always doing this, and she’s level six in her career already, even with time off for babies!


And then she did this… The single most creepy thing I’ve ever seen a Sim do!

So, the ‘paste the youtube link on its own line and it’ll turn into an embedded video’ doesn’t work for me, so if you haven’t seen this trick, watch it here!


After coming home, she popped! More Miamy babies! Hopefully this one will be ginger, right? 😀


Grumpy Brick woke up the next morning and rolled the wish to destroy Bubbles snow angel. I indulged him.

His grumpy trait is actually really prevalent. He grumbles to himself and complains about everything, though I keep missing it for pictures!


This is my simself’s son, who decided to come Trick or Treating on the first day of spring.

Bubbles: We don’t have any candy yet, but I can give you some fish? We have lots of those!


Brick: This new baby will be garbage. I’m the best, aren’t I, mum?

Mia: Keep telling yourself that.


This is all they do. Bubbles writes and paints, and Brick complains about everything! Hopefully they’ll get interesting when they age, or that the new baby will be better.

Bubbles: No new baby will be better that me! I am a QUEEN and you are all my subjects!


Unless you win, then maybe. Though technically if your mother is the Queen because she’s the Heiress, you could be a princess.

I feel like I’m moving really fast through this generation post wise, which is sad because I’m really enjoying playing them and I wanted you all to see that! But at the same time there aren’t that many interesting things to be taking pictures of unless you want hundreds of pictures of people skilling…

6 thoughts on “4.2 – The One With All The Birth and Death

    • They are kind of great, aren’t they!? xD
      I hate myself so much for doing that, but I really couldn’t pass it up. I live for terrible shit like that!
      Michael was one of my faves, so it’s nice that we still get to see him at parties and stuff 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Please excuse Gumby, he’s just trying to make quota before the end of the fiscal year. I’ll be having a little chat with him…

    I don’t know what the fuck happened in this chapter, but it was amazing. All the deaths, the births, the Lilac Losers, the Sonia-inexplicably-being-a-bitch — and that lady putting her toddler on the stage! Yes, ma’am, flying swords and flaming batons are perfectly child-friendly. Gosh…

    My first thought when you named Brick was “OMG ANCHORMAN” but then I remembered your comment a few chapters back about Girl Power and there was much nodding of approval. I think Brick is my favourite right now, but it’s still early days so anything could happen. (Fun fact: there was kid named Brick in my last legacy, but I abandoned it before he emerged from cocoonhood.) That Langurd Jawline sure is a mighty beast. Fingers crossed for a ginger!!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the pace – some generations just go faster than others. I mean, I wish I could make as much progress in one chapter as you did in this one… and as long it’s fun to play AND fun to read, well, that’s as much as you can ask for in a challenge this long. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, Gumby had a bit of field day over here. He’s not supposed to be taking everybody, right!?

      It was insane. I was yelling at my game at regular intervals just because there was so much mad shit going down – even for the Gordons! I couldn’t keep up.

      The Lilac Losers is totally their name from now and forever.

      Haha, that’s kind of freaky actually (the Brick thing) – and I won’t tell you who my favourite is because SPOILERS! But they’re great 😉

      Everything seems to have slowed up by now, looking at the pictures for the next chapter! I won’t be writing it straight away, I kind of need a break from this mayhem for a while!

      Speaking of which… PSSSSST THERE’S A NEW POST ON MY EPIC… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ready for another comment barrage? 😛

    OMG, so agree with you about the ITF rugs. They are amazing. Now if only my family would stop *wishing* for the damn planter bowls! They are not that awesome, STAHP!

    Bubbles’ hair looks a lot like her brothers – maybe it’s just the texturing of the hairstyle that makes it look different? Or maybe it’s a mystery grandparent on Amy’s side… Love the naming theme, it it *so* Mia. As for the Illustrious Author thing, that’s due to the books – pretty much every child in my games rolls that up the second they turn child, since they mostly all do the books. It’s a pretty easy one, and a good money spinner. I know the Gordons don’t need the money, but anyway.

    I know you’re way past the Chess Legend in game; my pro tip for this LTW is to have the chess table outside, so you don’t have to invite the challenger in. The second they step on your lot, you can challenge them! Course there are issues with deep snow in the winter, and sometimes the sims refuse to step on the lot, but hey, it’s not supposed to be easy, it’s a LTW! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m always ready for a comment barrage!

      These rugs save gardens lives. I wish I’d gotten ITF before I started the Evans (and I really need to play them again); Hailey would have done a lot better if she had one of those!
      I think they did have the same colour in the end? That blonde with dirty blonde streaks in it. Pippin had it, too.
      I was so happy I got to use this theme, especially since I’ve had five female heirs thus far!
      Aaaaaah, that makes sense! Though I *think* Bubbles was the only one to roll it (unless I said otherwise XD), but she has the bookworm trait, so it figures.
      That would have been so much easier. I will bear that in mind for the future, thank you! XD


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