4.1 – The One Where A Lot Happens In Not Many Pictures

Does anybody remember what happened in the last post?

Yeah, me either.

RECAP; May aged up, I hired a Bonehilda, Mia and Lily had their YA birthday party, Amy and Sierra got bumped up as well, May and Lily got kicked into the timestream, Michael and Mia and Kenny graduated, Amy moved in and got the greatest makeover ever, Peter became old, Sonia moved in and turned out to be an asshole, Mia was the cutest mime ever, Amy and Mia got engaged on a beach, Michael took everyone to China, Mia and Amy got married on top of a mountain, and Michael decided to ~BE A MAAAAAAAN~


We are still in China, and Michael is beating up this kid’s father in the kitchen.

Michael: Who brings their kid to a Martial Arts tournament!?


And then heartfarted this Indiana Jones wannabe.

Michael: She’s nicer than Sonia!

That doesn’t take much.


Then he proceeded to get into bed with some other random Chinese lady.

I’ve given up on this kid at this point.


Mia and Amy continue to be super cute in the wake of their marriage, and Michael continues to beat up women.

Michael: Martial Arts is not ‘beating people up’!

You’re kicking her in the head and ribs for points. You’re beating her up.


Take careful note of Michael’s belt colour here…


Because midway through the fight he maxed the martial arts skill!

Michael & Chinese Dude:

 Related image


Meanwhile these two continue to find any opportunity to play catch.

Amy is just too friendly, I swear.


Back home, Mia auditions for another gig.

Proprietor: What is this supposed to be?

Mia: I’m miming me running away from my responsibilities.


She got the gig!

It didn’t go too well, the poor duck. I don’t think the ground people liked it much because they couldn’t see anything but dirt.


Kenny: You know, I think you should move in!

Sierra: I think you’re right.


Mia: Hey, wanna fix the broken dishwasher?

Sierra: Sorry, I just need to bleach my eyeballs.


Sierra: Aw honey, it’s the middle of summer. Get the fuck out of here.


Lyra, what is wrong with your face.

Sierra: What the hell is wrong with these people?

(walls down shot because I was afraid that if I wasted time setting up the perfect shot of this monstrosity, she would fully render and I would lose it)


Mia has another show!

Mia: I hope they love me. Please love me.


Halfway through the show she got promoted, so was able to do freaky stuff like this.

Journalist: Soo, where did her spine go?


Janine: Woo, I wish I could do that!

Journalist: Seriously. Does she have a spine or what!?

The show went well!


Proprietor #2: You’re such a beautiful, flexible lady… Aren’t I irresistible?

Mia: One, I’ve literally never spoken to you before in my life. Two, I’m gay.


BRENDAN DIED! Look at his crappy little box, just like his father :3

He actually died a while ago, I just finally got my shit together to send somebody to go retrieve his grave from the mausoleum so I could place it in the family one.

I will be adding Yadira’s grave next to his, whenever she dies. Even though she divorced him and ran off with another man.


Michael: So, I wanted some ideas for things to burn. I’m soon to complete my lifetime wish I know I’ll be kicked from the house, so I wanted to make my mark first. Literally.

Lori: While I never condone setting things on fire, I’m quite enjoying the house as it is. That, and being dead I can’t actually use my powers.


Michael: Well, with nothing more to do with myself, I guess I could further my physical education and learn to dance.

Lord knows you need all the help you can get. Also, has anyone else noticed how muscle-y Michael’s gotten recently??


I finally remembered that none of my spares were married, so I sent the two mild-hipster blondes to have their private wedding outside.

I missed all of it except for this bit. Oops.


Meanwhile, back inside the house, Sonia tells herself how great she is.

She rolls this wish on a regular basis. I hate it.



Speaking of people who are that great…

Lyra: Can I retire now?

You’re not old enough to retire. But you did COMPLETE YOUR LIFETIME WISH 😀


Sonia: Urgh, I can’t get to the easel because Mia is in the way! This easel is here for me, not for her! I don’t care if this easel has been around since Michael’s grandmother’s time, this easel is for my use because I’m so amazing!


Michael: My wife is the actual worst. I need to flee the country immediately and find solace in the arms of a Chinese lady.


While Michael did that, Kenny proceeded to beat another ranked chess opponent. He only has 15 in total to beat, and I think he’s currently beaten about six or seven?


Sim Fu master (but not tournament grandmaster) then proceeded to head outside and beat up an old lady.


Correction – head outside and get beaten by an old lady.

They came back inside and then he beat her.


Beautiful ray of sunshine Amy started learning songs from the locals, so that she can annoy everyone back at home with her pureness.

Local: Two lovers, forbidden from one another,
A war divides their people,
And a mountain divides them apart…


Michael: You mean I have one more guy left to fight?



Michael: YOU AGAIN!?


Amy: Michael, you can’t beat up old ladies!


Michael: Fight me.



I immediately sent everybody home, and accidentally forgot Sierra.

IJW: You know, I really think we could teach these locals something with cutlery. You know what I’m saying?

Sierra: Save me.


Michael barely had minutes to enjoy the feeling of completing his lifetime wish, before he asked to leave.

Lyra: You’re a waste of space now. You’re not bringing in any points or future generations.

Michael: Speak for yourself.


A close up of Lyra’s mildly disgusted face just because.


Sonia: Can you believe it? I couldn’t get to the easel to create my masterpiece!

Ella: That’s my easel. I don’t like you.


I then realised that they weren’t married, so that story progression might not produce me any spare babies, and tried to get them to get married.

I couldn’t even get them to ‘extremely irresistible’ without somebody getting creeped out.

Guess that shows how awful Sonia is after all!


Michael: So long, losers!

Sonia: Are you sure you want me to leave, Lyra? You’ll be missing some quality content for your famil-



After gaining two house spaces, I figured it was about time to start on Miamy babies!

They’re about halfway to adulthood, even though this is the first post of the generation… Wat.


Kenny: I swear to God if you leave again, pigtail guy, you will severely regret it.

Pigtail Guy: It’s not my fault I have about 100 outside commitments and run away as soon as you greet me!

Kenny won.



I think she electrocuted herself. I’m severely disturbed.


One of the ghosts decided it would be great to haunt Ella’s grave.

My bets are on Elisha.


Nope, it was her mother.

Lori: Trololol.


Upgrade in the master bedroom! Instead of recycling May’s old bed, I bought my favourite couple a DREAM POD!

Having never had Into The Future before, and never having looked into it’s features, hopefully I’ll be able to make some nice dreams and not give them all horrific nightmares that leave them scarred for life.


Mia: This is totally the leftovers. I’m not pregnant.

She threw up like four times. Confirmed!


Um..? She never once threw up.

Also your maternity wear is disgusting.


Kenny: No kids for us!

Sierra: Party time!

I hope story progression blesses you with the hundreds of children that Sierra secretly wants…


And now Mia’s popped!

Ah, the woohooer mod and it’s ability to get both partners pregnant…


Lyra: Brendan! Get the hell out!

Brendan: I’m sorry! This is my first haunting, I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!

Lyra: Avoid the bathrooms, that’s what!


Lyra has broken. Again.


Amy has a truly questionable choice of maternity wear. Glad to see she kept her tights on, though!


Mia: This is my fault! I forgot the law of equivalent exchange! Amy’s pregnant and Michael’s gone, I’m pregnant which means we need to lose one more!


Grim spawned outside the window.



Pregnant wife #1 comforts pregnant wife #2.


Mia was clearly so distraught by the death of her father (who she didn’t even like that much), that she felt the need to get into bed next to her mother for comfort.


And with the full moon comes the usual yard full of ghosts…

Does anybody else get this? I normally have one or two up per night, and the full moon usually brings 3+ up!



Also, happy birthday to my boyfriend, who clearly has the best girlfriend because I made him THIS 😛


9 thoughts on “4.1 – The One Where A Lot Happens In Not Many Pictures

  1. I can’t believe I forgot to comment on this??! Well, my comment on 4.2 pretty much covered the legacy goings-on, so let me just dedicate a length of box to the ABSOLUTE UTTER MAGNIFICENCE that is that sign (which you must replicate and mail to me at your soonest convenience).

    That ought to do it (if WordPress doesn’t call me on spam). Seriously, I love it so much. I hope your boyfriend realizes how spoiled he is! Not all of us have such incredible S.O.’s… *glares at cat*


    • I could actually make one, but I think the shipping costs might be a little extreme! XD Though, I am insanely proud of it. It was my first time ever using pyrography and I managed to do it well!


      • Yeah, I can attest to the fact that transatlantic shipping is indeed through the roof XD That is seriously impressive for your first attempt though! You could totally sell those on Etsy or something! :O


  2. As someone who has just returned from visiting Hobbiton, I have to echo the above comments in how amazing that sign it. You did an excellent job!

    Also doing an excellent job is Mia, who is a brilliant heir and picked an amazing spouse. I take back what I said in the previous comment, Sonic is way over the top in the annoying traits.

    Liked by 1 person

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