And The Results Are In!

Before I get to real content of this post, I just wanted to share with everyone a picture of my beautiful founder! I loaded her up in a fresh save (along with the other heirs) and then realised this was the first time seeing her properly with all my default replacements and new graphics card!

More Lori

Anyway, here we go…

 I’ve closed the Heir Poll with a total of SEVEN votes! 😀

I can account for five of those votes – WHO ARE YOU OTHER MYSTERY TWO!? 😀
Hehe, Mystery Twins…

Honestly, this one really had me really conflicted. Originally (back in the days of childhood), I wanted Mia to win. I wanted her to win up until Michael rolled his LTW and grew up all nice, at which point I wanted him to win. I’d never considered Kenny as he was a face clone, but then he grew up into his ridiculous hair and shirt/jumper combo and turned out to be kinda cool and I just… ??? Then Amy the Actual Ray Of Sunshine moved in alongside Sonia the Worst Sim Ever, and I got all confused again!

So glad I got to turn this one over to you guys, and it seems you were as conflicted as me!

I was going to leave it open until I wrote my next post but.. Well, I’m impatient.


Mia Gordon


Amy Gordon

Yeah, I fell super in love with these two during the making of the last post, if you couldn’t tell 😛

For the two of you that voted for Michael, and the two that voted for Kenny (he did beat his great-uncle Florin after all!) I hope you’re still pleased with the outcome – I know who both the Michael voters are anyway 😛 – as with these two losers in charge I think we’re still gonna have a laugh!

Michael and Sonic will be sticking around for a while as Michael’s awesome and I want to complete his LTW, and I’m also sadistic and want to watch Sonic scream at everyone. Oh, how I’d love to see her take on LYRA! *evil laugh*

Anyway, new updates should be soonish as I’m really having fun! Both Mia and Amy will be up for downloads alongside Michael and Kenny, and if anyone wants Sonia yeah right or Sierra when she appears, give me a shout and I’ll throw them up as well! Amy may download as Amy Fox-Campos as was her original last name, as I cannot remember what her last name was when I saved her!

I know I’m only just starting Generation Four (was Lyra only the 3rd one!?), but here’s a collage of all the Heirs so far, including Lori and Ella with my new graphics and eye/skin replacements!
I’d forgotten just how pretty Lori was… :’)

One To Four

2 thoughts on “And The Results Are In!

  1. Woooo go Kenny! You done your great uncle proud, kid.

    But also YESSSSSSS Miamy!! I never really doubted them, but I am ecstatic to see their reign made official at last.

    Brb, getting popcorn for Sonic vs. Lyra, showdown of the century.

    And how did I not realize all your heirs so far had been female? Not that there’s anything wrong with that (Girl Power <3). You must do a good job balancing screen time between your characters, to have fooled me like this. :O (I'm at 3M:2F so far, always interesting to see how it balances out.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not gonna lie, I am surprised Kenny got the votes that he did xD Mia only won by one vote, she had 3 and both the boys had two each!
      I’m so excited. With the genetics these two have, we’re hopefully gonna have some stunning potentials for next generation! And I’m nearly halfway though!! 😀

      I might have to give it a nudge, and dedicate a whole post to it. Given that it’s Lyra, it would be worthy! XD

      Technically, Eli and Ella tied for heir of the second generation, but considering Ella’s daughter was the heir of Slytherin generation three, I thought I’d just include Ella. That, and she later got two more votes because I forgot to close the poll xD

      Girl Power… I may have just had the greatest idea for the next naming theme ever.


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