7.5 – The 100th One

I can’t believe this is my sixth post in the last four months. What’s happened? I also completely missed my second legaversary, which was June 5th, but I don’t know what I should do for that? Also, this is my 100th post! So I feel like I should do something special for that, too. Oh, and I was nominated for the Liebster Award by fluffymao!! I have no words for my joy over that, but I have abysmal organisation skills so I haven’t even figured out how to begin that & the other awards that I haven’t posted yet!

In the words of my boyfriend, I have the time management & organisation skills of a lemon.

What was this screenshot to illustrate? Your nose?

Shakespeare: My outstanding intellect?

… Nah.

Victoria: You’re aware I can see you, right?

Shakespeare: I am the epitome of subtlety and secrecy.

Victoria: You’re going to make a terrible criminal.

Isn’t he adorable??

Shakespeare: She’ll never see this coming…

Victoria: I can literally hear you talking to yourself right now.

Jeff: Hey, Una? Don’t we have to pack our things…?

Una: One last level and I’ll be there, I swear!!

Jeff: You said that 15 levels ago.

Shakespeare: Do you think I’d make a better politician that criminal? I mean, they’re about the same thing only with more arguing and money, right?

Billy: Why would you come to me with that question?

Victoria: So Party Man gets his own portrait before our heir? And you claim you love him!

Look here, you. Jeff moves out tomorrow. Shakespeare’s here until he dies.

Victoria: Brutal.

Buckbeak: Speaking of here until he dies, I’m dying.


Buckbeak: You’re so heartless.

Rest in piece, Beaky </3

Remus: You think you’re all that, but you’re not!

Jeff: I don’t understand.

Una: One more game for the road?

Victoria: You’re supposed to be the athletic one, and yet I’m winning.

Una: This is hardly a sport.

Victoria: Rude.

Shakespeare: Where are your clothes!? Wait no – oh god, I’m having Uni flashbacks!

Una: Jeff has packed my stuff while I procrastinated, it’s time to hit the road.

Look at all those pictures ❤

Hey, Yvaine’s maxed the piano skills!

Yvaine: Finally I can stop playing the fucking Maple Leaf Rag.

What’s that supposed to be?

Victoria: You don’t understand my vision.

That won’t make you any younger, buddy.

Eli: A man can dream.

Martin: Booooo, your painting sucks!


Shakespeare: Hey, Liz! Fancy an expedition to the botanical wonder that is Sunset Valley?

Liz: I can’t, you already have someone on their way.

Shakespeare: You mean we can’t have two visitors!? What bullshit is this, EA?

Fourth wall, what fourth wall?

Shakespeare: Goddamn shitty EA coding… who do they think they are?

Remus: Yvaine, please! Why are you standing in front of the fridge!?

Yvaine: Do you have any idea what he’s on about?

Billy: None at all.

More skilling in the skilling basement!

Victoria: Finally, you give our Worthy Heir a portrait of his own.

Shut up and paint.

Ta-daah! Leaving space for his partner’s picture.

Victoria’s looks unlike her, but I couldn’t be bothered to redo it.

If Una & Jeff stay together, I’ll put up another table for his Urn. Tristan does currently have a wife, but I have no idea who she is so she won’t get to join the legacy mausoleum even if they stay together. Sorry, Bridgette!

After maxing the piano skill, Yvaine is swiftly moved onto the drums!

Yvaine: My life is a hollow existence filled with musical instruments.

You wanted this!

Victoria: Did I say I wanted this?

You literally wished to max the piano skill.

Shakespeare: I wished to max this skill!

I know, dear.

Shakespeare: Wooo!

He can steamroll his promotions now, I guess?

Oh hey, Billy got invited to a party that I made him attend for shits and giggles.

I also took Yvaine and Shakespeare, because that’s a surefire way to ruin any party!

Yvaine: I’m here, the party can start now!

Yvaine: Everyone here is old and boring… Only drunk Yvaine can save them now.

I tried having Shakespeare hit on Danita to see if they’d hit it off now or not.

Danita: Why are you talking to me…?

Yvaine: We are both very uncomfortable with this encounter.

Meanwhile, this guy who looks a hell of a lot like Joel’s younger brother (if any of you can remember that far back) plays the guitar for everyone. Assumedly to try and smooth over the tension after Shakespeare ‘broke up’ with Danita.

Nice to see Mia and Joel interacting with their descendants…

Mia: Can’t talk. Napping.

I have also no idea what this picture was for. But isn’t he pretty?

Billy: Nice to see you still haven’t gotten dressed since Shakespeare stole your clothes a few days ago.

Victoria: Who needs clothes?

Shakespeare: I regret all my life choices.

Liz: So you’re Shakespeare’s dad, huh?

Remus: And you must be Liz? I was expecting to meet you at Shakespeare’s graduation.

Liz: Oh, I never graduated.


See that car behind them? That’s Shakespeare. Going to work.

Victoria: Guess it’s up to the super sister to save the day!

Liz: Sorry, what was that?

Victoria: I said I’m gay.

Apparently, these two find each other attractive.

Victoria: When it doesn’t work out with my brother, you give me a call.

It seems that a large majority of this generation are bisexual. Liz, Victoria, Una, and I think Yvaine & Shakespeare may have had their bisexual awakening by now.

I guess it’s appropriate, considering it’s Pride Month!

I also had these two become friends so Victoria was able to ask Liz to move in, seeing as Shakespeare was too useless to do it before he went to work.
I also gave her a Gordon makeover, though I kept her main outfit because it’s iconic Liz! I don’t know if you can see her ear from here, but I gave her a bunch of piercings because they seem like a very Liz thing to have.

Victoria: Liz is attractive. This is fine.

Then why do you look & sound like you’re having an existential crisis?

Victoria: Well, time to drown myself!

About three people have wished for this damn thing and while the swimming pool is only just big enough, I let them have it.

Victoria: I’m the most proficient surfer you’ve ever seen in your life! Get me a snapback and let me move to California already!

That’s such a stereotype.

Victoria: My talent is unrivalled by any other, I am a master!

Don’t you have 0 points in the athletic skill?


Hubris is the downfall of man.

Yvaine: Why do I find you attractive?

Liz: Call this your bisexual awakening and be done with it.

Yvaine: Sure.

It was at this point I noticed something sliding around in the distance, and found this. An armless toddler just smoothly gliding across the ground with no apparent care for the actual EA pathing or whatnot.

I have seen a lot of shit in my games, but this is… something.

There she goes…

Liz: Damn, this is one fine science machine… I need some alone time with it.

Shakespeare: Soo… I’m home from work now?

Liz: Can’t talk. Sciencing.

Shakespeare got invited to a party thrown by none other than Una and Jeff. What a surprise!

Shakespeare: Hey Jeff!

Jeff: Shakespeare, welcome to our party!!

What kind of party is this?


Shakespeare doesn’t bother going inside, and instead decides to play kicky bag outside.

Also, Una invited Tristan to the party.

So I sent everyone else to the party as well.

Liz: I don’t want to party, I want to sleep.

Victoria: I’m just insulted I wasn’t invited first.

I think I probably say this about every couple in this legacy, but these guys are my favourite ❤

Yvinae: Don’t mind me, just taking a bath at a house party.

Victoria: Hey guys, watch this!

Tristan: I see you never learned how to grow up.

Victoria: This lamp will make a very nice still life drawing.

Tristan: This is the single most boring party I’ve ever been to.

Victoria: This is the only party you’ve ever been to.

*synchronised old man eating*

Liz has the green thumb trait, and also the Creature Robot Cross Breeder, so time for her to start gardening.

Liz: I mean, this is better than the Uni campus where all they want you to grow is weed.

Hey, the skilling dungeon is back in action! Liz is getting her portrait done this time round.

Billy: I can’t believe all our kids are grown up and moving out and starting families of their own!

Remus: Uhhh… at least we still have each other?

These two are still so cute and in love in their old age.

Remus: So I’m like, two days away from dying, but I need one more dog to complete my goal in life. Sweet, I’ll see you tomorrow!

The most unnannounced visitor ever. Jerry’s here”

7 thoughts on “7.5 – The 100th One

  1. Oh my god, that toddler! It made me laugh so hard, wtf even is that?? I had to go back and read it and I’m still laughing about it.
    AND JERRY ❤ When he first appeared I freaked out so hard because I thought he was a randomly generated sim when he appeared in my game (and got married into my legacy at the time), and I thought some weird ass shit was happening 😀
    Loved this chapter, it's just been a few days since I finished reading and I've missed these guys already.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I could just see this dot sliding across the map and I was like ‘what the fuck??’ and was no less confused when I zoomed in on her XD

      Hahaha, I’ve only ever been to the Uni twice before, and a few of the sims from the last times weren’t there anymore, so I have no idea what the Uni Sim coding is… goddamnit EA XD

      Woot, thank you!! There’s plenty to come, I mean Shakespeare’s first kid has just had their CHILD birthday so I think I need to get a shift on and write faster!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, toddler sliding across the ground! I love it when that happens – seems your town is infested with ant sims! At least some of the EA crappy coding is hilarious 😀

    I love that Liz is the spouse, gives me Zale flashbacks. I really hope one of their kids gets her awesome purple hair. And/or her adorable chubby cheeks.

    Congrats on the 100 posts, btw!

    Liked by 1 person

    • EA is so bad that sometimes you just have to stop a laugh, otherwise you’d be crying over how utterly broken this game is XD

      Liz is one of my favourite premade sims so I’m so happy I get to use her. And honestly, if kids aren’t born with purple hair, I may just have to change it. I can’t lose that beautiful colour!! We’ve definitely got some cheeks going on, though!

      Liked by 1 person

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