7.6 – The One Where They Go Back To The Future

I would just like to take this moment to prepare you all. I am currently playing far ahead to where Shakespeare’s second child has just been born. I have screenshots laid out until 7.10, so this is probably going to be the longest Generation; if owed only to the four Uni posts at the start!

I would also like to take this moment to prepare you for the post where my new computer kicks in. It should be around 7.11, and while I don’t think there will be much in the way of difference in graphics quality – because I was already running Sims with the settings pretty high – I’m still gonna be super hyped over it! I’m currently transferring all my saves, mods, and CC over as I write this. The saves are all on my solid state, so I’m super excited to see how quickly it loads!!

Dog Services Man: I find you attractive, old man.

Billy: You’re cute, but I’m very married. Give me my husband’s dog and be gone.

So that’s exactly what he did. Meet Rose Gordon, everyone! The sixth and final rescue animal to complete Remus’s LTW, so he is now a very happy old man. She, like Molly, is an elder, because Remus & Billy are days from the end of their life span (maybe?), so adopting a younger dog when neither Shakespeare or Liz have any interest in dogs seems like a visit from the social worker waiting to happen.

Speaking of Liz & Shakespeare, these two are super into each other. All the couples are my favourites in their own ways, but these are my favourite purple rebels! ❤

Billy: I just want to wish you luck with your future, Victoria. Jerry seems like a good guy, and I’m proud of you for getting your degree.

Victoria: I… thanks, Dad.

If you look closely, you can see the exact moment his heart breaks.

Yvaine: Don’t worry dad, I’m still here!

Billy: … Great!

And so we say goodbye to Victoria and Jerry, the youngest of all this generation’s children.

I placed a bunch of new houses in town on all the empty lots (something I probably should’ve done before but just never thought about) before I kicked the kids out, and Victoria and Jerry find their way to this lovely new house! They currently have two boys, Gary and Maximus!

This is Una & Jeff’s eldest, Shanna, who seems to be a complete clone of Una. Also, can you tell I forgot to install my store stuff before going to check on them?

This is their middle child, Carina, and I think she’s a Jeff clone. Or at the very least has most of his features!

And this is their youngest… Tory. He is… terrifying, but maybe he’ll grow into that face???? We can only hope.

This is Gary! He has Billy’s hair colouring, which I think is super cool. He’s also very Jerry.

And this is Max, who is very Victoria!

Remus: Damn lazy kids, sleeping in instead of doing laundry…

Remus, it’s the middle of the night.

Remus: It’s never too late for laundry.

Do I remember why I took this? Like hell.

Liz’s garden is coming on, slowly. Also, I changed her wing colour to match her favourite colour, instead of whatever colour it was to begin with.

Beaky: Not going to make a ghostly reappearance, Sutter? You always were the lazy one.

I distinctly remember you being asleep most of the time Sutter & Remus were training, liar.

Beaky: If I insult him, maybe he’ll rise to challenge me.

Yvaine: So everyone’s grown up and moved out except for me and Mr Sandcastles?


Yvaine: God help us all.

You know, I spend so much time on everyone else that I forget just how damn pretty Yvaine is.

Yvaine: Other people appreciate my beauty; somebody’s even asking me on a date right now!

Yvaine: Coolest date setting ever.

You don’t think it’s somewhat creepy?

Yvaine: What could possibly be wrong with meeting a stranger in a graveyard?

Gee, I wonder.

I don’t think so.

Liz: You know, I think we should go on a date seeing as we’ve never actually done that before.

Shakespeare: But what about –

Liz: No, sleeping together at a party doesn’t count.

So they went to see a movie! They saw some SciFi movie, and Liz came away thinking it was crap but that Shakespeare thought it was awesome.

Liz: They got the facts all wrong! No way would the future look like that!

Shakespeare: Cool, flying cars!

Billy: I’m really not sure what you kids are doing here, it’s Leisure Day, not Spooky Day.

Kid: Give me the candy, old man.

Billy: Get the hell off my drive before I send my daughter out to kick your ass.

I’m not sure why Liz decided to start fishing on their date, but she did and had a great time doing so.

Liz: I have to get skills from somewhere, and god knows it never gets done in this house.

Excuse you, I have a skilling dungeon!

Remus loves Rose!

Remus: Who’s a good girl!?

Rose: Me. I am the best girl. I will guard my food bowl from intruders.

There’s literally no other pets in this house except you.

I think this is all Liz does right now. Get used to it, too, because eventually Shakespeare gets in on it.

Billy: I’m so daring, watch this!

Remus: I believe you – no, please – dear you don’t have to – where did that even come from? Oh god, why did I marry you?

Yvaine: You know, I really wouldn’t mind taking a break to do something else.

Then start rolling wishes for other things and not your drum kit!

Billy: Remus, no! You’re blocking the fridge.

Remus: I love you too.

At least they were together?

And so Remus Gordon dies, surprisingly young, in his pyjamas trying to make breakfast.

Grim: So, I’m really conflicted over who I’m supposed to be.


Grim: Every time somebody dies, you write a different version of me. Can’t you just pick one and stick with it?

Is now really the time???

Grim: When else would you like me to do it? When the next one dies?

Fair point.

Liz: You know, I think you need some cheering up.

Shakespeare: I literally just watched my dad die.

Liz: I have a great idea.

Shakespeare: Your idea is to go to a bar? Don’t you remember Uni???

Liz is super cute, though her work outfit is a bit catastrophic.

Liz: You know what else is catastrophic? How bad I am at this game.

Meanwhile, Shakespeare is downstairs getting drunk.

Shakespeare: My dad is dead lmao

How did you say that out loud?

Using Shakespeare’s drunken sadness/confidence, I went to give his relationship with Liz a kick in the ass…

Only for him to be called to work.

Shakespeare: But I wanted Liz to make me feel better!

You also need to make money before this family goes bankrupt.

I made Liz a greenhouse! I realised with Fall & Winter coming her plants would freeze over and then take forever to come back, so I put them in here instead so now she can garden all year round!

Liz: Great…!

Billy really, really misses Remus.

Billy: Your father was the greatest man ever to exist. I miss him so much.

Shakespeare: Same.

More gardening pictures woo!

Liz: Did I really leave my life on a Uni campus for this?

You bet!

Liz: You could’ve at least designed the garden a little better, in that case.

*cue me moving plants around for a good half hour and being very confused*

You know, I wasn’t kidding when I said Billy really missed Remus.

Shakespeare: Not again!

Yvaine: He’s literally dying of a broken heart, it’s so sad!

Rose: ???

Liz: Well, this doesn’t look good.

Billy: Please reunite me with my love!

Grim: Yeah, yeah, you know the drill.

Hey, a gnome!

They literally died about a day a part, they were so disgustingly in love they even managed to die together. Both completed their lifetime wishes, gave me my favourite generation of kids, were fantastic sim parents, and were grossly in love until the very end. Rest in peace, guys.

Liz: I mean, there’s a chance science could bring him back…?

Yvaine: I need to brood on this.


Shakespeare: You know what is the best way to deal with your problems?

Face them head on like a man?

Shakespeare: Pfft, no. Run from them, of course!

Shakespeare: It’s time to finish what Grandma Bubbles started.

Shakespeare: Nobody said it was going to hurt!

Of course Yvaine is the one to come through on her ass.

Yvaine: God fucking damnit! The future sucks already.

My purple rebels find a purple room together, somewhat reminiscent of the room Bubbles & Martin shared all that time ago!

Emit: You know, you’re very pretty…

Yvaine: Get to the back of the queue, old man! My brother, my sister, me, then you!

Liz: I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Shakespeare: I knew you were wrong about those flying cars, Liz!

Liz: The science is incredible, I must know more!

Descendant: Hey, you must be the girl from the past!


Yvaine: So… nice of you to let me in, finally.

She literally stood outside for a few hours before they realised she was there.

Descendant: You know, we do look really alike.

Shakespeare: Funny, that.

Liz: This does not explain to me the science behind your flying cars.

Shakespeare: Who needs family when they’ve got this kick ass hot tub!?

You literally have a better one at home, you moron.

Meanwhile, Yvaine was fitting right in with her family members, who apparently are also gay!

Shakespeare: Which key fragment are we after, again?

Yvaine: We have about fifty of all of them except the fucking second one. So, that one.


Liz: Hey, what’s that? A flying car!?

Shakespeare: Huh? Where??

Liz: Sike! Got you!

Shakespeare: Rude.

Liz: So, does anybody want to put the key together so we can go in or…?

Shakespeare: Dude, the wifi strength out here is nuts! Where’s that coming from??

Liz: Maybe the giant spaceship behind us?

Yvaine gets the job of opening the crashed ship!

Yavine: Wowee, what an honour.

Yvaine: Aw dude, this is actually pretty damn cool.

Shakespeare: And the wifi just got stronger!


Shakespeare: I knew the future would have zombies!

Liz: Present day has zombies.

Shakespeare: Don’t pee on my parade.

Liz: It’s a llama.

Yvaine: A fucking llama.

Liz: A… voltron llama?

Yvaine: Where are all the others!?

Shakespeare: What a cool looking rock. Don’t mind if I do.

Liz: I have no idea what this is, but I’m calling you Rover.

Yvaine sat in the chair in front of the giant screen and absolutely nothing happened, so I considered the crashed ship a bit of a waste of time and sent them all back to camp.

Liz: Hey, these things are kind of fun. Think they go as far as the roof?

Why don’t you find out?

Liz: Why does technology hate me!? I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU.

Speaking of wanting to love you…

I mean, a proposal on top of a building, with a view of a thousand stars isn’t half bad.

Shakespeare: You know, now we’re engaged…

Liz: It definitely counts.

And then I hurriedly sent them home because I tried to save and got an Error Code 12. I only had 15 minutes before I had to leave for work, which wasn’t enough to fix the problem. With a lot of help from somebody on boolprop I did get it fixed, but everything back until Billy’s death was lost. But I still wanted to keep it in a post, because it was a fun trip and (except the proposal) didn’t really have a lot of effect on their future anyway!

Next time, babies maybe? Probably not. But soon!


3 thoughts on “7.6 – The One Where They Go Back To The Future

  1. “It’s never too late for laundry” — me at college doing laundry at midnight 😅

    RIP Billy and Remus, they were a good couple! Can’t believe they died so close together.

    But oooo babies soon?! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh god… everything goes out of whack when you’re trying and failing to adult though!

      I can’t either, it’s just so… THEM. They were definitely the best parents I’ve ever had, though.

      Yeah… by soon I mean like 7.9 XD

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw, Billy and Remus, you cuties. Literally dying of a broken heart, can’t get much more in love than that.

    LMAO at Liz, finding that damn piece #2 first try. That’s always the one I’m after also! Sucks that the future trip got lost, but at least we still have all the pretty pictures?


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