Who’s the King/Queen of Gen Seven?

Well, folks, it’s that time again! Who’d have believed it would have come around so quickly!? Or, is it just me who feels like this Generation has gone really fast? I also thought I’d really struggle to cope with five kids in the house, but this has probably been the most fun I’ve had in this legacy yet. I’ll have to do it again, sometime 😛

I know I said this in the last post, but thank you to all of you who have been reading/liking/commenting on this generation, it really does mean a lot 🙂

OKAY! HEIR POLL TIME!  There is another post coming, but it’s only a mini post – about 20 or so screenshots – just to take us up to Tristan’s birthday and to give a little more time to the others. The heir poll will be open for at least a week from today, so don’t feel rushed or anything! Normally there’s a pretty clear winner (Lyra, Mia, Remus) but this time, at least for me, there really isn’t.


It turns out that the boys have the same nose (don’t ask me how), so I’ll exclude that when I talk about their features. Please ignore the nutty clothing on the CAS shots, I didn’t bother with makeovers, just the age and hair.


Una is mostly Remus, let’s face it. She will join the athletic career while working towards her LTW, and I might see how her prom date grew up as a potential spouse.


This goon is a 100% Remus clone, and will probably just spend his life doing Alchemy and practicing magic.


Yvaine! This potty mouth will only get worse if she takes over, but she will get lots of time working towards her LTW, given that it’s not exactly an easy one but is definitely a fun one!

She has Billy’s eyes and jaw, and Remus’s mouth.

Traits; Clumsy, Virtuoso, Unlucky, Brooding
Favourites; Epic, Veggie Fish and Chips, Orange
LTW; One Sim Band


Vicky! Tory! Vick! Vicks! Call her whatever you want, I don’t care. This party painter will spend most of her time painting until she maxes that, and will probably end up in the music career (my recent spending is drying up their funds as nobody’s had a real job since Lyra) so there will be considerable amounts of guitar playing, too. There’s also the potential for travel, given that she’s got to level up the photography skill!

She is a fairly nice mix, she has Billy’s eyes and Remus’s jaw and mouth.

Traits; Artistic, Loves the Outdoors, Party Animal, Virtuoso
Favourites; Spooky, Firecracker Shrimp, Irish Green
LTW; Visionary



This broken, handsome fairy has Billy’s eyes and jaw, and Remus’s mouth, just like Yvaine. I’m not sure what his LTW will be, but I’m considering sending him into the Criminal career – based on his logic skill and athletic-ness – which is something I haven’t done before, so sounds pretty exciting to me. Or maybe the PI career – again, depends on his final trait. He is also the only person to get an eye colour from someone other than Remus/Billy! I’ll probably also spend more time developing his fairy powers if he wins because I’ve also never really done that.

Traits; Daredevil, Genius, Computer Whiz, Night Owl
Favourites; Western, Fruit Parfait, Spiceberry

So there you have them, choose wisely! And don’t forget the half-post 6.14, coming sometime in the next week if you’re not yet sure!

3 thoughts on “Who’s the King/Queen of Gen Seven?

  1. I’ve got a mile-wide soft spot for genius, computer whiz, night owls, but even so, this is a tough call. I’m supremely disappointed that Tristan is a Remus clone! 😦 But The younger three make up for it. All the kids’ personalities are very unique! I will have to ponder this vote for a bit. Hmmmm….

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    • I’m going to be totally real here – I was up for Tristan winning even when I realised he was a faceclone, but then I played a little bit with him and I just.. oh god. I love him to bits but I don’t think I could deal if he was heir. I don’t know why, but the one time I checked the poll and he was leading, I felt such a dread and I don’t understand. Shakespeare is my favourite, I won’t lie about that! But, I’d be happy with any of the others as winners, yet for some reason I just… don’t want Tristan 😦
      There is another post (that I’m working on right now, hence the immediate reply 😉 ) so you can wait for that, if you want to think!

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