6.13 – The One With The Ghosts

As I finished writing post 6.12 the day before starting this, I genuinely have nothing to add here. The Heir Poll launches at the end of this post, but I still have one more actual post to go before I announce the winner, so if you don’t know who to vote for at the end of this post, then you are free to wait until 6.14 for a more informed vote!
Did you follow that?

Also, Una and Tristan will be made available soon! I’m currently at my laptop, so can’t upload their files just yet.

RECAP; I talk about how much I adore this generation, the house gets a modern kitchen and a back garden, Shakespeare fiddles with the laptops then spends all night in the spa, Tristan tells fortunes, Yvaine and Victoria bunk off school to jam together, Tristan pranks the sink nobody uses, Una does nothing but read, Remus takes a mud bath, Shakespeare plays with fire, Remus adopts Molly, and Tristan nearly burns the house down by practising spells.


This is… Well, I’m not sure of her name, but she is a simself’s granddaughter! Emily Whalers, to be exact. I also really like her.


Tristan: I call this ‘Formal Breakfast’, the art of eating breakfast in your formal clothes.


Shakespeare: You know, you’re pretty cute. I like you. A lot.

???: Shame I’m so much older than you, and that the watcher can’t remember my name.

Shakespeare: Age doesn’t mean much when I have the means to make you my age…


Tristan: Hello, my dear lady. It is an honour to make your acquaintance.

Shakespeare: Seriously?


Tristan: I am honoured to be in the presence of somebody as beautiful as yourself.

???: You flatter me!

Shakespeare: I’m leaving before I throw up.


???: Yeah, I was just using that as a ploy to make Shakespeare jealous. Slobs don’t like Proper sims!

Tristan: What? How could you!?

Una: *meditates throughout the entire thing*


Victoria: *sigh* What is wrong with my family?


Billy: The dumb kids who left these pumpkins on our back porch are going to be sorry! Mwahahaha!

Those belonged to your children. That one, specifically, was Victoria’s. You’ve already crushed Shakespeare’s.

Billy: Oh no, my children!? What have I done!?


Tristan: Good luck telling Tory and Shakes that you crushed their pumpkins!

Billy: Is this Gay Pride?


Molly is still here, being cute.

Molly: Woof.


I’m not sure what Remus has against Tonks, but he’s spent more time with Molly in the day or two that she’s been here than he’s spent with Tonks in the last few ‘months’.

Tonks: I am neglected and unloved.


Yvaine: I! Don’t! Care what you think, as long as it’s about me!

Shakespeare: This tune is hypnotic… I must dance…


I forgot the fairy’s dance addiction.

Shakespeare: And my twin is supposed to be the party animal, you say?


Yvaine: Please fuck off and let me play in peace.

Shakespeare: Play Wonderwall!

Yvaine: I will actually murder you.

They’re best friends, I swear.






More skilling!

It feels like this is all they do lately, and it is because it’s all they roll wishes for! They’re dedicated – Una is level 6/7 in Martial Arts, Tristan is level 8/9 in Alchemy, Victoria is Painting level 4, and Shakespeare is level 5/6 Logic. Yvaine is also levels 7/8 in Piano and Guitar.


Buckbeak: Hello, does anybody remember that I exist?



Beaky: Well, I’m old now. Can you even tell the difference?



After some deliberation, I decided to install some of these showers downstairs, to save people walking all the way upstairs if the wanted to bathe, or walking in on each other if somebody was showering and somebody else wanted to use the spa.

Una: Why can I not do anything in peace?

You’re a legacy sim. Suck it up.


I also added a mini fridge and bar, though I might have to change this soon because it’s riddled with issues!


The ghosts are up again, this time having a late night conversation about gardening.

Buckbeak: Will one of you give me attention?


Yvaine: And after all… You’re my wonderwall…

Tristan: You do know I can hear you, right?

Yvaine: If you tell Shakespeare I will jam this guitar so far up your –



Shakespeare: I feel like I just missed something important. Something big.

Tristan: Nope! Not at all, not a thing! Zip! Zilch! Nada! Why would you say such a thing?

Shakespeare: Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all.


But Shakespeare soon forgets about that nonsense, and instead goes out to build a snowman.

Shakespeare: Do you think I could convince Yvaine to play ‘Do You Wanna Build A Snowman’?



More time in the skilling basement!

Victoria: Well, you want portraits, don’t you?

Una: I’ve been wanting to meditate for weeks!


Shakespeare is back inside, playing chess. He’s also helpfully giving out a creative aura, though Tristan is the only one to benefit.

Shakespeare: I live to please.


Sirius: Much change since I’ve been dead?

You could say that, yeah. Also check out that tongue!

Sirius: I’m dead, I don’t exactly have a lot of control over myself.


Okay, so check this shit out. Can you spot all the ghosts in this picture? I can find eight.

But up tonight are Joel, Blossom, Holly, Galadriel, Eli, Elisha, Dawn, Michael, Sirius, Kenny, and Bubbles. That’s like half the family!


Dawn: Having fun building that snowman, dad?

Eli: Having fun being dead, Dawn?

Dawn: Shut up, old man.


Blossom’s up, and finally got her YA ghost makeover!

Blossom: Sup. I sense an heir poll, I wanna be here for this.


Amy: Nice snowman, but isn’t that painful?

Eli: Isn’t what painful?

Amy: The scythe in your forehead.


Oh, Sirius…


Kenny: So, this spa is nice, huh?

Billy: It is. Glad we’ve got it.

Kenny: This is awkward, isn’t it?

Billy: Very.


Amy: Can’t believe you told me a bogus fortune. How could you?

Kenny: The look on your face was so worth it.

Bubbles: Skate! Skate! Skaaaaaaaaate!

I have no idea who is possessing the display cabinet. I think it’s Blossom?


I changed my mind about the showers, and instead bought two All-In-One bathrooms, because people kept walking in on each other using the toilet.

These two immediately rolled wishes to ‘Woohoo All-In-One bathroom’.


This is all that seems to happen these days.

Una: I’m close to my lifetime wish, don’t you want those sweet legacy points!?

Victoria: I offer the same sentiment, but with portraits.

It was also around this time that Victoria rolled her LTW; The Visionary! To max both the painting and photography skills.


Una: You call that lifting!? You’re pathetic!

Shakespeare: I’m a computer nerd, what did you expect!?


I’m out of ways to caption these, really. Endless skilling!


Shakespeare: So you gave up on potions, did you?

Una: Irrelevant. I can still kick your ass at chess.

Shakespeare: While you might be able to physically kick my ass, I don’t see that it’s likely you’ll beat me at chess.

Well, maybe one of you would have a chance of winning if you actually moved the pieces instead of sassing each other!


Tristan: Does this make me a master alchemist now?

A theoretical master, sure.


Not yet.


Tristan: I foresee great strain in your future… You will have to work hard to make your dreams a reality…

Una: Why are you telling me things I already know?


Tristan: But your dreams are closer than you think!

Una: You really suck at this.


I added one of these future fridges, but that didn’t really work out in anyone’s favour, either.

Shakespeare: It sucks.


Uh, Sutter? That’s not how you eat hay.

Sutter: It may not be how you eat hay, but it is how I eat hay!


Ella: Who knew my Great Great Grandson had such a good taste in men? I’ll definitely be seeing you in the afterlife!

Billy: I didn’t know dead people could be so attractive.


More home renovations! I moved the fire place slightly further forwards and added another row of bar stools. I also expanded the carpet to look a little less weird.


This is a better shot of the kitchen; it’s modern and fancy!


Which is a very stark contrast to the living room that looks like it’s something out of a fairy tale.

More questionably attained store stuff!


Victoria, where did you get that wedding cake from!?

Tory: Maybe I gate crashed a party while you were drooling over my brother. You don’t know my life.

Una: I want some cake, too…


Well, surprise, because it’s cake time for you!

Tristan: *sulks because he can’t get near the party*


Synchronised horn blowing!

Shakespeare: Can somebody check if my eardrums are bleeding?


Happy birthday, Una!


And here she is, the first of Generation Seven to reach YA! I know I say this every time, but I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far. I actually stand a chance of finishing this legacy sometime this year, and that’s crazy to me.
I’m also that bit closer to being able to unveil my super secret surprise ‘ending’, which I am desperately trying not to spoil with all the effort and determination that I have.

Thank you to everyone that’s reading/liking/commenting, and any combination thereof. It means a lot to know that other people like my nutty bunch of Sims! ❤

As there are five babies this time round, I’ll launch the heir poll in a seperate post later tonight – Una and Tristan will have Trait Cards, the others will just have CAS headshots. Good luck with this one 😛

3 thoughts on “6.13 – The One With The Ghosts

    • Tristan used to be my favourite, but I’ve started to go off him for some reason I don’t know :/ Which is troubling, because I think he’ll win.

      Molly is so sweet, I love her! Una’s hair credit goes to chazybazzy, I believe!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Having fun with the Proper trait, Tristan? That trait is pretty harmless, except when it spoils wedding/formal clothes because the simmies are always freaking in formal. And the animations are adorable, love the bow!

    Going to be such a difficult choice for heir, I’ve narrowed it down to one of the youngest three…


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