6.14 – The One With The Bees

So, I said the poll would be open until at least yesterday, and I’m just getting this 24 screenshot post out?

I have no excuse. Voltron Legendary Defender took over my life.


I mean, this is my desktop background. Maybe I need help?


EDIT: five days later and I’ve written a 6.5k fanfiction and read a million and watched a ton of crack videos. I genuinely need help now.


Skilling and wish fulfilment! Though, why Shakespeare is still working out I don’t understand.

Shakespeare: You never know when you’re going to need to be tough.

Una: Being strong and tough is the way forwards!


Billy: So, what are you painting there, Vick?

Tory: My sister’s ugly face.

Una: RUDE.


Do you know the real reason I bought these beehives? So I could make the following joke.


Tristan: My father was a beekeeper before me, his father was a beekeeper before him, and I wanna walk in their footsteps! And their footsteps were like this;




Tristan: I’m covered in bees!

And now we’ll never see anybody interact with them ever again. In fact, I will probably sell them; those poor bees.


Shakespeare: Why do you keep coming back to get your butt kicked?

Una: I will beat you!

Shakespeare: You literally make the same mistake each time. It’s kind of funny; like watching somebody repeatedly running into walls.


Victoria: This is the most hideous thing I’ve ever painted.

Una: Rude.


I don’t know what this is supposed to be, because Tristan has already maxed the skill so there’s no reason for this picture. Other than showing that this is literally all he does.


Sirius: Okay, I’m done with this shit. Can I come back to life now?

Sadly not.


Dawn: Sup.

Get out of there. That won’t work on you.

Dawn: Tomorrow I will be reborn.

No, you won’t.


Blossom: How’s it going?

Dawn: Same old, same old. Still dead.

Blossom: Cool.


Billy wakes up and then immediately heads down to chat with Dawn. Who heartfarts him.

Dawn: Hot man in a hot room.


Peter: Whoo, the sandpit is fun!

Tristan: I hate this house.


Una got a job in the athletic career, because we actually need money.

Una: I can’t believe we’re a generation seven legacy and we’re practically broke.

Be quiet.


May: I just really like dirty laundry, okay!?


Next morning, Yvaine serenades everyone at breakfast.

Yvaine: I’m here to collect your hearts, it’s the only reason that I sing!

Shakespeare: It’s still not Wonderwall, Yvaine. Son, I am disappoint.

Yvaine: I will beat your ass into the ground with this guitar, fuckwit.


Tristan: Tristan, you are a neat guy. You are the man. You are, the man.




Tristan: Please save me, mystery phone caller. This house is garbage.

Yvaine: You’re garbage, bitch!


Una: Yeah! Run like the wind, Bullseye!

Shakespeare: I lose one match. One in hundreds, and this is my punishment!?



Tristan: I know we had a thing at prom, and you’re pretty cute, but this just isn’t happening?


She didn’t take it well.

Tristan: You’re a little crazy.


Tory: Hey, do you think we’re missing something important?

Shakespeare: Important, in this house!? Hell no!


Kenny: Woo, party time!

Remus: My children are old, and so am I!


Billy: *proud Dad noises*

Una: Finally, my chance at escape draws ever nearer!

I’m still not sure when I’m closing the poll, probably soon. Maybe Tuesday!? Probably Tuesday night/Wednesday morning!

7 thoughts on “6.14 – The One With The Bees

  1. So impressed that the ghosts don’t lag up your lot/game! And they do interesting things! Mine just fight over the rocking chairs or play video games…

    I am loving all the sibling interaction we have going, with the chess matches and the serenading and everything. Almost like a real family 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I basically bought my PC with sims in mind, if if it did lag I’d be super salty about it XD

      The younger three (+ Una if she’s not working out) are definitely the more family-like of the lot. Tristan tends to just be there, and Una works out, but the others (Shakespeare) always want to interact with each other! I think it’s a big part of why I love this generation.


  2. Wooooo, guess who’s finally caught up!! (Clearly a very difficult guessing game.) I don’t know if I got my vote in in time for it to be counted, but I went for Yvaine as predicted – she was already throwing me mad Katana vibes, and then she started singing Fall Out Boy and well, there was no turning back. I’d love to see any of these guys as heir though, I don’t think the Gordons have seen this much of a toss-up in a while!

    Liked by 1 person

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