6.11 – The One With The Fake Patronus

The only problem with binge writing posts within a matter of days is that I have absolutely nothing interesting to put up here. Would you like to hear about how I helped my nan set up her new kettle? I thought not. Moving on!

RECAP; Yvaine and Shakespeare bonded by being vaguely threatening to each other, everyone got on with their skilling, Tristan cast a good luck charm on himself and trust me he needs all the help he can get, Remus’s MLC led him to buy an expensive car they didn’t need, then caught some butterflies, Prom happened, Sirius died, Billy and Remus are vying for #1 Legacy Parents, Yvaine became a brooding teen, I did some landscaping, and my questionably bought store stuff made its first appearance.


Yvaine: Well, this is going to be a nightmare, isn’t it?

I am using this idle face for your trait card, just so you know.

Yvaine: Great, thank you. I will never pull it again.


She’s really cute, though.

Yvaine: I’m just looking at those ridiculous pictures on the wall and hoping we never get one, and if we do that nobody has pie on their faces.


Tristan’s back on the alchemy train, and this time I’m actually letting him make elixirs.

Tristan: Thank you for your permission.


Una: This is really hard to focus on with the toxic fumes coming from over there.


The party isn’t over yet, though, there are still random strangers all over the lot.

Tory: It’s beautiful, like a sunset. Parties forever, man.


Yvaine: Do you really have to stand that close?

Shakespeare: Play Wonderwall!

Yvaine: Wrong instrument. Also, fuck you.


Tristan’s on a rock collecting spree at the moment, because we’re desperately searching for a ruby – it’s the only ingredient for the Potent Cure that we don’t have stashed in somebody’s pockets.

Seriously, they’re a bunch of hoarders.


Tristan: Hi – wow, your hair is pretty intimidating!

Elixir Lady: You know what? I quit. I can’t do this anymore.

Tristan: Wait, what? No – wait – Do you have any rubies!?

Elixir Lady: No! All I have is your family’s fruits and vegetables!


Una, no.



Una: UNA NO!


Bye, Una!


Una: Well, that was an experience that I’d never like to repeat. I’m going to bed now, kay?

You are remarkably laid back about everything for a dramatic sim.


Remus is also rolling MLC wishes to get in shape, so we can do that.

I really should change the spiceberry out of his outfits to match his hat, but I’m too lazy.


I swear Billy is the only person to give the animals any attention these days. Subsequently, they all love him.


These two probably have the closest relationship out of all the kids, I’m forever finding them doing the same stuff or things near each other. It’s kind of cute, actually.


I needed this picture of Victoria’s face because of reasons.

Tory: I love this trampoline!


In some wish fulfillment, I bought a grand piano. I’m so jealous.

Yvaine wished for it, and Remus wished to spend a lot of money, so here we are!


Tristan: It’s time to get a job. I’m a self-employed alchemist now.

That’s not exactly a job, more of a glorified hobby, but it pays and that’s all that matters!


Una: You okay there, dad?

Remus: I’m going to die.


This evil girl must’ve glitched because even though everyone was long gone, she was still hanging around and tormenting people. Namely, Victoria.

Tory: HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, you scared me!


Billy: Vick, I know you’re probably going to be at parties and stuff, but you’re gonna drink from the blue cups, right? Not the red ones?

Tory: Yes, Dad. Exactly that.


Una finished learning to drive, so the two of them stopped to cry instead.


Una then decided to read in the middle of the road.



I sent her to read somewhere more productive, and so I could pretend that people actually use the stuff I bought for them. I think I actually paid money for this lot, because I did buy some points before I realised I could gain loads of free stuff.


Turns out that Yvaine’s brooding trait means that she’s taken up Remus’s old habit of staring out of windows.

Yvaine: It’s all fucking pointless when you think about it.

Well don’t, then.


Tristan!! I love you!

This was autonomous. Yay, people use the things!


Tristan: Can I interest anyone in a hand grown apple? Get it? Hand grown!?



Tristan: Expecto… patronum!


Tristan: Una! Una, look! It worked! I made a patronus!

Una: That’s our horse.

Tristan: Oh 😦


Yvaine: Does anybody have any real idea what’s out there? You know, what’s coming for us?

Billy: All I know is that I need to pee and you’re in here talking.


Shakespeare: So why are you so determined to turn me human?

Remus: I don’t know, I just want dinner.

I don’t really know myself, but I find fairies annoying and I’ve already had one generation with them in.


Back in the safety of his bedroom where horses cannot be mistaken for a patronus, Tristan tries converting alchemy ingredients. And succeeds only in making it disappear.

Tristan: It was my plan all along!


Lori: Look here, you. Just because we’re both dead doesn’t mean you can try biting me or taking out whatever issues you have on me.

Beaky: I like her.


Beaky: I like you.

Lori: Well, uh – You’re, um, okay… I guess?


I really can’t think what it is about Lori that means Yvaine is desperate to be friends with her, but here we are.

Yvaine: She’s so fucking cool, why wouldn’t I want to be friends with her!?



Tonks: I’m about as appreciated as a squeaky toy, honestly.

Billy: You still have me, dear.


I really hope Billy doesn’t die first, I really think Remus will completely and utterly lose his shit.


Tonks is finally shown some appreciation by our resident dog lover, who is the one who doesn’t have the dog person trait.

Billy: Well, this makes Remus happy, right?

You’re gross.


Remus: This isn’t what I wanted to see first thing in the morning!

I’m surprised that you didn’t set this off earlier, to be perfectly honest, though I have no idea who it was who set it.


I see you, Una!

Ignore the LTW, it’s wrong.

Also, 1pm is not morning, Remus.


Billy: I’m not sure why I thought this would be fun, but it’s not.


Yvaine: Alright, what the fuck happened to the walls?

Remus: Hi, Yvaine!!

Yvaine: This is surreal.


Do you know what? I’d like to compare the legacy house to Hogwarts. It’s literally always moving. I’m pretty sure I spend like 90% of my time changing the walls and decor of this house – sometimes wallpaper&colours for heirs and kids, but I spend a lot of time demolishing walls and changing rooms.


Yvaine: Hey loser, I’m sitting down here to keep you company, okay?

Tristan: Are you sure you don’t just want to be with your big brother??

Yvaine: Fuck, no.


Yvaine: Seriously? I thought I could escape the random house changes if I came down here!

Tristan: You can never escape.

Yvaine: Fuck you.


Tory: Do you ever feel like we’re a little bit negelected?

Shakespeare: As the fifth child with a ridiculous name, I feel that way all the time. One can only hope that when we turn teen that we get more screenshots.


Tonks: Hellooooo! Attention please!


Tonks: Well this sucks. I’m going to bed.

You and me both.


Tristan: Let me add a pinch of wolfsbane… a crushed glow orb… and a whole fucking ruby.


Tristan: Hey dad, the potion should be ready soon.

Remus: I should hope so, with a smell like that.


Tristan: So, what do I do now?

Tory: Seriously? Dad and Yvaine stare out of windows, don’t you start spacing out as well.

Tristan: Sorry, what were you saying?


I do feel pretty bad that I neglect these two, but children are pretty boring once you have three teens in the house.

Or maybe I’m just a bad simmer. Either way, they’ll get more focus soon!


Billy’s still on his No#1 Dad mission.

Billy: So you like art, right? Am I doing this right?


Tristan is now autonomously listening to writing tabcasts. Got something you want to tell me?

Tristan: I want to learn things.


Billy: Where are our children?

Remus: They’re in the back.

Billy: No they’re not, it’s empty.

Remus: … I’m sure it’s safe.


Una: Jesus christ, it was cramped back there!

Billy: Oh no, I hurt my poor children!



Family photo time! I realised why I hadn’t gotten one for the last generation – the park had never changed to a festival grounds, so there was no way to actually take one.


Tory: Una, you not joining us?

Una: I am far too civilized for that kind of thing.


Yvaine starts playing for tips in the most awkward place ever, and that guitar looks way too big for her XD

Yvaine: I can do it, fuck off.

Somehow she’s level 6 with a guitar, even though I’m pretty sure she’s never touched one.


While everyone else is busy eating pie, Billy bobs for apples like a sensible person.


And Shakespeare plays chess.

You wonder why you have no screen time!


Tory: Wow, you guys really suck at this.

Beaten by a little girl.


Tristan: So, do you think anybody would mind if I went and threw up in one of those bushes?

Remus: It’s okay, I totally let you guys win…


Una: CAKE!!! Is it for me!?

Shakespeare: I’d guess it’s probably for me and Vick.

You’d guess right!


Una: Yaaaaay, birthdays!

Yvaine: I’m ashamed of all of you.


Shakespeare goes first, doesn’t get a makeover because I’m waiting to save, and the it’s Pie Face’s turn.


Victoria and Yvaine look pretty similar, but Shakespeare is handsome.

Victoria also rolled Virtuoso, adding to her other traits of Artistic, Loves the Outdoors, and Party Animal.

Shakespeare rolled Night Owl, to add to Daredevil, Genius, and Computer Whiz! I like these traits.


Shakespeare: If I don’t turn around, maybe they’ll go away…

Three more Sim days and then Una’s a YA! I’ll probably keep it going a little bit longer, probably until Tristan is a YA, too!

5 thoughts on “6.11 – The One With The Fake Patronus

    • That was actually my boyfriend’s joke, but I won’t tell him you said that lest he start thinking he’s the funny one 😛 XD
      I love them all, so much. This has got to be my favourite generation so far.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Lol, every sim family older than two generations has hoarded items. I tend to use the treasure chests from WA to clear out my sims’ pockets – it makes the game run so much smoother. And we keep all the fruit/veg in the fridge for later use – there is a mod (I think on MTS) that enables a “stock fridge” interaction, so much easier than dragging!

    LMAO, HP jokes are the bomb. I genuinely thought he’d conjured a horse with that spell. Talk about awesome photobomb, Buckbeak! I love Tristan, he’s one of the most entertaining sims I’ve seen in a while. But Yvaine is so gorgeous! I see a lot of Rourke in her features.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I could’ve sworn I replied to this, but apparently not.
      Why didn’t I think of that, that’s such a great idea!! I’m so stealing that XD And I’m definitely going to have to dig out that mod, that’s way easier!

      It was too good an opportunity to miss, really, after the boyfriend pointed it out XD Tristan was my favourite until I realised he’s a 100% Remus clone :/

      Liked by 1 person

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