6.12 – The One With The Spa

I repeat my sentiment from the start of the last post, except that in the last few days I managed to stab myself in the thumb with an apple corer, kneel on glass, and discover how desperately I need new work shoes after accidentally doing the splits and then falling over several times. Though, I can’t fully do the splits to begin with, and I wear a skirt.

RECAP; lots of skilling, Una was abducted by aliens, Yvaine stared out of windows, Tristan mistook Beaky for a patronus, Shakespeare broke the fourth wall, Victoria destroyed everyone in the pie eating contest, and Shakespeare and Victoria became teens, rolling Night Owl and Virtuoso respectively.


I’ve probably said this about nearly every Generation so far, but these guys are definitely my favourites. I just love them all so much. I have my favourite but I love them all in their own ways, and I have plans for all of them already. I know what careers they’re going into, and I’ve done the dice roll on kids and have the Generation 8 theme planned!


Shakespeare: Party’s over, cake is the priority.

Victoria: The party’s never over!


This literally looks like something from a nightmare. Go shower, the pair of you.

Remus: Aaaah, my children are all teens! I’m so old!

Tristan: My face is sticky.


OH LOOK, MORE HOME RENOVATIONS! I never get tired of this, do I?

This is what used to be the ‘study’, and is now a modern kitchen.


With island counters that I’m sure will soon replace the dining table in the middle of the other room.


What’s this, a backdoor? Where could that possibly go!?


I finally made a real back garden! I meant to add a bunch of flowers around the foot of the deck and never did, and also didn’t add dirt in, but whatever. I’m still pretty pleased with how this turned out, to be honest.


I’m using a store fence, one from the Faire Folk set, I believe.


I added more lounge chairs on the other side of the pool, and as is fairly obvious, put flooring around the pool – I mean, if you think about it you probably want that, otherwise you’re just making the ground all soggy and gross every time you get out of the pool.


This is the other side of the garden, and as you can see I started putting flowers around the edge of the deck/house and then stopped for some reason. I also moved everything about so it fits more nicely, and added some lamps which look a lot like the kind of lamp I imagine grew in Lantern Waste, Narnia.


Pool side from another angle, also now featuring lamps, not that you can really see them.


These three all rolled wishes to carve pumpkins, so Tristan harvested a few for them all to bring back. I’m not really sure who made what, though I think Victoria made a Silly one.


Uh, Shakespeare? What happened to your eyes?


So, even though he has no wings, he can still fly. Shakespeare, why are you glitched like this.

Shakespeare: I’m part dragon, too cool for poncy fairy wings.

Victoria: Man, pumpkin carving is hard.


In a rare moment where Remus isn’t fangirling over his own children, he actually remembers he has a dog.

Tonks: I feel so honoured.


This is the new study/reading nook – there is a sofa on the side opposite Shakespeare’s desk that you can’t see.

Shakespeare: I can’t believe you’ve had these laptops since my Great Great Grandma’s time. That’s like, computer blasphemy!


Shakespeare: You poor laptop, you’ve never had anyone to properly look after you, now, have you? Well, don’t worry. Shakespeare’s here. I’ll make sure you’re properly cared for from now on, okay?

Yeah, that’s a bit creepy.


He has Martin’s purple eyes! Wow, it didn’t take me long to start playing favourites, did it? XD

I’d be a horrible mother.


Shakespeare: It’s because I’m just too damn gorgeous.

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself.


They also have this bathroom in the basement, which has this spa in it. Now, I don’t know where this came from, only that it was in buy mode under baths and I though ‘lol why not’.


Shakespeare: Aha, Mr Ducksworth. Tell me now, are you the infamous ductective I’ve heard so much about?


Shakespeare: Mr Ducksworth, you startled me!


Duck crisis averted, Shakespeare returns to his relaxing, scented bath.


And then adds water to the hot coals in order to create more steam to relax in.

Shakespeare: I spent a long time repairing and overclocking those laptops, I deserve some down time.

Whatever you say.


While he does that, Sierra is the first person to use the Crystal Ball set I also bought. This is partially for Tristan, but mostly because I saw it and decided it was so ridiculous that I had to have it.

Also, in case I wanted to send somebody into the fortune teller career.


Shakespeare: Say one word, and I will walk out of this house right now and you’ll never see me again.


Remus, why are you so upset over French Toast?

Remus: Sirius liked French Toast.

No he didn’t, he didn’t like anything!


And what’s wrong with you!?

Yvaine: Fuck off, I can’t be bothered with you today.

Somebody got out the bed on the wrong side…

Yvaine: My bed is against the fucking wall.


Did you really stay up all night using the spa?

Shakespeare: Get used to it.


Victoria: Urgh, this is nowhere near as good as that sweet dream I was having…

Not you, too!


Eli was up tonight! I swear he’s gotten more active recently, he never used to be up. I’m blaming Shakespeare and his computer loving.


Tristan: I see… I see…

Bubbles: What do you see!?

Tristan: I foresee darkness in your future…

Bubbles: Is it because I’m dead?


Tristan: Oh, yeah. That’d probably be it. You don’t have a future.

Bubbles: Rude.


Billy: Why aren’t you at school!?

Yvaine: Because I didn’t fucking feel like it, all right!?

Billy: No, that’s not all right! If you don’t get good grades then you won’t get a good job!

Yvaine: Says you; you and Dad don’t even have jobs.


(I missed him scolding Victoria, but he did).

These two decided to spend the day jamming together instead. I mean, in their defence they learned more skills than they would have at school, so…


Billy: I’m mad at you, but you’re both excellent at your instruments and I want to be supportive.


Remus: … What he said.


Yvaine was really getting into it.


And then Remus and Billy got all disgusting again.


Victoria: Just focus on the piano. Focus on the piano and you won’t see what’s going on over there and then have to bleach your eyeballs.


Tristan: Oh dear god, I don’t want to see that!!


I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen Remus in the hot tub, and this is probably the most flamboyant picture I’ve taken. Maybe this should’ve been the Generation Six poster!


Tristan: They’ll never catch me!

Nobody uses that sink, just like nobody sits on the sofa. Why are you so bad at this?


Shakespeare, go home.

Shakespeare: But the night is just beginning!

And that means you should go to sleep.

Shakespeare: Sleep is for the weak.


You can’t deny that he has style, at least.


I think this screenshot was supposed to show off something, but I can’t for the life of me think what it might’ve been.

Una: Please let me read in peace.

If she’s not working out, she’s reading.


Yvaine: Heh heh heh, Shakespeare will never see this coming!

Shakespeare: *upstairs* I can feel somebody messing with a laptop. WHO’S TOUCHING MY LAPTOPS!?


Remus: I’ve had a very long, hard day.

You haven’t done anything!


Shakespeare: You know, I wonder how long I can hold my hand in the fire before it hurts me.

I wouldn’t want to find out.

Shakespeare: It’s called an adrenaline rush.


Shakespeare: My future is bright!

Because you’re on fire?

Shakespeare: Oh be quiet.


Yvaine: Haha, you’re doing your homework? Fucking nerd!

Shakespeare: But you’ve already done yours?

Una: Guys, please.


Remus: You know, the house is feeling pretty empty lately, and Tonks and Beaky aren’t getting any younger…


Meet Molly! She’s an elderly husky, with one trait; loyal!

Molly: You’re really taking this Harry Potter theme to the grave, aren’t you?


Remus: Doggie!

What are you, five?


Um. Tristan? Tristan, no.


Tristan: Tristan yes! Don’t worry, I got this.


Una: Am I missing something?

Tristan: I can freeze it!

Billy: Don’t worry, I got it.


Shakespeare: Do you think we should be helping with that fire?

Yvaine: Haha, fuck no! You do make me laugh, Shakes!

These two are best friends. I’ve decided if one wins, the other stays.

I love Shakespeare. So, so much. Also, sad news but Tristan is a Remus clone. He’s YA in game now, and is 100% Remus.

4 thoughts on “6.12 – The One With The Spa

  1. I can tell that you love Shakespeare, this chapter was a whole lotta Shakespeare love 😛 I also love Yvaine and Victoria, they’re way more entertaining than Una, with her incessant reading. Though I do also love Mr Purple Eyes; he looks to have Billy’s mouth and maybe eyes? It’s hard to tell with different default skins.

    Also, watch out with the mud baths, it makes the sims a day younger! Shakespeare is probably a couple of days younger than his ‘twin’ by now 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was mostly accidental, everyone else was asleep and the Night Owl was up to take pictures of. And then I fell in love. I’d say Billy’s mouth and jaw shape (it’s narrower than Remus/Tristan), but anything else is a guess.
      Yeah, Una does nothing but read lately, unless she’s instructed otherwise. Victoria has moved on to lots of painting, and Yvaine is all instruments and swearing XD
      You know, I figured that because of the popup you get, but I checked his age bar and it didn’t seem to have moved? But he’s pretty glitched with his missing wings so… XD

      Liked by 1 person

    • No, I’m just accident prone and clumsy XD
      I’m glad you like the house! I change it so much, I don’t think it’s ever stayed the same through an entire generation tbh.
      Shakespeare is great, though his wingless-ness is pretty odd!

      I know! I saw her and was like ‘yes I must have this dog’, and thus Molly was born! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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