6.10 – The One With Sirius

So I just bought a butt-ton of stuff from the store with my questionably obtained simpoints, but because I’m so close to heir poll time I can’t go and load up the save. Cue the angsty noises worthy of  Zuko.

RECAP; Vicks became a party animal child, Sutter died to fulfill his rosebush destiny, I introduced stuff pack stuff and the skilling dungeon basement, Shakespeare made his first appearance despite totally having been here the entire time, Una started to learn to drive, Tristan became a proper teen, Remus became an adult with a midlife crisis, and Billy completed his LTW.


Tristan decides to take advantage of the new space indoors by practising magic, until I send him to do something more productive.

Tristan: How rude.


Tristan: If I get stung to death, you’re going to regret this.

You need this for alchemy, and I really don’t think the bees are going to kill you.


In this really hard-to-look-at picture, Yvaine and Shakespeare are playing in the castle together!

Yvaine: Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Shakespeare: No.


Yvaine: How fucking rude of you, Rapunzel, I’m not sure I want to save you after all.


Shakespeare: I can always pretend to be the evil witch or whatever, and push you out of the tower so that you land in a gorse bush and go blind in both eyes, if you’d prefer?

Yvaine: … I suddenly don’t feel so safe up here with you.


Tristan: Heh, they’ll never catch me!

That’s probably because nobody ever comes down here except you guys, but whatever makes you feel better.


Una’s still plugging away at the Martial Arts skill – I’m thinking of Perfect Mind, Perfect Body for her LTW?


Tristan: You know, it’s kind of difficult to do your homework with your sister screaming profanities at a wooden post behind you.

Then move?

Tristan: I’m here now.


Una: I must be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire; mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

We’ve already done that joke.


Look what I found! We’ll have to do another one soon, but I’m just sad that I didn’t do one with Bubbles&Martin.


Remus: Why do my pockets suddenly feel so much lighter!? Who robbed me of all my stuff!

You had about 50 books in your inventory. I just put them away.


Tristan: Why do my pockets feel so much heavier?

And I gave you a bunch of Remus’s hoarded plants for alchemy purposes.


Tristan: Hopefully this will be enough for me to have a lucky day. Maybe I should try this on Yvaine?

Yvaine: *off screen* Don’t you fucking dare.


Isn’t he handsome!?


Tory: Wait for me! I’m coming, I swear!

Remus: I wonder how much stuff is in here…?

Imagine the letters pouring through the letterbox in Harry Potter. That’s kind of how I imagine what happened next.


Remus: Young people own and drive fast, expensive cars, right!?

If you wish.


So, we went for another drive, after selling the ugly big lemon.

Remus: I look ridiculous, don’t I?



Remus: Hi, I’d like to sell the rest of these fruits and vegetables, is that okay?

Elixir Lady: Didn’t we just do this?

Remus: Has anybody ever told you that your hair is kind of intimidating?

Elixir Lady: … Oh god, it’s Deja Vu.


He then went outside to catch some butterflies.

Honestly, Remus. Honestly.


Remus: Oh, isn’t it cute?

Let’s go give it to Tristan, I’m sure he’ll find a use for it.


Look at these two, all gross and in love. It’s freaking autonomous and all the time. How they get anything done, I’ll never know.


Look! No stabilisers!

Tristan: It’s still insulting that I had them in the first place. They didn’t even touch the ground!

There’s no pleasing some people.


Tristan: Gosh darn these dratted bees!

… Does your proper trait mean I can’t write you actually swearing? Well gee-golly-gosh, this is going to be fun 😀


It’s prom time! Una hasn’t been around much, so have a look at her being gorgeous in her formal wear!


Tristan is wearing the same suit as virtually every other male Gordon to ever have existed. I’d like to think it’s some kind of strange ritual, where they all wear the exact same suit and only change the shirt.


Tristan: I turned teen about two days ago, how did I get invited to this thing!?

Una: Just think of how jealous Tory must be.

Tristan: Do you mean Vicky?

Una: Whatever.



She’s a faceone. You’re never seeing her again, buddy.








And he has the most hideous jawline I’ve ever seen on a teen sim. Maybe we’ll wait and see what he looks like later?


Sounds like Una.


Wait, what?


The camera never jumped away from the teens to tell me about this, I only found out once I switched back and found everyone sobbing.

Goodbye, Sirius. </3


Tory: Shakespeare, aren’t you sad? Our dog died!

Shakespeare: I had literally never met that dog before.

Tory: It’s still sad.


He annoyed me towards the end because he kept interrupting the sims actions to ask for food (when the bowl was full). But I’ll still miss him!


Yvaine, of course, was obliviously playing piano throughout everything.


And Victoria has finally taken up painting. I need somebody to do portraits for this generation!


Billy and Remus congregate around the piano as soon as they possibly can. They’re like those annoyingly over-supportive parents who go to all your concerts and performances while constantly cheering you on and embarrassing you in front of every single person you know.

I can just imagine Remus cheering with one of those big No#1 foam hand things, while Billy loudly cries tears of joy in the seat next to him. While Yvaine’s just sitting up on stage, wishing the ground would just open up and swallow her whole.


And then Victoria pauses to cry.


Bubbles! And she’s halfway in the ground.



Lori’s up (big surprise) and casually chilling in the hot tub.

So normal.


Bubbles: Hey, who’s haunting my food! I thought I could escape this shit by dying myself, but apparently not!


As everyone gets up to have breakfast, Tristan encounters a problem with the synth machine.

Tristan: Damn this machine; it’s just not how it should be done!


It’s mid morning and all the other ghosts have poofed, but Kenny’s still up. Party hard, right Kenny?

Kenny: Right!


Shakespeare: Soo, does anybody know where the wall and door went?

Una: This shit happens randomly in the night, kid. Get used to it.

Remus: My kids are so jaded already… I’m so old…



Everyone stops for their mid-mid-morning cry-over-Sirus time.

Billy: We won’t be needing this squeaky toy anymore…

Tonks: *off screen* I still live here, you know!


Billy: You know what I think we need to cheer everyone up? A party!

Tory: I wholeheartedly agree with that statement.


I invited a bunch of teens to this party in the hopes of scouting out spouses.

I can’t remember anybody’s name, except that I’m pretty sure this guy is Una’s RI.


Tristan bows to this lady, who seems to find it hilarious.

Tristan: It was supposed to impress her!


I guess it worked?

Tristan: Damn right it did!


But I couldn’t give any more time to Tristan’s pathetic attempts at flirting, because this happened.

Una: *off screen* Wait for me, I’m getting the popcorn!


Because this is the normal way to behave at parties, right?


After I discovered that she was beating up a little kid, I sent Tristan over to break it up.

Becuase Tristan’s totally a neutral party!


Tristan: I’m attracted to you but you’re also evil, so I’ll see you again never.

Woo! Go Tristan!


Remus: So we’re throwing Yvaine a birthday party, right?

Billy: Yeah, they should be here by now.

Maybe you should go outside?


This is Tristan’s RI, she’s cute but also a giant face one and I really want some interesting genetics this time round!


These two are interesting, but I have no idea who they are or what they’ll look like grown up XD


All the family make their way inside for actual birthday of the birthday party! Victoria is there, she’s just out of sight.


Teen Yvaine! She rolls Brooding, which will make life interesting, to say the least.


And then everyone stops for a mid-late-afternoon cry-over-Sirus session.



The back garden is still a hideous mess and one day I will sort that out, but for now have some tarmacked driveway with little fences and shrubs!

And there are shit loads of rosebushes for Sutter ❤

Seriously, I’m in love with the front look of this house now. I already liked it more than anything I’ve designed myself, but it just looks so much better with the landscaping and the light of the setting sun…


Look at what I bought with those free simpoints! I’m also aware that I ripped the layout of this straight off the Bohemian Garden set display, but it was so freaking cute that I couldn’t help myself. I adore the lights and the hanging seats so much, and the whole rugs thing is just great!

Me: *laying out rugs at odd angles* Hippies like rugs, right?

My boyfriend: *who lives in Glastonbury, hippy central* ?????????????


One day I will sort this mess out, I swear. I’ll make them a proper back garden with a deck and a fence and everything. It just might take some careful planning and remodelling.

Okay, if I’m being totally honest, this is my favourite Generation so far. I adore them all and I’m incredibly glad I don’t have to pick an heir, because I’d probably just pick them all and then cry when I don’t have any house space. I know Shakespeare is ridiculously behind everyone else in the fact that barely anyone knows who he is, but I’m hoping that’ll pick up once he’s a teen – he’s pretty damn gorgeous tbh!

5 thoughts on “6.10 – The One With Sirius

    • He’s probably my current favourite, though I’d say Shakespeare is the more attractive one! He’s not a fairy any more, though 😛
      If my last five heirs end up being male, I’m going to laugh so hard!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I freaking love those No Stretch mods; so awesome that the kiddies can play instruments (among other things)! I always thought it was ridiculous and bloody lazy of EA not to create the animations for us.

    OMG, Billy’s face is *so* sad when he’s picking up the squeaky toy. Poor sad simmies, we’ll miss you Sirius!

    Ooh, love the new reading nook! I so need to use those hanging chairs more often, they look awesome. Damn, I wish I had something like this IRL, perfect combo of being outside, but without the risk of sunburn/rain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They’ve seriously saved my life. As somebody who started playing piano aged 6, it seems utterly nonsensical that kids can’t do stuff – it just takes all functionality from children and makes them useless.
      Billy was so upset over Sirius, it was actually kind of funny XD
      Sims is totally self-indulgent wishing, let’s face it. If I want it and can’t have it, I’ll buy it for my sims instead. At least that way we get to enjoy stuff, right!? 😛


      • So right, not everyone can have ALL THE THINGS – but simmies can! Not to mention we probably can’t afford the amazing car or house or pool IRL (because we’re too busy paying EA for all the DLC).


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