Distractions Post; Skyrim and Sims 4

I will post a real post soon, I swear. I recently reinstalled Pets, so I should be more inspired to play again soon. I also just gave up with college so I should have more free time, although I’m getting re addicted to Stardew Valley and Skyrim again. So there’s that, I guess XD

Anyway, this post comes to you in two halves! Firstly, have some screenshots from my time in Skyrim! Given that I talk about it so much and it’s the biggest reason I’m not posting as much, I figured I owed you guys something. If you don’t care about my Skyrim shots and bad captions, feel free to skip to the second half of the post; Sims 4!


This is me! Not that I look like this any more, I actually have better armour now. None of that Iron nonsense.

‘I’ am a female Nord called Elouise, Listener to the Night Mother, a Nightingale of Nocturnal, Harbinger to the Companions, Arch-Mage at the College of Winterhold, Legate (Commander) in the Imperial Legion, a member of the Dawnguard, and Thane in nearly every Hold. Oh, and Dragonborn, of course.


This is a glitch, of course. I fast travelled to this location, and a dead dragon followed me.

It looks ridiculous, and I love it.


My horse is not impressed. She probably helped kill this Dragon in the first place.

This is Shadowmere, the most fucking badass horse in the entire game. Seriously, she doesn’t die! She’s killed a ton of bandits and wolves defending me, not to mention survived all of the cliffs I’ve accidentally dived off.

She was given to me by Astrid, who broke my FUCKING HEART as part of the Dark Brotherhood questline. A questline by which I am still deeply traumatised, and by which one of the characters in my book came to develop. Amber was originally supposed to be a healer. Now she’s a fucking assassin.


This is Elouise hanging out in Markarth, thinking about killing Ondolemar for calling that dog stupid. Though it would also get me arrested as the Jarl is right behind me. In fact, you can see his steward to the left of my head and to the right of my arrows.

The kick ass lady behind me is Jordis the Sword-Maiden, my housecarl from Solitude. She is awesome and I love her. She genuinely sounds enthusiastic to be adventuring with me, unlike that bitch Lydia, who got me killed by traps and ‘accidentally’ pushing me off ledges multiple times.

Lydia (the Housecarl of Whiterun), now guards my wife and children in one of my two furnished houses. I actually own houses in multiple cities, but only one is furnished (that’s Whiterun). The other furnished house I have is one I built myself (I got lazy and cheated in some materials though. Sue me, I was excited); Heljarchen Hall, in the centre of the map!


Here I am killing a Forsworn looter while Shadowmere watches me…


Here I am smashing a Glass Warhammer into some dude’s shoulder/back..

I am nothing if not brutal XD


Just hanging out with Shadowmere and Jordis under the coolest looking sky EVER!


Idk, this just looks like the northern lights to me.


You’ll find him on the mountain… where the lights touch the earth…”


This is my secondary character, a Dark Elf called Elmira! She isn’t really anything yet, other than discovering she’s Dragonborn and joining the Companions!


She’s a Destruction Mage (Elousie is a bit of everything, though mostly uses ‘Two-Handed’ – the warhammer – and archery), and this is an axe in a loaf of bread.

Because apparently they ran out of knives?


This isn’t even Skyrim, this is Solstheim, an island to the north-west of Skyrim XD


Also Solstheim.

I just really love my graphics, guys XD Though Solstheim is full of ash, which is why this isn’t as clear as the sky of Skyrim.


Just hanging out the temple of some power crazy, ancient, presumed-dead-but-apparently-making-a-comeback Dragonborn dragon priest.

Fuck you, Miirak.


More sky!


Me about to fuck up somebody’s day.



I then proceeded to destroy it in one hit.


“Die, Dragon!”


I’m pretty sure this is a critical hit because I got this epic cutscene, where I literally leaped on his head and basically cleaved his skull.




I think I was fighting a Lurker, which is this horrible thing that kind of barfs tentacles at you.

This was a fun half post to write, I love talking about Skyrim. I’ve only recently started taking screenshots of my steam games, so luckily for you I don’t have six months worth of screenshots to share! Maybe next time you’ll get to see my wife and kids? 😉


What’s this you see? Sims 4? Why yes, I downloaded Sims Four TODAY, and played a little bit!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be playing tbh, I don’t really like it that much. It’s probably partly because I’m not used to it (and can direct Sims 3 in my sleep), but to me the controls are clunky and everything is too streamlined. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice, but I’d like things laid out a little more. Like the UI, and WHERE THE HECK DID BUY MODE GO?

I do like the CAS freedom, but I don’t like not having sliders at all – I find it really hard to create unique sims this way at the moment. If they were to create a Sim 5, there are lots of elements that could be blended together from these two games to make something really good but… ACK.

Anyway, here is my first creation!

07-03-16_3-43-05 PM

Meet Hanna Hendrick! I randomised both parts of her name individually, and laughed way too hard at the Anna Kendrick thing. So I kept it.

This picture only exists because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reference one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite movies.

07-03-16_4-07-26 PM

So this is her real look! Naturally, she looks utterly bored. I wish they had included the jacket layering from TS2 (at least the PS2 version), because I would’ve given her a sweet leather jacket while still being able to show off those sweet high-waisted shorts.

07-03-16_4-23-46 PM

She has the ‘creativity’ aspiration, so has the bonus ‘muser’ trait. She is also an art loving, creative loner.

07-03-16_4-25-54 PM

Hanna: Yo.

07-03-16_4-28-41 PM

So here’s the welcome wagon; these random sims!

Plus shifty guy with the cake.

07-03-16_4-30-27 PM

Hanna: Hey, that guy brought cake!

Liberty: Self assured. Geek.

07-03-16_4-30-30 PM

Hanna: Oh. I’m good thanks.

Liberty: It’s too bad, he was cute in MySims.

Hanna: In what?

Liberty: Sorry, fourth wall break.

07-03-16_4-30-33 PM

Hanna: O-kay then! I’m gonna get me some of that cake.

07-03-16_4-31-46 PM

Hanna: So hey… Travis. How’d you fancy giving the new girl some of that cake as a welcome present, huh?

Travis: Nah.

07-03-16_4-31-57 PM

Hanna: Fine, screw you then.

Liberty: Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

07-03-16_4-34-18 PM

Hanna: So what about you, did you bring me any cake?

Liberty: No, but I can tell you cool facts about snakes!

07-03-16_4-34-22 PM

Liberty: Did you know that the biggest snake in the world is the reticulated python?

Hanna: Please get your hand out of my boob.

07-03-16_4-35-55 PM

Hanna: Look, I made a friend!

I love that they interact standing side by side and not just directly in front of each other. That’s cool.

07-03-16_4-38-49 PM

Hanna: Look at my new friend!

Liberty: Are you gonna eat that salad, or are you just going to stare at me?

07-03-16_4-40-49 PM

Game streaming on the tablet!

Apparently it wasn’t very good.

07-03-16_4-41-42 PM

Dancing was weird.

07-03-16_4-51-05 PM

Hanna: Thanks for coming over, Liberty!

Liberty: Any time.

Creepy Guy: *is creepy*

07-03-16_4-51-43 PM


Liberty: Go then?

07-03-16_4-52-04 PM

Hanna: First, let’s take a selfie!

I also like that this isn’t part of an expansion pack!

07-03-16_4-53-14 PM

Hanna makes some great faces.

07-03-16_4-53-22 PM

I may have just rage quit on her in CAS, but I do like how she turned out 😀

07-03-16_4-53-31 PM

Hanna: Liberty, you’re such a great friend. I think you should move in here!

Liberty: Aaww, sweet!

07-03-16_4-53-29 PM

Liberty: That’s a fantastic idea! Your crazy schemes are the best.

07-03-16_4-54-23 PM

Hanna: Did you have to bring your roommate, though?

Liberty: Well I couldn’t exactly leave her with Travis, the creepy cake guy, now could I?

Summer: Help me.

I promise I’ll play the Gordons again soon! These weirdo interlude posts are a lot of fun though so I might do more of them – though if they increase in frequency they’ll probably go to another blog. Would anybody be up for reading that, actually!?


11 thoughts on “Distractions Post; Skyrim and Sims 4

  1. Stardust is the best!!!
    For a rage quitting cas sim, Hanna looks amazing.
    Sims 4 looks great and I really want it but at the same time I feel like if I buy it it’ll be a novelty thing for a month and then I’ll go straight back to Sims 3.
    And yes, make a blog, throw the random stuff in here, I don’t care. Just keep making em!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • How could I possibly not reference that!? I might have to have a stardust generation now…
      Aaah, you should do what I did; find somebody who owns it and will let you download it and play with it that way! Otherwise, I don’t think it’s worth it tbh.


  2. I share your feelings about CAS and TS4 in general. 😛 I think I could get used to it with time, but I don’t really feel the need to put in that time when I’m still enjoying TS3. Hanna is cute though! My guinea pig sim, Mary Mustang (named after my favourite characters from Downton Abbey and FMA respectively) is has been trying to woo that Travis guy for like, the whole two sim days I’ve played for. 😛 He’s such a loser.

    Skyrim looks so cool! I’ve been reluctant to get into it for so long, but I’m going to cave one of these days. Oh and for the record, I love distraction posts so I’d definitely read a side blog! I made one myself a while back, but I keep forgetting to use it…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s good but… yeah, I probably won’t play much more, as there’s still lots about TS3 that I haven’t explored!

      WOO, ROY MUSTANG! Also, Travis was my favourite character in MySims. He was so cute!

      You totally should! It is SUCH a good game. I’ve had it since Christmas time, and while I have completed the main questline and most of the Guilds, there’s still shit loads I haven’t done. Side Quest Simulator!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I never played MySims, but Google just told me all I needed to know… “a blonde young man with a good heart” hahahaha. Oh and there’s fanfiction, what is the world coming to??

        Okay realtalk though – I inherited the PS3 version of Skyrim from my brother, but so far I’m reading that there’s no point in playing it on anything but PC. Thoughts? And assuming I do, is Steam my best bet price-wise? Teach me your ways, oh gaming guru. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • I have the Wii game AND the DS game… I’m a little sad. But I’m not called DSLady for nothing! 😛
        There’s fanfiction of everything… It’s a little disturbing sometimes! XD

        Okay, that depends whether you’d prefer to play as a console or with the typical WASD PC commands (and I assume that if you’re anything like me with Sims, WASD is automatic!), but generally PC is better 😛 You can download high res texture packs and all sorts of mod stuff!
        I would indeed recommend Steam (you could look to getting it in a sale, but I’m not sure when the next one is as the Summer sale has just ended) as it’s currently offering the game itself + all DLC expansions for £25. Individually it’ll cost around £41 sooo go figure XD
        Plus, they’re releasing a Special Edition version of the game around October, and if you own all the games on PC it’ll be free!

        *cough*Minecraft*cough* 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you!! 😀 Of course I would *just* miss the summer sale (what do I always say about “late to the party” being my middle name?). It looks like the bundle is $43ish CAD as opposed to $70-something so that does seem like a pretty good deal! Assuming I like the game enough to warrant the expansion packs, but let’s be real. In any case I apparently have to spend money on Steam to have friends so there’s that. 😛

        I knowww haha, I was actually thinking about that this morning. Since when is it $35 though?? *bitter old-timer muttering*

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, of course 😛
        You could always get the original game separately first, and then decide if you want the DLC? That’s what I did (and I very much did want the DLC) and it still worked out cheaper than buying them all individually! You can still but the legendary edition, or whatever it’s called, when you own one of the games 😀

        Whaaaaat? It’s £17.95 here, which works out (according to google) at $30.23 – I don’t know if you were badly rounding or if they’re actually selling it at like $5 more for you!? I know there’s a 2.5% conversion charge, but that still only takes it up to $31…
        Hell, I could always buy it and you pay me back XD


  3. Totally agree with you about TS4. I bought the game ages ago, played a little, got bored and haven’t been back in months. There’s just so much stuff missing, and I don’t like most of the new features. I actually prefer the sliders in CAS, it makes it so much easier to see the genetics passed down through generations; I know the Rourke heirs have all had the same eye shape they inherited from Phoenix, the gen 1 spouse. It seems to me that TS4 is more aligned with those who play the same family with aging off, not generations through.


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