The Grand Legaversary Sorting!


It’s inspired by the most recent addition to Understanding The Crazy, which I suggest you read if you haven’t already. In it, I describe the theme for this Generation’s names. Yet, I hardly need to explain Harry Potter characters to you all, do I? So instead I decided to sort the kids.

And so, for my One Year Legaversary, I’m going to do a ‘GRAND SORTING’!


Hogwarts only, my apologies Ilvermorny.

Obviously, as a legaversary post I can’t just sort my four heirs and my founder, that would be too easy. I need to go ALL OUT. That means sorting my heirs and spares, and even the occasional spouse! I counted 20 Sims, and I somehow managed an even split between the houses. Well, sort of. You’ll see what I mean.

In case anyone needs a brief recap on what the houses represent, I’ll let the hat explain it to you;


So without further ado, let’s begin the sorting!


The fearless founder was placed here because she is exactly that. Fearless and determined! I will admit though, she was a complete Hatstall. She was loyal and kind like a Hufflepuff, she was brave and reckless like a Gryffindor, she was smart like a Ravenclaw, and she was a little devious like a Slytherin. I struggled with where to place her as I’d have been happy to say she belonged in any house. However, I ultimately chose Gryffindor as she was the founder (and also dramatic *cough* Harry *cough) and deserves some recognition for that.

While I did write Joel like a dopey idiot, he was pretty strong willed and even now still saves the family from tragic fiery deaths. He was also Brave and Athletic, traits which I would strongly consider as Gryffindor traits.

She was Brave, too, and also very stubborn, reckless, and fiery. There was no other house I could consider for her.

As a Brave and Athletic Daredevil, Lyra was 100% Gryffindor. She was just so hardheaded and strong willed, and she wasn’t afraid of anything. She could’ve made Ravenclaw given how smart as she was, but I always felt that all of her sense would go completely out of the window for some dumb idea that she HAD to do.

Brave. Athletic. Dramatic. Disciplined.
Please, Mr Martial Arts Master just screams Gryffindor. While he may not be the smartest penny in the fountain, he would definitely fight for his friends and family, and generally just what he believes to be the right thing. And before anyone disagrees with me about Gryffindors being dramatic, which house were five of the six children who BROKE INTO THE MINISTRY? Yes, Luna is Ravenclaw, but nobody can deny that she was dramatic in her own way.

For a while, I considered sorting Amy into Hufflepuff because of her heart of gold, and the fact that she was very loyal and kind. Ultimately, I chose Gryffindor. She wanted to be the leader of the free world, and only somebody very driven and certain on their beliefs, with a strong desire to help people and change the world would want something like that. I’m not saying a Hufflepuff wouldn’t, but I think Charismatic Daredevil Amy would do better in Gryffindor.

Perceptive and Lucky. Brave and Social Butterfly. Though most of these could also work well for other houses, when I combine them with Blossom’s child and teen personality they seem like strong Gryffindor traits to me. She was fairly independent and tough, but yet not underhand or ambitious enough to have been considered for Slytherin.


Green Thumb and Loves the Outdoors. She was also very laid back and didn’t really care about anything, which made it hard to put her anywhere else as she doesn’t have the passion or drive of the other houses. But having the Perfect Garden LTW make her an ideal candidate for Hufflepuff!

My little absent minded couch potato! He was a sweetie, and like Elisha didn’t have the drive or passion of any other house. He was pretty friendly though, when he wasn’t trying to construct blog posts to make himself famous.

The most family orientated sim I’ve seen that I haven’t made myself. Given all of that, family and friends were very important to her and so the loyalty aspect of Hufflepuff appeals to me to place her here.

Mia was very family orientated also, even though she didn’t have the trait, plus being very friendly and nice to practically everyone. While she did have the Athletic and Adventurous traits, she didn’t really use them in any other way to Ballet or Acrobatics. And being an acrobat and performer, that’s all about making people laugh and things, which seems very Hufflepuff to me.

One thing that made me laugh was that Hufflepuffs are patient. Grumpy soul Brick is anything but patient. However, he really doesn’t fit any of the other houses and he is quite laid back. One thing I remember from the Sorting Hat’s song in the fifth book says that Hufflepuff ‘took the rest’, and felt this was a fairly justified reason to place him here. My other option was Slytherin, but Brick isn’t underhand or ambitious or cunning, he’s just grumpy!

Where else could I possibly place this excitable bookworm?? Well, Ravenclaw was briefly considered when I looked at her traits and saw Workaholic and Bookworm, but Hufflepuffs are unafraid of toil, so she still fits. She is an adorable sweetheart, and she always reads childish stories! She loves to paint and play with her children, she’s a perfect ray-of-sunshine-Hufflepuff to me.


Ella was another Hatstall for me. I honestly had no idea where to place her, because she would make a good Hufflepuff being friendly, green thumb, and nurturing, but she was quite intelligent and determined, and seemed to enjoy learning new skills and learn them quickly, at that.

Genius hacker nerd? Yeah, he’s a Ravenclaw. He was also a Technological Whiz with No Sense Of Humor, and while I don’t think Ravenclaws are boring (being partly one myself, having sorted other sims here, and LUNA), I think that Ravenclaw is the best fit for Eli as it would give him ample opportunity to learn new things and show off his intelligence.

My sweet neurotic loner! She liked writing and watching TV, but she wasn’t as friendly and laid back for me to place her in Hufflepuff. She wrote so many books that being in a house surrounded by other books and knowledge would probably be quite fun for her. I’m sure she’d find a few Luna like characters to be friends with, too.

Easily Impressed, Genius, Grand Chess Master? Nuff said. I’m sure the Party Animal trait would lead him to being good friends with Gryffindors and a little bit of a wild card, but given that his life goal was to be the best chess player ever, there was no other house for him.

I know she’s an Evans, but I couldn’t resist that chance to talk about my favourite Sim! Honestly, she and Lyra are tied for the position of my favourite, probably leaning a little more towards Galadriel because of who she’s named after and the fact that she is ginger. But anyway, there was nowhere else for her to go. Nine skills mastered, plus blowing things up purely in the name of science? She’d probably do well in Gryffindor (remember Hermione?) because of her sense of fun, but Ravenclaws aren’t miserable and boring. If they all attended at the same time, I’m sure she and Kenny would get on like a house on fire. They might even set the house on fire.

He’s a quiet genius, he plays chess and plays all sort of weird instruments. Being a future sim, he would be a futuristic inventory guy too!

He could be a Hufflepuff, but I just felt more inclined towards Ravenclaw for him. He can play the music at Galadriel and Kenny’s parties! I will admit that for him (and a couple others), I tried to channel my inner sim and took one of the many sorting hat quizzes in order to determine where they should belong. And Boomer got Ravenclaw!



Seriously, we have no Slytherins yet. As a ‘Slytherclaw’ (Ravenclaw/Slytherin) myself, I am disappointed. Though, I do also have several Gryffindor traits (such as the ‘fuck sense, I’m doing the thing!’) so I find it hard to sort myself.
I’m really hoping that Generation Six throws some Slytherins, but so far it’s not looking good! My hopes are currently riding on Luna, and potentially Ginny, depending on how her character develops. Lyra was a possible Slytherin, but she’s too hardheaded, she wouldn’t stop to think about the best way to deal with a situation, or be in any way cunning about it, she would just charge in like a bull in a china shop!

So there’s my Grand Sorting! I’d actually love to hear whether you think I’ve got these right and you agree, or if you think they’re horribly wrong and some should be in different places! And also where you’re sorted/would sort yourself, and where you’d sort some of your sims!

I could talk about Harry Potter and Hogwarts for hours, so I’m going to shut up and end this post now. Happy late Legaversary to me!

10 thoughts on “The Grand Legaversary Sorting!

  1. This is such a cool idea! I want to do it for my sims now 🙂 I was a bit surprised that Amy wasn’t Hufflepuff, but it actually does make sense that she could be Gryffindor. I hope you have some Slytherin sims in the future! (Because I’m a Slytherin XD)

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    • I’m glad you like it! I’d love to see what you do for yours, but you’re so far ahead of me, you’d have so many sims to sort! Though it took me less time than I expected to do the twenty soo XD
      I did strongly consider hufflepuff but I just feel that while I wrote her like one, she would probably fit in better in Gryffindor.

      I’m definitely up for more Slytherins! I’m going to do another sorting once I reach the end, just to see how they all even out 😀

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  2. This is awesome! I loved how everyone was sorted! Very appropriate (especially Lori & Bubbles).

    I’m saddened that there are no Slytherins, being myself a Snake (know I idea how), but there’s still time for that. 😉


  3. This.
    Is actually so brilliant, you amazing genius.

    This is the kind of thing my sister and I do when we plan stories with multiple main characters – find some categorization system (Hogwarts houses, Myers-Briggs personality types, paint samples at the hardware store…) and try to figure out where everyone would fit, or what would suit them. As frivolous as it seems it’s actually an awesome way to get to know your characters better, especially when you try to “be” them and take a Buzzfeed quiz or something. XD I love how in-depth you went exploring ALL the Gordons and that you didn’t just pick houses based on their game-given traits. There were a few that I might’ve placed differently, but after reading your reasoning I completely agree. Interesting that the Slytherin qualities have yet to show up in this family… I get the feeling that if I tried this with the Langurds, we’d have quite a few. 😛 However I just attempted a quick mental sorting, and I’m already stuck on Tewl. He’s probably a squib.

    I’m a Gryffindor (duh :P) but I’ve always considered myself part Ravenclaw, since a lot of my “adventurous” tendencies are more about adventures of the mind. I feel like a bit of a fraud because I’m scared of a lot of things, but I’m also pretty good at conquering my fears and/or functioning in spite of them. So I think I’d be a bit of an unlikely Gryffindor like Hermione or Neville. 😛 (Weirdly though, I actually put myself in Hufflepuff when I was a kid. But shhh, don’t tell anyone!)

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    • 😀 I’m glad you like it! Tbh, I did think you’d appreciate it as I was considering sorting Boa XD

      I do that with my books characters too! It helps me to understand WHY they’d do something or what they’d say in a way that doesn’t sound like me; it’s so helpful!
      The irony of that being that I am at least part Slytherin myself… XD I’m super interested in who you would have placed differently, though! I tried really hard not to be biased by their traits but just to use them to advise me, as those are what their personalities are built from. It also prevents house stereotyping if I just placed all the ‘genius’ sims into Ravenclaw, ‘Evil’ into Slytherin, ‘Brave/Athletic’ into Gryffindor, and ‘Friendly/Good’ into Hufflepuff, or something XD Because that’s so not true.

      Poor Tewl XD

      Those sounds like great reasons to be Gryffindor! 😀
      I really have no idea where I should be placed. I like to learn new things and to sound smart, but I’m not a ‘for science’ person and have no real academic drive. If anything, I seem to just reject teaching and stuff, because I don’t do the work half the time, and feel like I’d almost be a fake Ravenclaw. I feel in part like a Slytherin because the welcome message really resonated with me, and I value my friends on a ridiculously high level. I can be the whole ‘cunning and underhand’ dealio, and I’m actually good at it and find it fun XD I also am that one person who says to do the stupidly reckless thing because it would be hilarious, which is something I always attributed to Gryffindor. I don’t knoooow D: xD

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      • Ooooh, where would you have put Boa? (We each kinda wrote our own version of him so no judgment here if we sort him differently. :P) It was really only Mia and Amy who I would’ve flip-flopped if I’d done this on instinct, but come to think of it I really like the idea of Amy in Gryffindor and Mia in Hufflepuff. They obviously each have elements of the other house, which is why they’re so great together. ❤ (And still my favourite ship in this legacy.)

        Hmmm, the things you just described about yourself actually remind me of Fred and George somehow? XD Which would suggest Gryffindor, but then your "fake Ravenclaw" thing made me think of Luna, because she's super intelligent in her own way, but there's no way she pays attention in class or does everything by the book. Ugghhh it's such a conundrum. But I guess the Sorting Hat ultimately lets you choose if you feel that strongly about it, right? 😛

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      • I think he probably would’ve been Hufflepuff for me as he always seemed so clueless, but he could’ve been a Slytherin given that he wanted to be an Alchemy Artisian; lots of potions!

        I did consider that, I really did XD But their traits kind of swung it for me, and I also love the idea of a cross-house ship 😀 Also glad that you love them XD

        There is no way the Sorting Hat would let me choose, I’m far too indecisive for that XD I think I’d probably be a Slytherin, as they’re smart but don’t necessarily do it by the book, and are pretty similar to Gryffindors; I once described the difference as Slytherins do the thing because they think it’s what’s needed, and Gryffindors do the thing because it’s the right thing to do.

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      • You know what’s great? I’ve been sitting here deliberating between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for Boa. xD Gryffindor because he’s the only true wizard in the Langurd family and that makes him kind of kickass already, and because he defied death so many times. And Ravenclaw because despite being so careless about everything, he was actually a straight-A student (and eventually a Genius after his degree) whose insane curiosity almost killed him multiple times. I think Ravenclaw wins for me, but I really like the idea of Hufflepuff Boa too. 😀

        That’s an awesome distinction between Gryffindor and Slytherin. After all they’re really not so different when it comes down to it!


  4. Freaking love this, it’s so awesome! I may just have to do it for the Rourkes, though I’d have to reread, I’ve forgotten half the personalities.

    I’m a Ravenclaw myself, almost purely. I think it fits pretty well, I’m very logical and love learning for learning’s sake (though not so much in a formal setting. Uni is a struggle). Elements of Gryffindor and Slytherin, but we all have certain elements that could fit to other houses 🙂


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