5.6 – The One With The Skyrim House

DUN DUN DUN, it’s a real post! Shocker! How many has it been now, three? Four? Idk, I lost count.

I have actually made a distractions blog now, found here, which will contain all of my gaming and personal life nonsense! Little of it will creep into this blog any more; it’s strictly simming from here on out!

Anyway, you’ve waited long enough; on with the post!


Supermum has no time to rest after witnessing the death of her mother, as she immediately goes to comfort her son.

Bubbles: Don’t worry Remus, I’m not dying any time soon! But Ginny might be…


Harry has taken to sleeping in the TreeCastle, which of course the paps think is absolutely fascinating and totally worth documenting.


The children have taken to not sleeping at all and instead demanding attention and being cute.


Martin: So which crib does this baby go into?

Bubbles: Who knows?


Amy: Hey, teach me about being ghostly?

May: Sorry, Gryffindor, this Ravenclaw can’t help you.


Remus: Who needs Harry and Luna, I can play with myself!

Remus, no.


Martin: Hello… Uh, Quartus. Baby number four, this is your new name.


Hey, a strange man with food enters the house and Bubbles doesn’t question it, that can only mean one thing!

Bubbles: That I like food?


No, it’s a party!

Livy: I can tell already, this is going to be a terrible party.

Samali: It’ll be better as soon as this guy gets out of my arm.

Brick: It’s back… the pool.


It’s a birthday party for Ginny! Or Quartus, whatever you want to call her.

Harry is the only one to celebrate, as Samali is hogging the limelight with her piano.

Sam: I can’t see that there’s anything else at all going on here, can you?

Livy: Nope, nothing but these awesome piano sounds.





She’s also completely fucking adorable.

Ginny: Please love me.


Martin: This one is the second child, right? No wait – third. Tertius it is!

Remus: Can we hurry this up, I’m about to pee myself!


Bubbles: Martin you have pee stains on you!


Remus: Ooh, look at all this stardust!

Harry: Please stop. I can’t take this.


It starts to get dark, and Martin finally figures out a way to bring Luna to her cake.

By breaking his shoulders and wrists, of course.


This time, everybody is finally ready to witness birthdays!

Except Emily. Emily just wants cake.

Pap: I must find the best angle for a picture of this… This one is sure to grow up well.


Pap: Yes, here is perfect.

Luna: Careful daddy; fire!


I interrupt Luna’s birthday for this picture of Ginny Weasley being super cute.

I’m sure you can all forgive me.


Remus: Goo Luna! Grow up and be as pretty as me!


Remus: Wait, I said pretty as me, not prettier than me!


Remus: Well, the next bet is on Ginny!

Luna: Ginny’s already had her birthday, numbnuts.


So here’s Luna’s new bedroom! It was originally Mia and Amy’s room ( 😦 ) because it was already in spiceberry colours so needed less redecoration. I also threw up this poster, because it was sitting in the family inventory with nowhere to go and nobody to love it.

I figured it would suit Luna, who rolled the Insane trait! I am so happy about this, she’s only the second sim in this family to have it, the last being Blossom who only rolled it around teenhood, I believe.


And Remus’s room, previously Lyra’s. He doesn’t get any cool posters because he rolled clumsy, so I figured he’d spend 90% of the time knocking them down by accident.


Back downstairs it’s turned into an all out jam session, and with one electric guitar, one acoustic guitar, and one bass, I am so glad that I have my music sounds turned off.

I’m just waiting to see who gets to the piano first, Boomer or Sam!


Luna: So Ginny, you enjoying the blocks?

Ginny: Dey’re gweat!

Remus: Ah yes, I loved the blocks when I was your age.. I still do, in fact.


Remus: It’s only her birthday today, of course. You have lots of exciting times ahead!

Ginny: Dis bwock is pwetty excwiting.


Luna: I’m already tired of your shit Remus, I’m going to bed.

Turns out Brick was actually the first person to make it to a piano, Sam was instead concerned with stealing Ginny.



The jam session paid off; my simself earned a skill point!


Sam: Yes children… use the block table… love the block table.


Emily: I’m not sure I approve of this.. that’s my daughter you’re talking to.


Remus: Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a new home? This one is so full of route errors, I can barely get anywhere!


Remus: Of course you wouldn’t know about that yet, Ginny, seeing as you can’t walk.

Luna: I’d like our new house to look like this. It’s a castle. With dungeons. For you, Remus.


Luna: Ah, alone at last…


Obligatory route error when the party guests try to leave! It was a great party though, apparently.


Everybody leaves, and Luna and Remus gets their wish!

Introducing the Gordon’s house 2.0; Heljarchen Hall! Yes. I modelled it after my handbuilt home in skyrim. Sue me. As a reference though, the real Heljarchen Hall looks like this;

I’m more than a little proud of myself.


Entrance hall! Due to route complications, that double door was soon removed and left as a open gap between two pieces of wall, leading into…


The dining area! Complete with random assortment of plants, and leftover cake from the recent birthday parties.

This room is super similar to it’s Skyrim counterpart and I am very proud of that.


A different angle of the dining room, with some more plants and somebody’s graduation ribbons.

You can just about see the stairs in this picture, too.


Heading straight down through the house is this room! Both computers have survived the reshuffle, and the ‘carpet’ is spiceberry for Luna.


Kenny’s chess set has also been put back into the house, in a far more functional place!

This room is just a random study like room in Skyrim, too.


Moving on again is the last room in the house, library/tv room! Grey carpet for Remus, and I forgot to recolour the sofas, oops.

This was a storage room in Skyrim, and I figured it would be the best TV room as nobody really uses the TV.


Going back to this picture, the SECOND door on the left leads to this room;


Harry and Ginny’s room! There currently aren’t enough bedrooms for me to separate them (there is a spare upstairs that I could’ve given to Harry, but it’s now a second bathroom) so they get to share.

In Skyrim, this room is the double child’s room and they have chests at the end of their beds, so that’s where I put the toy trunks!


In the game it’s one long room with the double bed of the parents at the other end, but I put in a dividing wall, threw up a bookshelf and some random paintings I fished out of the inventory.

The walls are pink, for Harry, and the floor is turquoise for Ginny.


Bubbles and Martin’s room! This is the FIRST door on the left, and also very similar to it’s Skryim counterpart.

The walls are lilac for Bubbles, and the floor is Irish Green, just because I can’t stand the lime green.


Kitchen! Far more modern than Skyrim, obviously. The is the SECOND door on the right, and again divided in two just like the wing of the other side.


FIRST door on the right is this bathroom! I don’t know why there are two showers.



You can clearly see the stairs now, too.


Chandelier and weird fan thing!

See that second door on the right? Yeah, it leads into the roof. It doesn’t exist any more.


Spare bedroom that could’ve been Harry’s, but is now a second bathroom!

Second door on the left.


Only door on the right; twins room!


The doors from the twins room and the bathroom lead to this cute BBQ area, which is directly above the TV room.


This balcony is above Harry/Ginny’s room, and Bubbles&Martin’s room! It’s also the first door on the left from the landing, and why wouldn’t you have swings on it!


And here’s a picture of the back of the house!

I’ve forgotten to put the pool back in, and the TreeCastle seems to have disappeared, but they’ll both be making a comeback at some point.


Remus: I know I said I wanted a new house, but at least in the old one I didn’t have to share with her. Do you have any idea how loudly she snores!?


Nobody wants to sit in the cosy dining room, so they all choose to eat their cake breakfast on the rear balcony.

Harry isn’t allowed to sit down.

Luna: On Wednesdays, we don’t wear pink.

Remus: You can’t sit with us!


Bubbles: Hey Ginny! How do you like the new house!?

Ginny: What happened to my room? Why do I share with Harry now!?


Little Miss Insane Genius immediately beelines for the chess set I left out for her. Proud ❤

Luna: I must learn to become smarter than them, only this way will I be able to over throw them.


Harry and Remus enjoy a more frivolous morning.

Harry: Do you think I’m getting a tan?

Remus: Look, I’m destroying the house and building a new one, where Luna and I sleep separately!

Not gonna happen, bud. This house only took me two hours to build.


Martin: Look at my beautiful wife, eating beautiful salad at our – WAIT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOUSE?

Bubbles: It’s called renovation, dear.


I love her!


So remember how I was saying it’s cool that TS4 doesn’t force sims to stand next to each other to chat?

Here’s Luna and Bubbles, doing that right now in TS3.


Martin: These past phones are terrible! They’re so clunky and slow…

Ginny: Daddy you’re supposed to be teaching me to talk!

Martin: Well, you’re doing fine on your own, Quartus.


Alto: Trick or Treat!?

Bubbles: Ooh, for me!?


Anne’s back, and this time she’s praying on the two boys playing in the sandpit.

Remus: Oh no, Paps. Time for bed!

Harry: Journalism is an art form, don’t you know!


Here’s some cute Ginny spam!




So very cute.


The door is now an archway, but that doesn’t last long either!


Remus: Ah, who doesn’t love the read the newspaper in the morning and find out all the interesting things that have happened this week!?


Did you know that banging your head against your keyboard is an effective way to improve your writing skills?

Luna: Maybe it’ll shake some brain cells out of hiding.


Harry also wishes to skill; painting!


Bubbles soon joins him ❤


Finally, Blossom and Boomer have their portraits in the mausoleum.

Not creepy at all!


After mastering talking, it’s on to walking for cutie-pie Ginny!


Next time – who’s house is this!? And Harry throws a slumber party!


I’ll have to remember to check up on this one, I believe this is Brick and Galadriel’s daughter!!


Oh, Sam :’)



3 thoughts on “5.6 – The One With The Skyrim House

  1. Mean Girls ref FTW! I just finished rewatching that on Netflix. Brilliant movie.

    I love that the family has one of each hair colour, so brilliant. And go sim-me for stealing the cutie ginger one 😉

    The new house is epic, great job! I like the wood panel detail on the outside, I can never get that to look right. And LOL that Marty didn’t even notice the renno. Oh Marty, never change.


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