4.6 – The Big One

This post is huge, guys. Like, over 100 screenshots huge. A lot happens too, unlike some posts which are about 80 long and achieve nothing. I considered splitting it in half, but then it’s only about 50 each and I don’t tend to do under 60 any more… Eh, it is what it is. Enjoy, and maybe take breaks in between!

RECAP; Blossom started 2am baking, everyone took a trip to the summer festival, Brick noped out of two eating contests, Blossom tried to sell her 2m bakes, Kenny appeared to be in the middle of an existential crisis and unable to formulate facial expressions, Bubbles got a new face, Mia nearly died, Blossom started potions, THERE WAS A POOL, Boomer decided school wasn’t for him, Sim!Livy died in the middle of Amy’s campaign fundraiser and sabotaged it, Lyra maxed gardening (her FOURTH, not third), Blossom nearly drowned, and Amy tried to terrify Boomer.


We start this post off with a big one, too! Mia is now a Master Acrobat and has completed her LTW!

Mia: Now what is my purpose in life?

You don’t have one.


I upgraded the waterslide to something a little more fun looking!

And Lyra rediscovered her love for it.

Lyra: Though it doesn’t love me quite as much…


Boomer: Attention.

So stories from my ghost is the only way to get any attention? God, you must be desperate.


Elisha is the first ghost in the pool, where I discover that ghosts disappear when they’re in water.



Blossom becomes the first and last person to ever use the library!

Bubbles: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is a library!



Blossom is the second person to fall victim to the addictive nature of the waterslide.

Though after your near-death experience last post, I don’t think wearing your outerwear is a particularly good idea.

Blossom: All my ideas are good ideas.


Lyra: I’m not into incest, so I think it would be best if we moved to a new town that isn’t populated by 90% of my relatives. There’s a lot ready for us already? Nice! PACK THE FURNITURE KIDS, WE’RE MOVING.

Always so delicate.


Oh yes, we’ve come back to our roots – Sunset Valley! The Sims 3 roots, that is, not the Gordons.

I used to hate playing in this default neighbourhood, but since playing multiple legacies in different places, I’ve developed a great love for this place and the sims in it.


So welcome, to the Gordon’s house 2.0! Or is it 2.1 now?


This is the entrance way, nice and big so people don’t routefail and get clogged up in it.


The kitchen is on a platform just to break up the room, and all the furniture is recycled from the old house. The carpet is Mia’s favourite blue, and the walls are Amy’s spiceberry!

I forgot to take pictures of the two rooms to the right; the nearest is a bathroom and the far one is a baby jail room! It has the walker, playpen, and toddler toys.


Upstairs hallway! The roof is on, but for whatever reason it doesn’t look like it.


Brick’s beautifully bright and lilac room, complete with decades old paintings!


Mia and Amy’s isn’t usually this dark, so I don’t know why it is in this picture. It’s all spiceberry for Amy, and I forgot to recolour the bed because I suck.


Bubbles’ room! Also lilac and with crappy paintings, and one of the now-dismantled library bookshelves. Except she doesn’t have anywhere other than her bed to read, because I forgot to give her a chair.


The twins room! With a delightful mishmash of colours on the wall and floor. And lots of windows because everyone loves windows.


Lyra’s tiny room with massive bed, lots of windows with a nice front view. Not that she cares.


The back! All the toys came with us, only I sold the barely used seesaw and bought a sandbox, which will probably be used just as much! I did paint the ground a little while afterwards, but obviously didn’t take photos of that.

Hildy came too; her coffin is by the side of the house.


Being in a new town, I’m recycling some old neighbours in order to populate the town with pretty babies.

Brick: She’s hot.

I know, I made her. So she’s off limits. Though if he doesn’t win the heir poll (which with his awful traits and awesome siblings I’d be really surprised if he did), I’ll pair them up.


Sam: Who do these kids belong to? How did they find us?

(It could be either Sam, they both look surprised/confused!)

From left to right; Emily Whalers of the Scatterday Matriarchy (lots of chaos and laughs), Sam of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy (if you haven’t read this one yet, what are you doing), Sam from multiple challenges but I found her through the Rourke EPIC! Go read all of these, they’re fantastic.




And then I got all of these. Yay, simself popups!


Brick: Hey, Boomer.

Boomer: Hey, Brick.

You guys seem mighty casual given that Brick’s taxi just ran you over, Boomer.


Blossom: Hey, new house!

Bubbles: Is that a computer I see? Writing time!

Boomer: Arm out of shoulder, please.

Lyra: Why did I bring this lot with me…?


Blossom: Best house ever.

Brick: Why do we have to have windows!?


I brought the gym along, and it’s the first place these two head to.

Mia: Escape the children!


Blossom: This is the most important object in the house. I’ll know how to make that liquid horror potion some day, and make my head of house happy!

Bubbles got you into HP, did she? Spoiler, he’s not your head of house any more.


Boomer: Dirty sink.

Boomer’s first and only wish since moving was to clean something. The sink is the only thing not self cleaning.


This is life in Sunset Valley… Bubbles writes, Brick thinks about nothing, Amy stares into the distance, and Boomer rules the house while sticking his tongue through his chin.

First time I’ve seen any of my sims do that!


Mother-Daughter bonding, though Blossom is probably overheating in her outerwear.

I have never had a sim with such an active insane trait!


Boomer: Birthday!

Mia: What?

Blossom: He’s saying it’s our birthday today, isn’t that great!?

Mia: … It’s your birthday?!


Brick: Happy birthday, mother forgot you!

Mia: Don’t tell lies!


Blossom goes first!


She rolled Brave, and I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide upon a hair to give her.

Lyra: You chose one with me coming out of the top!

No, you’re just in the way.


Blossom: Hurry it up there, we’re supposed to be twins.


My game crashed.

We’re 1/3 through, maybe take a break while I just –


Okay, we’re back and doing everything again.

Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the pictures.

Brick: She’s hot, too.

She’s too good for you.


Luckily I had saved after spending two hours building the house, so I wasn’t that mad.

Well, I was.


Amy is the first to fall to the waterslide.

Amy: Woo, this is fun!


Blossom: I’m gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware!

Brick: Well I’ve never seen a king of beasts with quite so little hair.


Lyra: Did you want to learn to drive, or are you just gonna scowl at the chess set?


They both look so thrilled.

Brick: How do you start this thing?

Lyra: Punch it.


King Blossom is the first to find the games console – WHY DON’T YOU GO PLAY IN THAT EXPENSIVE POOL OUTSIDE?


Brick: Birthday!


Blossom: Why are you cheering? I haven’t had my makeover yet, she’s waiting to save!

I’m not an idiot, I’m not losing all my progress because my PC refuses to load CAS.


Mia: You look exactly the same as last time.

Blossom: Why mess with perfection?


Boomer took his cake and hid himself away from the rest of the family and the noisemakers, celebrating his new trait.



Brick: Grandma, why aren’t you in the car?

Lyra: I just need to get attacked by this zombie one sec.



Boomer then discovered the piano I left there for him, and so I doubt he’ll be moving any time soon.


And Blossom proceeds to worry about potions in the bathroom.

Blossom: But what if I’m not good enough!


Somehow, this insane Pap managed to get into the house and started taking photos and documenting everything everybody did.

Anne: Look, Brick Gordon! And he’s using the computer!


Anne: Brick Gordon Makes Salad at 11pm… Thrilling!


Joel is the first ghost out to view the new house!







Holy shit, everybody’s out tonight!

Eli: Appreciate it.


Lori: Joel, you suck!

Joel: Thank you, dear.


Lori: Big splash!!

Eli: I think darts sounds like a good idea, maybe I can put Ella’s face on the board.


Brandon is drawn straight to the games console, and Lori joins him, deciding that chairs aren’t for her.


Boa and Ella seem lost as how to find each other.

Ella: You come to me!

Boa: But there’s a desk in the way?

Ella: You can float through i- never mind, I’ll come to you.


With the exception of Elisha, every ghost is up tonight!


Peter’s here too, probably sulking because he died before he could enjoy this awesome house.


Later that morning, I found Blossom in the mausoleum admiring Ella and Boa’s portraits.

Blossom: She’s very pretty, isn’t she?

Yes, she’s your Great Grandma. Now leave the dead people alone.


Boomer: School will suck.

Blossom: If we ever get there; is that guy a teenager? Should he be allowed to drive a bus?

Brick: These two are coming with me? I hate everything.


Despite being convinced that school would suck, Boomer makes a friend! Bebe Hart.


Eyy, first day in town and you’re already heartfarting!? Nice one.



Blossom: That one on the right is a bit… wonky.

Don’t insult your mothers paintings. And get out of the family mausoleum!


😮 Compatible signs!


He rolled the wish to kiss her so… Your wish is my command! *waves wand*


Bebe’s Mother: If you hurt my daughter I will beat you with a picnic table.

Woah, chill!


Bubbles: I made hot dogs!

Blossom: Oh god, do I have to listen to your hot dog story while I do my homework!?


Bubbles: Why aren’t you eating the hotdogs I made!?

Blossom: Have you seen what they’re doing to our mother?

Mia: Now you listen here!


There’s a reason I don’t have a decensoring mod…

What did Bubbles put in those hotdogs!?

And Amy could not care less about her naked wife and instead beelines for the fridge.


Amy: I’m too hungry to keep cooking!



Lyra: Wooo, fire!

Amy: My fault, I’ll deal with it.


Despite the naked lady behind him, this firefighter decides that the old lady is the hot one. I don’t understaaaand.


Mia really has no purpose in life since completing her LTW, so I just kind of indulge whatever wish she rolls.

This time it was ‘learn guitar skill’..


Blossom: Now I’m never going to get any peace in this house!


Boomer: Do you have to?

Blossom: I prefer piano, but I can’t hear it over the electric guitar in the doorway.


Blossom: Have you noticed how cold it’s been getting outside!?

Amy: Isn’t there anything more interesting to talk to than the weather?


Mia: If you let me do what I want, I’ll never leave the gym.

Third martial artist in this family!


Brick tried asking Anne to go away (she’s been here every night without fail), and it didn’t go so well.

Grumpy and Hot-Headed don’t go well together, funnily enough.


Amy: Do either of you want to date my kids? They’re lovely, really.

Stiles: Look at your phone, they won’t notice you.

Emma: I’ll vote for you, but I won’t date your kids.


Boomer continues to believe that school is not for him, and bunks off to do his homework in the park.

I don’t know how this is happening, he gets on the bus and goes to school, but I guess for some reason he just leaves?


Other people who suddenly appear at the park include my simself and Sam’s, who both work in the Music Career after the crash. AngelSam and Emily’s are both the same.

Christopher Steel is here too!


Amy: You can’t possibly carry all of that money, you should donate some to my campaign!

People at the park means Amy can harass them for money.


Everybody is always set to ‘meet new friends’, but I thought I’d stalk them all anyway.

Look, Jonathan grew up pretty!


Blossom finally gets to fulfil her wish of throwing a slumber party, while Lyra complains about people with no sense of humour.

Lyra: Boring people are the worst!


The girl with the blue roots is Shelly Gordon, one of Lily’s kids. And the guy Blossom is heartfarting is Davy Linnell, the NPC babysitter.

You can do better than that, girl!

Blossom: I know.


Brick also heartfarts Fiona McIrish, who I’m sure can do much better than him and will get the chance to, given that he’s close to being YA.

Brick: Damnit, a girl who likes me and she’s the same age as my little sister.


Blossom: Ooooh, it’s Holly Alto!

Well, go talk to her.

I’ve just realised that I have no idea what Blossom is wearing, those are definitely not the pjs I designed for her. Guess they get weirdo default ones at a sleepover then.


Mia decides that now is the perfect time to bust out the guitar and serenade everyone at the party.

Talk about embarrassing mothers.

Oh, and that girl is Elena Gordon, Lily’s eldest. I didn’t invite either of them because I wanted to spouse hunt, but I guess they couldn’t bear being left out of the party of the century and showed up anyway.


Bebe plays darts with herself as her RI Boomer is nowhere to be seen.


Elena starts an argument with Candy Ashleydale, Davy’s female NPC counterpart, while Blossom tries to befriend Holly and Bubbles tries awkwardly flirting with Davy.

I have no idea why Bubbles is the height of a YA, she is definitely a teen.


Bubbles: Sooo, do you like Harry Potter?

Blossom: You know, you’re actually kind of pretty…


I’m just gonna leave this here…


Hey, this time there was actually enough space for everybody at the party to throw down a sleeping bag! No bugs in the rain and building party cabins around them. There’s also a person on the rug in front of the TV; I think it’s Davy.

Lyra: Why are all these children asleep on my floor?

Mia: They’re Blossom’s friends.




This time she brought backup, though I can’t remember who this is.


From left to right we have;

Our very own Blossom,
River McIrish,
Bebe Hart,
Candy Ashleydale,
Elena Gordon,
Holly Alto.

Davy is in front of the TV, and Shelly is off to the left behind Blossom.




Blossom: Ghosts are really cool and lots of them come out at night here… Want to come to prom with me and see them afterwards?

Holly: Sure, but why are you wearing that mask? And where did your walls go?




Did anybody wonder why Holly was still here? It’s a birthday party, that’s why!



Blossom ruined the moment by peeing herself.



Bubbles is seriously gorgeous. She also rolled mooch, which is kind of a lame trait, but I managed to revert her back to the Illustrious Author LTW!

Oh, and she’s the first Heir Potential to wear makeup since Ella.


Brick didn’t change one jot.


What happened to this poor child…?

He literally has no hope with any LTW, so I gave him Swimming in Cash. Poor kid.

Oh, and I now have a screenshot tool, so have some townie updates!


Old man Michael started dating Mona!


And the Emily stole him away from her.


And then Sam stole him again? People love Michael, it seems.


Michael decided to stop being stolen, and I actually think they got married as Sam is listed as Amy’s sister in law XD


Emily got over Michael with Connor Frio. At least it wasn’t Jared!


And they’re going steady.

Hopefully these will be better once the Gordons have a few friends in town!

I can’t believe generation four is already over, and in half the posts of every other generation. It sucks, because Mia and Amy were great, but their kids were just… less so. I have a feeling everyone will just start getting interesting, they were all mostly boring children because they didn’t do anything, and because the town was so full of their relatives I never sent them anywhere.

I also must’ve taken considerably less screenshots, but still achieved the same as before. Now, that’s no bad thing, because I cut down on all of the weird ‘haha look at this funny thing that isn’t actually that funny out of the game’. But I don’t know what you guys thought of it, so if you did notice a difference (good or bad) let me know.
Playing so much of my EPIC I’ve also gotten used to only taking pictures of the important things, not the random little things as they’re hard to string together in that blog, but they do make sense over here.

I’ve been kind of distracted too, with college/work stress, and selling my horse. That majorly sucked, so I played more for fun rather than obsessively taking screenshots. And with such big age gaps between the kids, there weren’t multiple things happening at the same time.

I don’t know what will happen with Gen Five, hopefully they’ll be back to normal – or somewhere in between. I also have plans for the end of the legacy, but you’ll have to wait until we get closer to find out what they are!

So, without further ado, I present to you the Generation FIVE Heir Poll! Nearly halfway!


6 thoughts on “4.6 – The Big One

  1. Whee, Sunset Valley! I have to play there again, don’t think I’ve done anything published there…it’s where I test my CC/mods/EPs/everything. Sucks that it crashed on you, but at least the house is built! And Lion King ref FTW!

    Ooh, simselves, yay! Man, Samali is always a doctor…must be the genius trait. Some of the others with non-skilling traits have a different career every iteration…as you discovered after the crash, lol. (can you tell I wrote this as I read? So disjointed)

    Aw man, I don’t know who to vote for. Bubbles is gorgeous, but I love Blossom’s red hair. And Brick is kind of adorably lame, which could be a nice change from all the awesome female heirs we’ve had to date 😉


    • Sunset Valley is great, I love it way more lately and was the only viable place I could think of moving them. I didn’t want to continue the incest parade!
      I love simselves, they’re always a good laugh! I know what you mean, Livy always goes into music as she only has virtuoso and bookworm as skill traits.
      If Brick had one skill trait, I’d probably be okay with him as heir, but it’s not to be. Bubbles was my favourite until I realised she was a face clone, so now she’s making a comeback! Blossom does the most and is the most social, but the only career I could take her into is PI, and I’m already doing that in the epic!
      I know you’ve already voted but I couldn’t help myself 😛 I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome, if it goes where it’s headed!


    • Babies are basically useless so baby jail FTW! 😀
      The paps are the worst, though I’ve never had one break into my house like Anne before! Normally they just stand outside or stalk them around town!


  2. Ooh yay a new house! I used to hate Sunset Valley too, but I’ve come to realize it actually isn’t all that bad 🙂 Nice and simple haha. I laughed so much when you said Mia has no purpose in life XD

    And OMG Blossom, Bubbles, and Brick are all so good looking now :O I was a hardcore Brick fan, but after reading this I’m kinda unsure now… Dang…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s very similar, but it’s Gordon style! 😀 Sunset Valley has some great sims in it, and since I started a legacy there, I’ve started to love it again.

      Poor Mia, her life is basically over and she’s still only an Adult!
      I loved Brick in his own way, but I’m happy with the way the poll is going. Tbh, I’d be happy with any of them, except maybe Boomer; he doesn’t roll any wishes!

      Liked by 1 person

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