7.3 – The One Where Everyone Is A Drunk

I always tell myself I’m going to attempt to stick to some kind of pattern when posting; so not to abandon this blog and post two or three updates in one go, but it never happens, and I think that after six generations of this nonsense that I’ve finally just given up and I’m going to post these things whenever they’re done.

Scot: You must be Victoria? I’ve heard about you from your sister, who is in one of my classes.

Victoria: So you’re the hot tutor!

Scot: I’m sorry, what?

Yvaine: Do you have any idea what we’re supposed to be drawing?

Victoria: Yes, because I actually paid attention when the tutor was talking.

Yvaine: But she was so old and boring!

Una: Zzzz… life dream complete… zzZZZ … why am I here…?

Don’t sass me in your sleep.

Shakespeare: Hey, Holly… We haven’t talked much, and I think we should change that.

Holly: It wasn’t me.

Shakespeare: … What wasn’t? What are you talking about?

Holly: Have some flowers!

Shakespeare: I – oh – uh… thank you?

Shakespeare: I wasn’t looking to start anything… I’m still not really over Liz…

Holly: You could’ve said that before I gave you the flowers, you know.

Shakespeare: But the flowers were cute! … Just like you.

Holly: I’m cute, huh?

Shakespeare: Oh, screw it.

Holly: What happened to not being over Liz?

Shakespeare: Liz who?

Wolf girl is still struggling to control herself, it would seem.


Victoria: Hi, Jerry!? Would you be able to meet me at the coffee stop by the comic store? I… uh.. need your help on – on a paper! Yeah, I need help on a paper. See you there!

Victoria: Jerry, you came!

Jerry: Well, you did ask. Now, what’s this paper about? Aren’t you an art student?

Victoria: Oh no, I must’ve left everything back in my dorm! How about we stay and get coffee, anyway? Call it a date!

Jerry: You’re a terrible liar, you know that?

Shakespeare: Do I really have to be here? Finals are tomorrow, I’d really like to be at home revising.

Victoria: It’s a good a tactic as I’m ever going to have!

Yvaine: Who needs a date when I’ve got my guitar! Men are losers, music is forever!

Una: Jeff is throwing another party tonight, I need to look my best!

I’m pretty sure a ten-minute workout isn’t going to change anything, you’re already as buff as you can be.

Victoria: Please, so I can stop chasing you around campus, will you officially be my boyfriend?

Jerry: You are utterly ridiculous, but yes.

Well, that’s one way to greet somebody.

Upon entering the party, Una was issued this dare, which was easily completed.

I also have no idea who’s bedroom this is.

Shakespeare: You know, you’re kind of scaring me… Wanting to meet up this late is a little strange.

He got asked on a date, so I said yes. And then immediately changed my mind.

Una, you’re supposed to be at a party with your boyfriend!

Una: Doesn’t matter, had sex.

Yvaine also got asked on a date, but considering he turned out to be one of her professors, we noped the fuck out of there.

Yvaine: I’m reporting you.

Shakespeare: Whoo boy! Exams today!

Victoria: Hey, Tamora? Are you stressed? Or scared? I don’t think I’m stressed. Maybe a bit nervous. We’re going to do great! What happens if we fail? We’re not going to fail. Right? Right???

Tamora: Help me.

Yvaine: Aw fuck.

What did you do!?

Go Shakespeare!

Go Una!

Go Victoria! She also made it onto the Dean’s list!


She also got caught cheating in the second exam, so she failed that one too.

Every cloud, right?

Yvaine: I give up.

Una: Stress helps you burn calories!

You don’t have any left to burn??

Shakespeare: So, how do you think you did!?

Holly: I don’t want to talk about it.

Cade: So, you’re studying art?

Yvaine: And I’m very dangerous with paint pallets. Leave me alone.

Shakespeare: Liz? Why are you calling me?

Una: You will not go back to her! Burn off your stress! Take your mind off her!

Shakespeare: We were just chatting!

Victoria was becoming a low key alcoholic, so I dragged an easel out of the family inventory for her to work on her painting skill with. Might as well take advantage of that immortality, right?

Didn’t really work though.

Victoria: It’s party time!

Una: It’s studying time.

It’s the weekend. This doesn’t count towards your performance.

The house kitchen is what you could easily describe as a disaster zone.

Victoria: Having fun there, Shakes?

Shakespeare: Please don’t call me that.

Una: Jeff, how do you fancy going on a date? I know just the place!

And Jeff showed up to the date ‘super juiced’. Essentially, drunk.

Shakespeare got invited on a date by Abigail, who was also tipsy.

Why is everyone drunk??

Arty dip kiss picture, because we’ve seen hundreds of these kisses and they need something to keep them interesting.

Abigail: You’re cute!

Shakespeare: You’re… not.

This is not what public showers are for, guys.

Shakespeare, you were supposed to be on a date.

Abigail: There’s rude, and then there’s this. I’m so insulted!

Shakespeare: She’s a snob, let her get on with it.

Where did Jeff go?

Una: Doesn’t matter, had sex.

Shakespeare: Aren’t you getting dressed before class?

Yvaine: Don’t fucking judge me.

There’s always shit going on outside this damn building.

Una: I wanted to discuss my Uni performance and some questions I had about our last class…?

Scot: Why are you talking to me? I’m on lunch break!

Yvaine: This ain’t a scene, it’s a god damn arms race!

Shakespeare: It’s cold out here, and this isn’t helping.

Yvaine: I am going to take a shower, and by the time I get back, you all better not fucking be here.

Yvaine: I don’t trust them, so maybe I can get some fucking peace in here!

Shakespeare: Hey, it’s nice to see you again.

Liz: I never did understand why you started avoiding me, just FYI.

I left them alone for a while, and came back to find them flirting. So much for being over her, huh?

Una: What did I tell you, Shakespeare!?

Holly: Liz who indeed!

Apparently being heckled by Shakespeare’s roommates turned Liz to alcohol. What is wrong with these sims??

Shakespeare, go and entertain the person you invited over.

Shakespeare: I’m busy.

You guys swing wildly between nerdy students and drunk assholes.

Victoria: Hi, yes, I would like to ask why I’m here in my pyjamas? What happened to me?

Yvaine: I’d like to ask why I’m fucking here at all…

Apparently Una doesn’t take her open classes seriously, which is hilarious because she has the second best performance out of the four of them.

Yvaine & Victoria: I have so many questions.

Shakespeare: Sooo… what star sign are you? Do the stars say we’re meant to be?

Liz: Your eyes are purple, my eyes are people!

Shakespeare: Did you mean purple? How much have you had?

Shakespeare: This is me staging a loving intervention. Stay away from the alcohol.

Didn’t last long for Liz, because Shakespeare had to go to class.

A class which consists of the perma-werewolf girl, and a bunch of other strangely dressed weirdos.

Tamora: Why can’t I be as good as you…?

Victoria: Childhood xylophone use, bitch!

Who are you and what are you doing?

It’s always Shakespeare’s building.

Always. Shakespeare’s.

He’s also nearly always on the phone to Liz, as well. It’s kind of cute, because I actually really like Liz. But then again, I like all three of his spouse options and so I’m just a little torn.

Una: I’m watching you.

Liz: I’m going home!

Holly: This is cute and all, but did you have to do it in my face? Was at the party not good enough for you?

He actually wasn’t at his own party, but I had Una track him down so she could complete her ‘make out with someone’ dare.

What kind of sim logic has a guy throw a party and then not be there?

Sooo… I guess she was streaking and got turned into a zombie? Or is this a streaking zombie?

Either way, I’m so confused.

Did I not take a picture of it!? Yvaine mastered the guitar skill, so I immediately bought her a piano and set her to mastering that one, as she was already at level eight.

Yvaine: If you’re evil and you’re on the rise, you can count on the four of us taking you down!

Victoria: Cus we’re good and evil never beats us, we’ll win the fight and then go out for pizzas!

Shakespeare: Everyone knows Gravity Falls is the superior cartoon.

Una: *offscreen* Nothing beats Avatar!!

Shakespeare: … I’m pretending I can’t see that.

See what?

Mascot: *softly* … oppa gangnam style


5 thoughts on “7.3 – The One Where Everyone Is A Drunk

  1. LMAO, Gangnam Style mascot. Love it! Man, the uni kids really like to drink, hey? I think it’s yet another example of EA’s lazy coding, everyone is always drawn to the damn keg.

    It does not surprise me one bit that Yvaine a) failed an exam and b) cheated and got caught. She doesn’t really need the degree anyway, we know she’s just there to entertain you 😛

    For the spouse options, maybe you should wait until they get home, then see who Shakespeare rolls up wishes for? From these pics, probably Liz, but any of the options are good in my book.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They really do! Good job, EA.
      None of them really need the degree; Shakespeare’s degree is on a subject that won’t actually help his career XD
      He only really rolled wishes for Liz; Holly was all me and he never heartfarted with Danita so doesn’t find her attractive. Plus, all of their traits suck (with the exception of Liz)!


    • How have I never heard that before!? The only one I really know is Minecraft is for Everyone!
      I remember saying to my boyfriend “Why are they always drinking?? Why are they naked!!” and he was just like “They’re at Uni. Living the student life.”

      Liked by 1 person

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