7.2 – The One With The Streakers

Welcome back, folks, to the rampaging shit-show that is the Gordon Legacy! It has been a whole two months since I last posted, so not my biggest gap  – that award goes to the Evans, who I have abandoned for over four months at a time. At least. But for some reason, it still feels like way longer! Maybe I’ve just done more than normal…

Anyway, my point is that I’m here with another post, and I have absolutely no idea what I was thinking when I took most of these screenshots, so prepare yourself for an utter trainwreck of a post!

RECAP; Shakespeare took over the legacy house, I tentatively set him up with Danita Whalers-Sw0rd, everyone except Tristan enrolled at Uni, Shakespeare immediately heartfarted with half of their housemates, Una gave Tamora an aneurysm by reminding her of Eli, Shakespeare started a romance with Liz, Victoria started hitting on Jerry Wheeler, Una got invited to a party by Jeffery Dean and proceeded to make out with him, Shakespeare tried and failed at flirting with Holly, and I managed to cover one day at Uni in one post.

Holly: It was like this when I found it.

You’d fit right in at the legacy house…

Yvaine: Dude, we have two fridges, but there’s nothing in here except some eggs, a mysterious furry substance that could have once been cheese, and some milk that’s about two weeks out of date. What the fuck?

Student living.

Victoria: First day of class, who’s excited!?

Shakespeare: I’m terrified.

Yvaine: God, who the fuck gets up this early? It’s still dark out!

Shakespeare: I’m just gonna turn around and pretend I never saw that – it’s far too early in the day for this.

In a desperate attempt to ignore the University weirdness (spoiler, it never works), Shakespeare sits down to study, because he’s actually early for class.

Shakespeare: Don’t get used to it.

Day one, and this poor girl’s mood has already dropped so slow that she’s unable to stop herself from going wolf.

I guess this is a sign of things to come…

Shakespeare: I can’t believe he’s still here. This isn’t happening. Nope. No. No no no no no.

Victoria: This is the guy you were telling me about this morning?

Yvaine is also not having a good day.

I think I witness some failed flirting, and then this guy ran away practically crying. It’s not that bad, dude!

Una: Okay, I’m here, I’ve been seen, I’m going home to bed.

Seen by who!?

Victoria: Shakespeare, neither of us have any idea what you’re talking about, and Yvaine is practically asleep on her feet. Maybe we should just go to bed?

Yvaine: Zzz… fuck yeah…

Yvaine: Zzzz… Tamora… zzzz… I’m gonna shove a paint pallet so far up your ass if you don’t take that guitar out of my fucking bedroom… zzZZZzzz…

Shakespeare: I can’t tell whether my food’s done or not, I can’t see through the layer of grime over the little window.

I will never understand the obsessions sims have with playing in leaves. I’ve done it once, and it was smelly and wet.

What happened to paint pallets?

Yvaine: I figured I’d just crush her spirit by showing my superior talent that she could never hope to beat.

Yeah, but doesn’t Uni do that for you?

Shakespeare’s on a date with our lovely rebel, Liz! She really is one of my favourite sims.

Shakespeare: You know, your hair is almost the same shade as my favourite colour…

Why can none of my sims flirt successfully?

Well, I guess it was somewhat successful.

Also, why are all of these shots set up so artfully? What was I aiming to do here?


Shakespeare: Date ruined, let’s go.

Class is in session and everybody else is studing. Except for Una. Una’s playing kicky bag.

Una: I’m smarter than these fools put together. Also, I’ve completed my lifetime dream, so why am I here?

Yvaine and Victoria have their first open class together.

Yvaine: I’m gonna nap, you give me your notes afterwards, yeah?

I thought you were supposed to be on a date!?

Shakespeare: Not anymore.

Shakespeare: What does that guy I have that I don’t? I have nice hair! I’m buff! He has a jumper that looks like it hasn’t been washed since 2009, which was when it was last in fashion.

Shakespeare: There’s a fine, fine line between love… and a waste of time.

Asala: Okay, I’m not going to judge you for drowning your sorrows, but for the love of God, don’t sing while doing a kegstand unless you want to literally drown.

Una: Oh hey, Jeff! Nice of you to come to my sister’s party!

Jeff: I never miss a party!


Victoria: Oh, Jerry! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you!

Jerry: I’ve been around.

Oh no.

Oh, no.

Victoria: What was that for!?

Una: Sorry, Shakespeare ran past. Naked. I did not to see my little brother like that…

Victoria: Shut up, did Jerry see you do that?

Una: Yeah, he’s staring right at us.

Victoria: Make it look intentional!

Shakespeare: Who invited Liz!?

Sarah: Did somebody say Liz Tarry!? I love her!

Shakespeare: No, she’s evil.


Victoria: Jerry, no! I’m sorry for whatever I did!


Una: Whose stupid idea what this damn party?

Seriously, nobody went inside for this entire party. It was just an outside clusterfuck.

Also, Asala appears to be some kind of kegstand-angel.

Cop: Alright, break it up!


Victoria: I’ll see you again, Jerry!

Jerry: I live across campus, not on Mars…

Victoria and Una are sharing a room, too.


Shakespeare, I don’t think gaming is a good hangover cure.

Shakespeare: Well, I’m not drinking raw egg yolk, whatever you say.

Just go back to bed.

Cade: Aren’t video games great!?

Yvaine: Why are you in my bedroom this early?

Una: Ah, the sleeping beauty awakes. How’s your head?

Shakespeare: Why is it so bright in here?

Yvaine: God, she’s really wearing that?

Don’t judge people.

Yvaine: It’s too early for morals.

That lady by the fire there? Turns out she’s a professor, I think.

Also, Matthew is such a ladies man.

Selfie outside the halls time!

Una: Jeff, again!?

Una: Oh please god no.

I made the whole family go, which may have been a big mistake.

Shakespeare: Why, hello there.

Yvaine: Do you wanna fucking back off, bitch!?

Shakespeare: Abigail is such a pretty name, just like you…

Yvaine: I’ll beat you so hard your fucking brain will fall out, don’t test me.

Una: Please help me.

It doesn’t take long for the party to fall apart completely, with Una drinking in the kitchen;

Yvaine playing for tips, and Victoria sketching in the hallway.

Shakespeare: I’m not going to drink tonight. I swear.

Now it’s just my heir who doesn’t have a trait card!

Shakespeare: On second thoughts… Maybe if I drink enough I won’t remember this night.

Una: At least we never have to see these people again!?

Yvaine: Thanks for the memories, even though they weren’t so great!

Don’t ask me why Yvaine has no filter, I have genuinely no idea.

Una: Oh alcohol, please let me forget that I just saw my sister run naked through some guy’s house.

Shakespeare: Isn’t it too early for that, Jen?

Jennifer: It’s never too early for booze.

Shakespeare: Hey, Liz? Fancy meeting me at that coffee place around the corner? Maybe we could try our date again.

Shakespeare: I hate her!

He literally walked in and accused her of cheating, I think. Well, so much for that plan, then.

4 thoughts on “7.2 – The One With The Streakers

    • I genuinely don’t understand why there are so many streakers! I’ve played through Uni about four times already, but this is honestly the most out of control I’ve ever seen it.
      And I’m drawing from my friends experience – she once had no food in her house so had somebody else’s stale popcorn for breakfast…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. All the streakers, thank goodness for the filters. Doesn’t matter about Yvaine’s missing one, she’s got the body for nudity 😉

    You are so brave, trying to control four sims at uni at once. Or maybe, given all the craziness, you’re not trying so much 😛 Poor Shakespeare, the not-yet-gf cheating? He deserves better, maybe you should go after someone else? Plenty of gorgeous simmies at uni.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would be Yvaine who didn’t have a filter, wouldn’t it? XD

      I’m sort of just steering them in the ‘right’ direction. Such as stopping them from drinking at 8am and making them study instead. Everything else is all free will, I’m just sitting back and documenting everything XD

      Shakespeare is really not having such a great time with women, poor boy!


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