1.1 – The One With The Founder


This is it, the first post of the Gordon Legacy!

Meet Lori Gordon, a dramatic, rebellious, irresistible, cat loving witch, with a talent for cooking. She loves green, hot dogs, and geek rock. Her lifetime wish is to be a Mystic Healer, which is actually something I’ve never done before so needless to say I’m kind of excited!



Thanks to my expansion packs, Lori begins life in Moonlight Falls, with a mini fridge, sleeping bag, shower, and toilet!



Lori: Is that seriously all? *immediately rolls wish to buy a motorcycle*

… You couldn’t afford that if you tried.



Lori: Oh well, this sleeping bag is pretty damn cool!

… O-kay then!


I totally forgot that witches ride brooms everywhere, so this was a cool reminder.

Also I’m pretty impressed that she’s managing to ride the broom in heels…

Lori: I’m magic, remember?



As a natural cook (and being flat broke), I sent her to get a job as a kitchen scullion.

Lori: Can’t I just todify everyone into giving me money?



Partly to relieve boredom, partly to fulfil a wish, and party to refill her magic, I sent Lori to the Magic Broom Arena for a stunt ride.

Lori: Bring it on, bitches!



Lori: Wait, not this way!


Lori: That broom must have been bugged, let’s go again.

Cue broom stunt riding spam.






End spam.

Watch out Ginny Weasley, there’s a new ginger witch up for Quidditch tryouts!



Lori: Nothing to see here.



Lori: Is it time to get my motorcycle yet?



Lori: Did you know I’m the new witch in town? We’re not all green, like Elphaba you know. That’s a bad stereotype, and she was only green because of that potion.

Channcey: Sure.

I let them talk for a while but they had literally nothing in common and he was so boring. Thank god, because he wasn’t that attractive either. NEXT!



Of all the food you could’ve picked from the mini fridge, you went for the freaking pineapple cocktail thing!?

Lori: If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain…



She then immediately went to sleep in the sleeping bag, while the paedo-mobile lurked in the background.



Then the cat I forgot to mention (Bella!) curled up next to her, so that was kind of cute.

She has Bella because she’s a cat person, and also because witches benefit from the closeness of ‘familiars’ as they help boost spells and reduce mana energy cost!



Lori: Durr.



Bella: Lori’s a witch and she’s gonna set your ass on fire.

Lori: True.

Zombie: Braaaaaaaains…



Lori: Hey, want to see a magic trick?



Lori: You should so buy me flowers, I love flowers…

She didn’t like this guy either, so I gave Moonlight Falls up as a bad job, and packed her off to somewhere where there are decent male sims!



Isla Paradiso!

Though this world causes major lag and they’ll probably move back to Moonlight Falls somewhen in the future.

I know I’m breaking legacy rules but… I don’t care.

Lori: Woo, stick it to the man!



Lori: I am completely oblivious to everything because I am on my phone.

Lucky you… Here’s some material for your nightmares, people!



Lori: I’m irresistible right now, let’s go find me a boyfriend!

Ah, irresistible sims…



Lori: Nice hair, loser.

Joel: Nice to meet you, too.



Joel: Why are you pointing that thing at me!?



Lori: I’m casting a good luck charm, see if you can find yourself some better hair.



Joel: Oh it’s on.


This was all autonomous, and pretty damn cute.



Lori: This wasn’t half bad, did you wanna go out sometime?

Joel: Sure, only so I can kick your ass at Rock, Paper, Scissors again.

Lori: That’s so not going to happen.



Lori: If I give you these flowers, will you let me win the next game?

Yes, because bribery is a great way to go about this, Lori. I actually found this pretty cute.



Apparently nothing interesting happened between the last image and the date with Joel. I’m assuming she probably just slept and played with Bella and her magic.

Joel: Ready to have your ass kicked to the moon and back?



I totally missed the shot, but they got a greeting card photo taken together, which was cute. I’m sure the actual picture will crop up somewhere, I remember taking a screencap of it – but I can’t show it now because spoilers!



Lori: This is about as close to a motorcycle as I can get right now, right?

If you say so!

Anyone wondering, her hair, dress, and skin tone are all custom content from The Sims Resource, but I’ve no idea who they’re by to give credit! 😦




Joel: So, something else I’m better at than you, drama queen.



I’m pretty sure the date was a big success, and she shipped off to work with a ‘great date’ moodlet, putting her halfway to a promotion, despite never having cooked in her life!



Lori: Hey Joel, you realise we never had that Rock, Paper, Scissors rematch, right? So I never had the opportunity to kick your ass.

Joel: Is this just another excuse to hang out with me again? Because I’m in.



Including this picture just to remind you how pretty Lori’s face is…

Lori: Hell yeah it is! I’m irresistible, remember?



As soon as he showed up, they both autonomously started flirting with each other (I was watching the queue the whole time) and it was horrifically adorable.



Lori: Seflie time!



Obligatory first kiss picture, with some Isla Paradiso beauty shot in the background…



I’ve never actually played a dramatic sim before, so watching her freak out over everything was actually pretty amusing.

Lori: I just had my first kiss, okay? I’m allowed! I thought nobody likes you when you’re 23.




Another picture after the actual event because I’m a horrible photo taker, but they’re now in a relationship.

Lori: I will never forget the moment you missed taking a photo of me getting a boyfriend.



So I’m gonna leave it here, as this has been almost 50 pictures and I’m not nearly creative enough to keep going. Also, I suck at legacy posts so I’m testing shit with this one. I really like it though, both Lori and Joel’s characters kind of ran away with me if you couldn’t tell, but I’ll take that as a good sign.

Here’s hoping nothing breaks my save and I can finish this legacy!

6 thoughts on “1.1 – The One With The Founder

  1. Oh, this is a good start! You just got yourself a new reader. 🙂
    Lori is super pretty, and her and Joel make a cute couple already!
    Bella, fricken hilarious! “Lori’s a witch and she’s gonna set your ass on fire.” I seriously laughed out loud at that. Can’t wait to see more of this legacy!


  2. Aww, Lori is freakin’ adorable! I’m on her side, I think Quirrell was behind that broom’s strange behaviour.

    Rock, paper, scissors is my ideal first date. I mean seriously.

    What is it with legacy founders and motorcycles? 😛


    • So I’m going to ignore the embarrassing fangirl screech I let out at seeing the likes/comments and pretend I am a normal human being. Pffft.
      Glad you like her! And yes, that has to be the only explanation!
      That’s become some sort of a tradition now, but who wouldn’t want to play that on a date!?
      I know! I’d love to see how Lori and Tewl would get on… Though I have a feeling that could be quite terrifying.


  3. Lori is *so* pretty, and I love that she’s a ginger; I have a thing for ginger founders myself. Wonder how long you can keep it in the family. Nice idea naming the cat Bella; no wonder she didn’t pick the wolf, lol.


    • Ahhh, thank you! The ginger went pretty quickly (boo) so I’m hoping I’ll get some throwback genes!? Or there might be some hair dying going on 😛

      Haha thanks! 😛 Bella is my favourite cat I’ve had in game so far!

      Liked by 1 person

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