7.12 – The One With Actual Parenting

So, did anybody else notice the weird glitch with 7.9 & 7.10? 7.10 is convinced it posted on August 30th, even though I can work it back to being posted Sept 6th. It meant that the blog’s navigation went 7.8, 7.10, 7.9, 7.11. Which isn’t weird at all. I’ve manually fixed it now (I hope), but still… weird.

Liz: You know what else is weird? This child looks like me.

That is weird, because she’s the least like you out of the three triplets.

Vin: Is my purpose in life just to give my siblings the love and support I never received as a child?


Vin: Maybe they’ll love me if I bribe them.

Lessie is potentially the prettiest of all my triplets, but I think that’s because she has all of Shakespeare’s features with Liz’s jaw. She’s a cutie though, even though fairies annoy me.

Shakespeare: Oh, the rain’s finally been switched back on!

Yvaine: Look, the outside world! I’ve forgotten how bright it is…

Allrianne was swiftly dumped into the baby jail, which has now been placed outside. I’d like to say it’s because it’s summer, but really it’s because the thing doesn’t fit in the baby room anymore.

Allrianne: Ri is cute!

In a desperate bid to have at least some of these children well developed, Kelsier and Marasi start bonding, and I learn that it’s okay to caption two pictures with one caption. It’s only taken me two and a half years!

Some mad parenting going on today, Liz helps Lessie finish off her potty training, which means she just has talking left to go!

Liz: I am a motherfucking boss parent.

No, you really can’t claim that one.

Shakespeare then gets Marasi to start her potty training, which means as soon as that’s over, it’s just talking for her, too! I have no idea what Ri (Allrianne’s new nickname) has left to go, but I imagine it’s mostly the same? I really should go back to grabbing screencaps of skill completions, but I’m honestly just too lazy.

And apparently nothing else happens here, because Vin completes Marasi’s potty training!

Vin: I am the most competent parent in the house.

Sadly, that one is probably true.

Kell: I have a feeling the neglected child is no longer Vin, but myself.

I hate to be harsh because you’re a cutie, but do something more interesting than play in the sand and maybe it’ll change. Also, with three toddlers, like 90% of my time is focused on them.

Shakespeare really seems to have bucked up his ideas with these triplets, he’s actually looking after them for a change.

Shakespeare: Well, with three I figured it was high time to pull it together.


Ri apparently has maxed everything already, because nobody seems to care about teaching her new things; I know she learnt to walk with the others and learned to talked from the baby jail, but is nobody going to potty train her!?

Maybe I forgot. Seems likely.

Vin: Come on, little one. I’ll make sure you’re better looked after than I was. It’s not your fault our parents are incompetent, after all.

Aww, Vin ❤

Apparently it’s just Liz who’s the incompetent one now; I don’t even know where she is.

Shakespeare: Say ‘paintbrush’, Marasi. It’s not hard!

Maybe for you! She’s like, four days old!

Again, Ri is neglected from the skilling but has fun with the xylophone anyway.

Ri: It makes funny noise!

The only actual virtuoso of this generation (so far) has already parked himself on the bench of the Grand Piano.

Kell: It’s the only instrument that echos the melancholy sound of my heart.

Jesus, what is it with you kids!?

It seems that Lessie may have finished learning to talk, because she is released to the block table! She is quickly joined by Ri, where I’m sure they strike up a fascinating conversion.

Lessie: It’s hot in here…

Ri: Maybe you should change then?

Or not.

Prom time for Vin!

And in true style of this poor neglected child, I didn’t take any screencaps and have subsequently forgotten everything that happened to her. But I think she became Prom Queen. Bless.

Liz: Wow, you’re pretty advanced already, aren’t you?

Yvaine: Woah, what happened to Marasi!?

Shakespeare: Somebody please empty this damned potty!

Ri was the toddler on the potty in the last shot, which means that she’s now finished all her toddler skills! But is also apparently starved.

Ri: Rose has good food!

Liz: So, uh… thanks, for helping teach Lessie to talk.

Vin: You’re welcome?

Liz: You’re a good kid.

Vin: …. 😀

Now they’ve all completed their skills, it’s toddler birthday time! They go in order of their birth, Marasi, Ri, and then Lessie.

Marasi rolls Rebellious, and I gave her a simple pattern of vines because anything else was an eyesore in Lime.

Marasi: Stick it to the man!

Ri rolls Family Orientated which is utterly useless unless she becomes heir, but I think she’s the first Sim since Lyra to roll it, which is cool!

Ri: Call me old school.

I gave her a darker pattern of flowers.

And then little Lessie, who rolls Loves to Swim. And rounding off the triplet’s plant themed clothing (entirely accidental), she gets white flowers!

Lessie: I’m the cute one!

And if you can’t tell by the clouds, the blue sky, and the mountain range, I think this is the around the point where I installed my environmental mod!

Shakespeare also has some cool tricks with that football.

Shakespeare: I’m not just a good dad!

You’re not really a good dad at all, but you’re trying so I’ll give you points for that.

These kids are much like Shakespeare’s generation; they actually like to chat to each other.

Lessie: Literally every movie you’ve just mentioned sucks. Can’t we just watch Disney?

Marasi: Sure! I vote Tangled.

And then nobody can get into the sandpit because Marasi’s already using it.

Ri: Well this is bloody rude of her.

Lessie: And there’s nowhere else for us to sit! She’s taking up all the space!

… Sure.

Oh no, Rose!

Rose: Oh, don’t pretend you cared about me now I’m dying. That’s just rude.

Shakespeare: We cared about you!

Grim: We’ll take really good care of you – better than they did here. Okay?

Rose: I’m in.


Ri: Daddy, what’s happening?

Shakespeare: Uh, the scary man is taking Rosie on a long holiday!

I do like the pet death animations, they’re really cute.

Poor Ri, though.

Vin: What about poor Vin!?

You’re old enough to cope.

Of course Vin heartfarts with Death.

Vin: If he offers a chance to escape this family and move on somewhere better, don’t think I’d look back.

Ri: This game is hard. I don’t like it.

Why are you still playing it, then?

Ri: I can’t stop.

Weren’t you swimming?

Lessie: It got cold.

Ri: Auntie Yvaine, you’re the coolest!

Yvaine: I like this kid.

Oh hey, the family portrait I took last post makes it appearance!

You can just see Liz there, pregnant with those triplets, looking all smug as she’s about to troll me. Evil witch.

Lessie: I’m checking for monsters!

And I’m checking you for brain damage.

Kell: This picture isn’t about me at all, is it?

What do you mean!? Of course it is! You’re in it, aren’t you?

Yvaine: I can’t believe I had to lock everyone out of my room. Is it too much to ask for just a little bit of time to myself?

You live in a legacy house.

I don’t believe it – all the triplets are asleep at the same time! Also, as you may have noticed, their room finally got a makeover. The wallpaper is actually the same as Marasi’s pattern, but I’ll pretend not to notice that.

This post also adds 48 pictures to my SimNaNo count, which is now 218! Gold medal for us!!

I have also started yet another challenge, most definitely against my better judgement. It’s an Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge, starring a heavily made over Ramona Taylor, that I don’t think any of you actually know so that’s entirely pointless to announce. Either way, she’s cute and this challenge is short. I think I’m going to take a break from the Gordons; it’s taken me seven months to reach this far in the generation – I know it’s chapter 12 which is pretty far, but it’s also kind of dragging and I’d like to complete something. I’m probably going to put my effort into my Runaway Teen Challenge, which I’ve technically finished in game, Dead Girl Walking, and my Taylor’s OWBC! I hope you come and check out any and all of them, and I guess I’ll see you over there!

Or, knowing me, back here. I always make announcements to say I’m taking a break, and then make an immediate come back.

4 thoughts on “7.12 – The One With Actual Parenting

  1. See Kell, if you were all over the place like the triplets, you might get more screentime that isn’t dominated by pretty skies. I really love that shot of him on the swing; what environmental mod did you go with?

    Still torn between Vin and Lessie; either of those colours would be a great break from all the green and purple shades we’ve had recently.

    I know what you mean about dragging, my Rourkes are dragging a bit lately as well. SimNaWriMo is at least forcing me to get through the mountain of pics I have to caption, but actually playing is such a drag, the family is very laggy, no matter how often I move them. I might just have to start a new, short challenge 😉 And/or take my turn at the round-robin legacy, surely I can do one generation quickly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exactly! Kell is cute, but he’s just not very interesting right now. They’re actually lighting mods, but I went for BurntWaffles (I’m reading from the zip files now) HD Bright & Ultra Sharp Sweet, & Fresh Cut Day 3.0 AS Water… I’ll hunt them down and put links on my mod page, because I don’t feel like that was very helpful at all!

    Genetics wise I think I’d prefer Vin, but actually all of them are pretty diverse and cute, so I love them all.

    I’m glad it’s not just me! The Gordons aren’t laggy, I just feel like they’re going nowhere, or it takes forever to get anywhere. I swear, Liz’s pregnancies lasted forever. Realistically, they should pick up soon, but I’m still going to take the break.
    Haha, go for it! It’s been fun for me so far 😛


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