7.11 – The One Where Everything Is Fine

This is a chapter laid out before I put in my new mods (wasted opportunities) but I sent them on a family outing for like, the first time since Generation Two!

Shakespeare: Do you ever think about changing your name and sailing out to sea? Come into port at another town where nobody knows who you are or who you might be, and start all over again?

…. Are you okay?

Shakespeare: What is ‘okay’?

Liz: All I think about these days is napping.

That’s because you’re pregnant with twins.

Liz: You still don’t know that.

Vin: I don’t even know what this is supposed to be anymore.

Art not in your blood, then?

Vin: Sadly, no.

Liz: Ack, that’s cold!

Kell: That was the point!

Guys, it’s really shitty to do family bonding while Vin literally sits in the background, looking sad.

Vin: I’m used to it.

Vin: Daddy’s paying attention to me! What is this feeling!?


Shakespeare: Maybe I should’ve been nicer to her…

Kell: I can’t play with my new friend because Vin’s shitty ‘sculpture’ is in the way!

Other Kid: Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’d hardly call us friends.

Eventually they all manage to sit down to build sandcastles or something, except their friend is literally not interested.

Kid: I don’t want to be friends with these losers. Have you seen them?

Yes. I love them.

Shakespeare: My new name shall be William.

Oh, aren’t you funny.

Shakespeare: Will Fletcher, starting his new life.


Vin: Yessssssss, finally all my dreams have come true! Daddy does love me!

Kell: You could say it’s music to my ears.

Vin: Well I’d rather not.


Liz: Don’t mind me, just a pregnant woman swimming out to sea to get my husband back.

William finally came back and consented to reading a book while sunbathing instead.

Shakespeare: Well, I guess it’s one way to get to another world.

Yeah, but what did you do with your wife?

The I manage to get the first family portrait for another ridiculously long time.

Kell: It looks like somewhere you might go to be murdered…

Don’t be ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Yvaine was left to her own devices at home, so goes for a midnight swim while a zombie ambles around in the background.

Yvaine: Honestly, I’m used to this shit by now.

She had fun, though.

Oh look, it’s ghost party time!

So I can see Lori, Joel, Brendan, Boa, Brick at the back, and I think that might be Eli half behind the lamppost?

Why are the ghosts obsessed with the massage table!?

Billy: I died here, and this pregnant woman is in need. She’s carrying more of my grandchildren!

Liz: I’m like 200% sure this is horribly unhealthy for my bump, but whatever it feels good.

Billy: If I treat her back like a dartboard, something’s bound to hit the right spot?

Considering she came away with the Finding Nirvana moodlet, I’d say you did a good job!

Um. Liz wtf?

Yeah, I have no idea what caused these next few screenshots, only that they’re utterly priceless and I will treasure each one for ever more.


Liz: What are all these dead people doing in my house?

Vin: Empress Vin, back again! I’m here with the blessing and love from my father!

My two virtuosos are bonding!

Also, it appears that Vin & Kell came away from the family outing with tans!

Vin: Oh, is this for me? You don’t need to spoil me or anything, just because daddy loves me –

It’s your birthday. Everyone gets one.

Vin: I’m so glad you could all make it here to my party!

They’re literally coded to be here; what happened to you?

Okay she’s a super cutie! And somehow, managed to roll Charismatic.

Shy and Charismatic. I can’t see how this would possibly go wrong, can you?

Liz: Oh, I’ve suddenly come over all strange…

Shakespeare: Is it the fog? Or maybe being back in here after so long.

Liz: Nope…

Liz: Oooh, this song is a good one!


And then Shakespeare suddenly stops caring.

Shakespeare: She’s done this twice already and I have plants to water.

Meet Marasi Gordon! She is Perceptive and Friendly, and her favourite colour is LIME. I thought I’d escaped the lime!

Right, where’s the second one?


Liz: I literally hate you so much right now.


Meet Allrianne Gordon! She is Clumsy and Easily Impressed, and her favourite colour is Spiceberry! Because Spiceberry and Lime isn’t going to look utterly tragic.

Liz: Are you happy now?


Vin: So uh, what should I do with this one?


Meet Lessie Gordon, the accidental triplet baby, because Liz decided to spite me. AKA, backfiring fertility treatment baby. Lessie is a Brave Loner, and her favourite colour is Pink.

Yvaine, however, obliviously plays bass throughout the whole entire thing. Vin’s birthday and the triplets birth were missed events.

Yvaine: I don’t care what you think, as long as it’s about me-e!

And the Fall Out Boy is back.

Kell: This is good shit.

Welp, there goes Kell forever.

Shakespeare: I have five children. My wife just had triplets. We have three babies. I don’t know where I got this ball from.

Are you sure you’re okay…?

Vin: Three more siblings to compete with – I’m just going to drown myself now while I still can.

Wait, who’s being abducted!? Please not Liz. PLEASE NOT LIZ.

Oh it’s just Sonny.

Never mind.

Liz: Which baby is this?


Liz: Which baby is this?


Liz: Which baby is this?


To save future confusion, I decided to bite the bullet and age the triplets up now, because I can barely tell them apart as it is.

Happy birthday #1!

I missed the birthday shot for #3 because she ran away, but happy birthday #2!

Liz: This is fine. Everything is fine.

I sense some stress.

There goes one of the triplets. Guess it’s twins now!

I am so sad.

Seriously, before I could even get makeovers on them (I wanted to save first), they just took off and started doing laps around the house. YOU’RE NOT DOGS. STOP THAT.


I managed to get Triplet #2 back (Shakespeare incredibly late for the party), and this is Allrianne!

Also, check out those butterflies (the actual subject of this picture).

Allrianne is the black haired, spiceberry coloured baby.

Marasi is the purple haired, lime coloured baby. Because that’s not utterly disgusting!

Marasi: Why do you hate me already?

You’re a walking eyesore.

And Lessie is the sludge haired, pink coloured baby. Also, a fairy.

This is going to be easy, right?

Haha ha ha… hahahaha. Help me.

First port of call; put the sprogs in the walkers and let them play bumper cars with them or something.

Liz: I don’t see this going wrong at all.

Lessie: You’re in my way.


Liz: Called it.

Marasi: Okay, triplet team meeting!

Lessie: Do we have to be here?

Allrianne: It’s not a triplet team meeting without all the triplets present, silly.

I think that’s Shakespeare’s nose and mouth. Almost certainly Liz’s face and eye shape. Also Liz’s purple/blue eye colour!

Marasi: It’s good to be a good mix, right?

Yes, even if your choice of colours is hideously unfortunate.

I genuinely can’t tell from this picture, but from memory I think she’s got all of Liz’s features and Shakespeare’s face shape. Maybe Shakespeare’s eyes, too, because she’s got the golden eyes, which I’m pretty sure are a Rourke thing, because I can’t remember any of my heirs having those before.

Vin: Rose, your dog breath is really not helping me with this maths homework.

Rose: I ain’t moving!

Vin: … The stress must be getting to me, I could’ve sworn I just heard you talk!

I don’t have favourites.

Kell: Just so you all know, I’m still here. I still live here. I’d like some screentime.



Liz: Sonny, I’d like to examine you to find out why you’ve become a hairpiece.

Sonny: Do you think there’s bugs?

Liz: You just tried to have an elder birthday. I think there’s a lot of bugs.

Liz: Don’t worry, Lessie! Mummy’s got you!

Liz: Okay, Allrianne, time to learn to talk. Then, we can give you a nickname.

Allrianne: Please!

Look at this cutie! I want to say prepare for tons of toddler spam, but they’re now children in my game and I really can’t remember how many pictures I took of them XD

The verdict on Sonny; there were far too many bugs with her and so she got deleted. I’m sad, but maybe somebody will roll Bot Fan and we can have another Bot!

This post has 63 screenshots 😀

OH, and I nearly forgot! Despite telling myself I would wait until the end of SimNaNo to do anything on this, I’ve set up a blog for Dead Girl Walking. It is in no way finished or anything (I haven’t even updated the home page from the stock one WordPress gives you), but I’m also working on the first post for it, so it should get a makeover and the first post within the next few days!

4 thoughts on “7.11 – The One Where Everything Is Fine

  1. Ooh, beach family outing, good idea! I should try that next time it’s summer in my game. I’m always forgetting about the fun water things that IP gave us.

    LMAO, random extra baby. Oh man, Liz really trolled you. At least they’re adorable, I guess. And all have different favourite colours, so fun. I’m loving Marasi’s hair colour, though the combo with lime is really eye blinding. And yes, the gold eyes are a Rourke thing, passed on from Yttrium Mendeleev 🙂 Did you check out Lessie’s facial features yet? I kind of love her because fairy! And also pink! We haven’t had a pink heir yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So do I! Playing in the water with toddlers is a really cute thing that I always forget about, too.

      I honestly can’t believe I got freaking triplets! I was so certain Kell would be twins, but only got a single, so I was half convinced I’d get another single. NOPE. At least they all look different, so I can actually tell them apart.
      I know it’s an eyesore, but I actually really like the lime with her purple hair? It’s nice, in an extreme way.

      Lessie has Shakespeare’s nose, eyes, and mouth, and Liz’s jawline. I don’t actually think we’ve had anybody who likes pink yet at all! Except maybe Boomer, but that was hot pink.


  2. Hahaha, I have to say Vin is one of my favorites – gorgeous!
    The triplets… don’t you love surprise babies? In one of my files I got surprise QUADs, so… (pretends to throw you a help line) I’M HERE TO HELP. Not really seeing as they’re already grown in your file, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

    I loved the beach day, but the birthday party was my favorite. Poor Vin. LOOK EVERYONE IS HERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!
    No… they’re are all forced here by the game, Vin honey.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vin is probably my favourite, followed by Marasi. But then, Vin is the oldest and the one I’ve spent longest with!
      I had that once! I just kicked her and the four babies out because I simply couldn’t cope XD
      It’s definitely the thought that counts, thank you! XD

      Vin really does get the short end of the stick, poor girl. I don’t even think anybody was in or around the area when I threw her party; it wasn’t intentional, I swear!

      Liked by 1 person

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