Boolprop’s Next Top Model

So, on other Boolprop related topics, last July/August was the annual Boolprop’s Next Top Model!

Essentially, you chose a sim to be your model and then take various pictures of them (headshots, full body, and freestyle) under different themes to upload in a ‘Modelling Competition’! I’d wanted to enter since I saw Gryffindork’s entry from last year, and so when Season 11 rolled around, I jumped at the chance!

I didn’t use a Gordon (though I very nearly entered Lyra), I used Ashleigh James, a vampire spare, from my second first failed legacy. And, even now I can’t quite believe I’m saying it, but we won! If anybody is interested in Ashleigh and my entry, read on!

A Day In The Life


Meet Ashleigh James, a young vampire living in Hidden Springs.
She wasn’t born a vampire, of course, but after an ‘accident’ at one of her sister in law’s ‘Elixir Russian Roulette’ games, she was turned. At first she hated it, but it grew on her.


After being beaten by her brother for the position as heir, she moved away from the house she had grown up in. Now, she spends most of her days in a secluded park, working on her dream of mastering every instrument.


During the evening she can usually be found in Varg’s Tavern, entertaining her fellow Supernaturals with her musical performances.




It’s common knowledge that Vampires really don’t like the sun. You know, due to that whole ‘damn my skin is on fire’ thing?


Ashleigh has always loved the rain, and what better excuse to go out in it than the need to test her fledgeling powers and go hunting?


The winter sees Ashleigh home inside her fitness studio, donning clothes from her Uni days. Although, given how frosted up those windows are, it would be more accurate to say the winter doesn’t see her!


Product Advertising


We here at No-Strings-Attached are here to show you two things; One, that our guitars definitely do have strings attached, and two, that our instruments make everything better.

Be it a romantic serenade…


Rocking out on stage…


Or as a friend’s accompaniment, being a musician can really spice up your life. No-Strings-Attached sell the most beautiful and well-crafted instruments, so come on down today and see if you could be the next big thing!


Bad Habits


Despite claiming that she does all of her chores herself, one of Ashleigh’s worst habits is ‘accidentally’ using her vampire powers to convince her roommates to do the dishes for her.


‘Going out for a drink’ means a very different thing to a vampire than to a human, and Ashleigh has a habit of ‘forgetting’ plasma fruit and instead asking for donations.


Ashleigh has a bad habit of breaking things around the house… Who knew that plumbing didn’t like vampires!?




Life is hard when you’re a vampire whose thirst is only really quenched through plasma fruit. Sure, humans are tastier, but it’s generally frowned upon to snack on your friends.


Luckily, homegrown plasma fruits can be kept in your pockets for easy reach! Since Ashleigh’s taken up gardening, her roommates have stopped drawing lots as to who goes next.


Being fruits, plasma fruits can be taken down to the local nectary and turned into drinks! Though, I doubt Ashleigh would call France local.


Sims Challenge


Being a rejected generation five legacy heir herself, Ashleigh figured it would be ideal to go back to her roots when starting her own legacy.

(A remake of the James Legacy’s first picture, below)



However, being immortal means living through the constant battle of skilling and attention seeking children. Perhaps not the most pleasant experience!


Though the least pleasant experience of all is knowing that you will outlive all ten generations of your legacy.

I’m definitely entering again this year, and maybe this time I’ll have ten generations of Gordons to chose from!?

Though seriously, could you have imagined Lyra in a modelling competition? XD

6 thoughts on “Boolprop’s Next Top Model

  1. LMAO, Lyra in a modelling competition? Surely you jest! She would never be still enough to get a good picture, and forget posing for ‘just the right shot’, you’d have to try and shoot Lyra while she was being her kick ass self. 🙂

    Congrats on winning, I’m beyond impressed with you shots. I do not have anywhere near the patience to enter something like that (not to mention keeping up with all the rounds!). But I am thinking about doing Let’s Build It one of these days…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think Lyra would secretly love to be in a modelling competition! It’d be a chance to show the world how badass she is. But you’re right that she’d never be still, they’d all have to be action shots XD
      Thank you! And that’s ironic, because I don’t think I’d have the patience to do a Let’s Build It – houses and rooms take too long for me (not to mention that I’m bad at it)!


      • Haha, we each have our own specialities, I guess. For me, the ongoing nature of BNTM would be the killer – I could handle one shoot, but having to keep up and shoot every week or so would be tough.


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