The Future Monarch Is…

Well, guys, it seems we have a small problem.


So, if this is okay with everybody else, I’m going to call it myself and say that Shakespeare will head Gen Seven. I really don’t want to do Dual Heirship again, because there were just too many Sims and the heirs only get one or two kids, so it’s doubly stressful as a normal generation! Twice the spouse hunting… *shudders*

My reasoning main for this is that Tristan is a Remus clone and Shakespeare is a fair split – considering the nose issue! I’m also really interested in the idea of the Criminal career, whereas Alchemy frustrates me because I can just never complete it. Shakespeare also means I can keep Yvaine, and I have an amazing theme for his kids!
Tristan… the thought of him as heir fills me with some kind of nameless horror and I really don’t know why, but I don’t want this to become something I’m doing because I feel like I have to, instead of something that I do because I love/want to. It’s a game, not a chore!

I did consider another poll, but then I’d feel like I was basically asking people to vote for Shakespeare or I wouldn’t enjoy my game anymore, which is a pretty shitty thing to do.


11 thoughts on “The Future Monarch Is…

  1. OOOOH plot twist, somehow I wasn’t expecting a tie between the boys! For the record, Shakespeare swayed me enough by the end of this gen that I would have voted for him had Yvaine not been in the equation. So yeah, I say go for it! It’s your legacy after all, and I’ve never stopped reading a legacy just because my chosen heir didn’t win. 😛 Also, if you need precedent, refer to the three-way tie in my Gen 2 heir poll when I outright picked Razor because I liked him best. Also to my Gen 5 re-vote where I practically begged people to vote for Calamity and rendered the whole thing totally pointless. XD

    TL;DR criminal Shakespeare sounds pretty damn great to me.


  2. Wow, I’m surprised so many voted for Tristan. I may be biased, but I want some Rourke genes in there! I’m always about choosing the best genetic mix, face clones are a no go for me! So yes, go with Shakespeare – having Yvaine around is a bonus, I can see my fave for longer 😀

    I agree with Sam, I’d never stop reading just because my favourite didn’t get chosen – hell, that’s what happened with Remus, and I grew to love him (his choice of spouse was so not a factor 😉 )

    Also, to piggyback off your reply to Sam, 80s Rock Aesthetic Yvaine sounds brilliant! Except…damn, I just realised I can’t have any of this generation as spouse options in the Rourke, since they already have Billy’s genes. Oh well, plenty of other awesome Gordons to choose from.

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    • I am and I’m not – though I find it interesting that you and Sam both voted for Yvaine! XD
      I still don’t know where to go for a spouse for Shakespeare, actually! Maybe I’ll head to one of the countries or something? No idea.
      Rocker Yvaine looks HILARIOUS and I utterly adore her, so I’m super glad she’s staying!


  3. Shakespeare for the win! Eff yeah!

    Though in all seriousness, a fun game for you should trump everything else. Make a game you want to play! As everyone else has been saying, I haven’t ever stopped reading a legacy just because my favorite heir-potential didn’t win. See the last Langurd poll for proof. XD

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    • Haha, I’m glad you think that way! Everyone’s been pretty encouraging about this, so I’m pretty happy now with my decision to move forwards with Shakespeare. I wasn’t worried so much about people not reading because their fave didn’t win, but more at the risk of being a little dictator-y and choosing my own favourite over the fan favourite, even if the boys did draw – if that makes sense!? XD

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