Yet Another Annoucement

It seems that I never get tired of making random announcements that don’t really mean shit. But you guys might like this one!

Generation Six is now up for download!

As normal there’s the .sim packs and the .sims3packs for you to choose if you want their CC or not, though I think that these guys are largely in-game content (with the exception of the girl’s hair – they’re both ChazyBazzy!), which is predominantly EP stuff, of which I have them all.

Ella & Eli’s page (Generation Two) has also been updated to display links to both types of file, if anybody is interested in either of them. At some point (maybe once the legacy is finished, or the next time I get bored), I will be revamping Lori, Joel, Ella, and Eli’s trait cards.

I have uploaded both Ginny’s – her runaway self and her original self! I think their weird glitch has been fixed, as Runaway Ginny aged up to YA perfectly normally. I guess the Gordon’s save version was bugged, but isn’t personal to every variation of the Sim.

I also made them a trait card! Left Ginny is her original self (I gave her Rebellious for obvious reasons) and Ginny on the right is her runaway self! Sort of a spoiler for her YA look and trait, so sorry about that. The final trait is explained on the blog (when I get to it)!


(Runaway Ginny’s hair isn’t Chazy’s – Orignal Ginny and Luna’s are, however.)

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