6.4 – The One With The Unicorn

I am a bad, bad person. I may or may not have started another legacy… of the Sims 4 variety XD Remember Hanna Hendrick from my initial expedition into TS4 about 5 months ago?

I started a legacy with her. OOPS.


Remus: Haven’t we been here already?

No, you never made it this far. It vanished before you even got out of bed.


Remus: Oh, it’s gone again.


Remus: Goddamnit I just wanted a Unicorn!


Tonks: It’s a new low when you have to ask dead people for food…

Ella: But you’re so cute!


Ginny: Hey, I’m still here, by the way. And it’s my birthday.

Then why aren’t you aging up?

Ginny: Don’t feel like it anymore.

You can’t do that!


Ginny: Hey, Billy – if you want cake, throw a tantrum!

Please no.


Everybody gathers around to celebrate Ginny’s YA birthday…


And she decides not to bother with the cake after all.


And so I reset her. Then I tried to drag her into CAS so that I could force her age up and load in the version of her I had already, and realised my problem.

couldn’t take her into CAS. It just loads, and loads, and loads. Ending up with me having to force close my game and start again.

Fuck you, Ginny.

In the end, I just had to delete her. As in, Object: Delete It. I don’t know why she was so bugged, and although she wasn’t throwing any script errors or being caught by error trap, she clearly was not right. I hope that her uploaded self doesn’t have that problem (and she shouldn’t as she’s a fresh sim, but before I actually upload her I will take her into a separate game and check. And if she is, I’ll try and figure out why.)


Otherwise, happy birthday/deletion Ginny.

I’m sorry it turned out that way for you 😦


Aaaand we’re back here. Third time lucky?

Remus: Okay, this time I got out of bed for this shit.


Remus: Hello, Mr Unicorn.

Sutter: The name is Sutter.

Remus: Well, we’re gonna have to do something about that.


Remus: You’re a good a horsie, aren’t you?

Sutter: I am the best horsie.


Sutter: I accept your invitation, I will come to live with you.

Remus: SCORE.


Remus: Couldn’t you have a saddle or something to make this easier??

Sutter: Nobody saddles a Unicorn.

Remus: I suppose not.


These two were disgusting again, and rolled the wish to get married as soon as they laid eyes on each other.


Billy: Hurry up, Remus!

Remus: Alright, alright, I’m getting there!


Billy: Now, pose for the wedding photo… Good boy Sutter.

Remus: Buckbeak, stand still!


Billy: I don’t see what Remus makes all the fuss about, this wasn’t too hard.

Sutter: I like this human.


Remus: Beaky, are you trying to show me up in front of my husband?

Buckbeak: Maybe.


Beaky: Is this better?

Remus: He’s not even looking.

Beaky: I can make him look, if you want?

Remus: What do you have in mind?



Beaky: Then what did you have in mind?


Remus: Much better.

I am so using this as the poster shot for Generation Six.

Buckbeak: I am okay with that.


Remus: I’m not sure if I like that jump.

Sutter: I’m a master of the jumping skill, it’s okay. You’re safe with me.


Tonks, however, is nearly not safe as she decides to play with the ball right under the path of Sutter’s feet.

Tonks: I’m the only one who likes this ball, I’m just making it worth the money you paid.


Martin has been kicked out of the house so many times now because of his incessant guitar playing. Sirius apparently likes music.


Realising that after Bubbles had died in the first iteration of this play through, Martin might soon follow, so I should take full advantage of his level 10 Advanced Technology skill while I still could.

So he’s upgrading the kitchen.


Billy: Ahahaha, you’re so funny!

He needs more friends for his LTW, so we’re gonna take whoever we can get at this point.


Remus: Ah, my childhood love…

He’s so cute.


Billy: Aren’t you just the sweetest!?

Sirius: Yes.


Both of these two boys needed to befriend this celebrity for points, but I took it for Billy because it means a new friend!

‘This celebrity’ is Galadriel D:


Galadriel: You know, you’re very attractive…

Billy: I’m also married.


And he went to prove that to to the world.


The ‘get frisky’ option is very weird… He essentially tickled him, then they went into the treehouse.

That’s not how it works.


Remus: I have a surprise for you.

Billy: Would this be a bad time to mention that I’m scared of hights?


I’m honestly surprised Sims can hold each other up like that. It looks so… pathetic.


I can show you the world… Shining, shimmering, splendid…


This did not work. They kept climbing in and out, refusing to cuddle or anything.

Damnit you two, you’re halfway to Adult and I need some kids!


I got a lullaby out of this one!


Remus: Who’s a good girl!? You’re a good girl!

Tonks: Yeah yeah, just give me the piggy.


Billy, please put your clothes back on.

He’s like this so often, it’s kind of weird now XD


Bubbles painted a picture of Sirius! I figured he deserved one, and I probably should get that done before Bubbles dies again.


Remus: Ow! What was that for!?

Sutter: You’re on fire. Get off me.


Remus: *screaming*

Sutter: You know, I’m kind of hungry…


Luckily, the pool was there to save Remus from a fiery death.

Remus: I’m too young to die!


Sirius: I want attentiooooooon!

Well, it’s time for you to get old, so you’re getting some attention now.


Sirius: This is weird. I don’t like sparkles. BAD SPARKLES.


Aww, he’s all grey and old! Old Man Sirius!

Sirius: Woof.


The irony of a gay man riding a Unicorn is not lost on me.

Or maybe it is, because I’m not really sure that’s the right use of the word irony. Oh well.


3 thoughts on “6.4 – The One With The Unicorn

  1. That last pic would also have been epic for this generation’s banner, but I understand why you used the one of Beaky. Sutter and Remus just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    Billy and Remus are so adorable! Great choice for spouse, obviously they are very compatible. And I have the same issue with woohooing in hottubs, the sims can never do it right. Can’t wait to see their babies!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Besides, Sutter isn’t a Harry Potter character 😛
      They’re literally disgusting together. Always rolling wishes and swooning over each other! I don’t think I’ve had a couple like that in a looong time!


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