6.1 – The One Where Remus Can’t Flirt

GENERATION SIX, BABY! I wasn’t sure if I’d ever make it this far, but here we are, and with my first male heir!

Remus is so great, honestly. Though I do have a major soft spot for Ginny.


Remus: Hi!

Billy: Hi? You’re the one with the dog, right?

Remus: Yes! That’s me, Remus!


Billy: Remus, huh? That’s a… interesting name.

Remus: You know what’s more interesting? Your star sign.


Remus: Yesss, that was so smooth!

Billy: You know you said that out loud, right?


Remus: Shit – I meant – well – uh – SIRIUS. Sirius is really smooth! He has a really soft coat! Because he’s a dog. My dog. Sirius. Sirius is my dog.


Billy: You’re adorable.

Remus: You – I – What?

I guess Remus is a hopeless case after all.


Billy: Luna Gordon! I’ve read all about her in the papers, I have got to get a picture of Remus’s super hot sister!


Remus: Wait, you think my twin is –

Billy: Bi people exist, dude. But I guess what they say is true, twins are equally as attractive.

Remus: You think – you find – I – you – hot?


Billy: I also think you’re attractive, which is the point I was trying to make.

Remus: Oh, I – uh – yes – you – Same!

Billy: I have no idea what you’re saying.


Remus: Well, I fucked that one up.

Sirius: I am here with the paper, everything is okay.


Remus: You’re right, buddy! As long as I have you, everything is fine!


Remus: Thanks.

Sirius: No problem.


Martin has decided to become the household angry old man.

Ginny: Yeah, he’s pretty good at it.


Martin: Harry, stop looking at me like that!

Harry: Looking at you like what? I’m just watching you play!


Pap: Ooh, Remus Gordon! Remus, I love you!

Remus: Get lost.


Look! The first of Remus’s six adopted strays!

This adorable little kitty is Minerva Gordon. No, I’m not letting go of the Harry Potter theme. You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands when Generation Seven rolls around.

Somewhat kidding, I think I’ll take the last of my desire out on the pets, because I’m pretty jazzed for the Gen7 theme.


Remus: Hi, Billy! It’s me, Remus! Oh – Sure, I’m the adorable dog guy.

Luna: Haha, and you want to date this guy!? It’s clearly not happening.

Remus: You’d make a terrible wingman.

Luna: Wing-woman, and I’m definitely not yours.


Minvera, that is not your bed. Sirius can’t steal yours, so you don’t steal his.

Minerva: Have a biscuit.

That doesn’t work here, get into your own bed.


Minerva: I didn’t think this through.


Sirius: I don’t want to sleep here, it smells like weird cat.


Luna: It’s the middle of the night, time to go make something of my life.

Because now is the perfect time to do that…

Luna: Duh, why would I be doing it otherwise?


You hunting Unicorns?

Luna: No, I’m not stupid.


… You’re going on another date with Willow the Unconscious?

Luna: Perhaps.


Minerva: I saw a spider running away from here, I’m just checking that there’s no basilisk about.

Wasn’t the chamber of secrets opened by a tap?


Minerva: You’re right. I’m on it.


Old Lady Lyra…


Young Lyra!

Why do the ghosts have to look old? Just because they died old, doesn’t mean they have to stay forever old! A ghost is just a physical impression left behind after a person’s passing – so why can’t they stay YAs!?


YA Michael!


This was the first time I played after the heir poll results came in, so I first went to check on what Remus though about being heir.

Remus: I get to keep Sirius. All is well.


I very suddenly realised that Gen6 had no portraits to speak of, so I set the most proficient of proficient painters on it.

Bubbles: This doesn’t look like any of my children.


Harry makes friends with Minerva downstairs, and I am surprised by just how buff Harry’s legs are.


Remus: I see sweet freedom slipping away from me… Not like I was ever likely to leave the house again but still.

Look at it this way – it’s a dead cert for Billy though!


Bubbles: Ah, this looks more like Luna!

Good, because I already threw out the other one.


Harry continues to make friends with Minerva!


Remus: “Hi Billy, just got some good news! Come over and I’ll share?” How does that sound?

Martin: What’s the good news, that you’re still lame?

Remus: 😦


Billy: So, what’s the news?

Remus: I won the heir poll!

Billy: The hair poll?

Remus: No, heir, like royal heir? It means that – Well this is a legacy – I’m the sixth generation – I have to, well, um –


Billy: Chill, I know what a legacy is, I’m sort of from one myself. Though we had no heir poll, the eldest took over automatically.

Remus: Ew, that would’ve meant my brother Harry being heir.


Billy: Well, I’m glad you won the heirship as it means we still get to hang out.

Remus: God, he’s so handsome…

Billy: You’re still talking out loud, but thanks.


Considering words don’t seem to work out too well for Remus, he decides to take a more physical approach.


Lucky for him, it works!

Ginny: I’m just off to bleach my eyes with chlorine; that was something I didn’t need to see.


As Remus goes for a dip kiss, three paparazzi are prowling around, waiting to pounce when Remus drops Billy.


Surprising everyone, including myself, he catches him. I had bets on the clumsy one dropping him!

Remus: I guess you could say you’re falling for me.

Billy: Shut up and kiss me.


The paparazzi start taking notes…


And pictures!

Remus and Billy’s ‘fling’ is going to be all over the tabloids tomorrow morning.


If sims could blush, these two look like they’d be shining beacons right about now.


Pap: Billy, how could you! Don’t you know I love you!

You loved Remus yesterday, be quiet.


Pap: Yay, Remus found love!

The paps are getting really weird tonight…


gUYS! There’s three of them! Do you want to be reported!?

Billy: Maybe the risk makes it more exciting?

Well, you are rebellious… Remus on the other hand…


Like father, like son.

Seriously, when did Harry get so beefy!?

Harry: When you were ignoring me for everyone else.



Luna: Alright, let’s go. It’s a big world, my brother and I have got things to do. House for two, please!

Now these two have jobs and portraits, it’s time to say goodbye!


The newly redecorated room for Remus and Billy!

Billy’s favourite colour is turquoise, which goes quite nicely with the grey.


The carpets and curtains have changed colours, too!


The kitchen is a bit gaudy, but nobody ever really seems to have photos taken in it so it’s okay! Plus the flowers really faded into the background if I made the wall grey, and I was far too lazy to find a new pattern; I like this one.


SERIOUSLY. Also didn’t you move out about six hours ago?

Harry: Swimming is good for you. New house doesn’t have a pool, had to get in every moment that I could.


Minerva: If they’ve gone, does this mean we have house space for children!? Please no children, they’re loud!


Sirius: Rocks.

Aaah!! This is the furthest I’ve ever gotten and I’m so excited! I’m also majorly in love with the generation seven theme (haven’t I said this for every gen so far? XD ), so you’ve all got that to look forward to. I know two people already know it (because I just had to tell them), but I don’t really know who of you will figure it out. I guess time will tell? 😉

One thought on “6.1 – The One Where Remus Can’t Flirt

  1. LMAO, Remus trying to flirt is so adorable, talking out loud when he’s trying to think. And the dog has some brilliant lines!
    Remus: Well, I fucked that one up.
    Sirius: I am here with the paper, everything is okay.

    So excited to see how the new babies turn out. Maybe Remus can tame Billy, he was a bit of a dog (pun intended 😉 ) in my game. When I finally used SP to turn off his ability to procreate, I believe he had about 6 kids from 4 or 5 different women.


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