5.13 – The One Where Ginny Loses It

Post number seven! Shiny silver medal for me! I think…

Anyway, It seems we’re doing a post a day for the rest of this thing, so there are at least three more days to go before I throw out the heir poll and let you have at it. I’m really quite excited for this one, I’d be happy with any of them as heir. Well, there’s one person I’d be less happy with and one I’d be more happy with… But everyone has favourites, right!?


Pap: Luna Gordon likes to stare out of windows… This is absolutely thrilling, I tell you.

Luna: When will my girlfriend return from the war..?


Harry may only be a few days from becoming YA, but he still spends 90% of his time in the sandpit.

Harry: Even the famous need to relax sometimes.


At some point (I’m not sure when) Sirius chose Remus as his BFF, surprising absolutely no one.


Bubbles: You’re a good doggie, aren’t you!? I’m gonna miss you if you and my son move out.

Everyone loves the dog.


Uh, Harry? What are you doing?

Harry: Google Earth. Always taking pics.


Remus: I don’t like this hoverboard.

Careful you don’t squash the tortoise!

Remus is addicted to the hoverboard, but it doesn’t seem to like him much.


I’m really not a dog person, but with the amount of Sirius pictures I take I can see why you wouldn’t believe me.


Remus: Alright Sirius, this is an easy one. Paw.

Sirius: Yes I have four of them.


Remus: Nooo, you have to give me one!

Sirius: But I need them?



She glitched on her birthday – she went to age up automatically. and instead she got reset and turned into this.


I mean, she’s not that different… Her eyebrows are shocking and her clothes are different but I’m sure I can cope.


FakeGinny: Old Ginny sucks, this is the new me!

Are you fucking serious? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY BABY?


This version of Ginny, however, was able to age up without glitching out on me or being reset.


You’re not my Ginny. I think she rolled Dramatic but honestly I have no idea, I was too busy yelling at my boyfriend in panic and running through mental solutions. He was telling me that it wasn’t worth messing my game up over a sim that looks different. I mean, he’s right but Ginny!


Remus: You’re not my sister. Who the fuck are you?

FakeGinny: I’m Ginny from a parallel universe.

Remus: Oh, so like the future?


Bubbles: That’s not my daughter.

Remus: She’s from a parallel universe!

Martin: She looks the same to me? Maybe slightly paler and taller but then it’s not like I had any interactions with any of my kids.

Remus: Fix her!


Luna Gordon, that is not your bed!

Luna: But Sirius is asleep on mine!

I know that he is in his bed, do not blame this on the dog.

Luna: Worth a shot.


LOOK WHO’S BACK! I’m a genius.

I loaded the backup save, saved her to bin, opened this save again, took fakeGinny into CAS via MC and then switched her out with the real Ginny. Aged into a teen and given a makeover and BOOM. Problem solved.


I finally decided to follow some of my sims wishes, so Harry gets to learn the writing skill.


Martin actually needs the painting skill for his job/LTW, and seeing as he’s level 9 and in desperate need of a promotion, I let him go for it.


Ginny’s pretty! I think she’s very similar to Luna, and maybe it’s the hair but I think she’s prettier.

Ginny: I’ll take it.


Surely there’s a better place to do your homework than the bathroom?

Remus: If I do it in here, nobody will try stealing my answers.


The Athletic trait is strong in this one, her first teen action is to head straight for the TV for a cardio workout.


Ginny: Sirius, it’s just the TV!

Sirius: It’s bad. I don’t like it.


Remus: Hey, stop peeing in the house!

Sirius: But it’s cold outside…

The scolding paid off though, Sirius learned the Neat trait!


These two have been all gross and in love again since their jetpack tryst last chapter.

Martin: You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Bubbles: And you’re not so bad yourself.

Martin: But I’m not a woma-

Bubbles: You know what I meant.


Remus: You’re the best dog ever.

Sirius can now sit, lay down, sit up, and ‘beg’!


Harry: I’m freezing to death and yet I have no regrets.

You won’t be saying that when you turn blue.


Remus: No no, Speak means bark, okay?

Sirius: But I can’t speak?


Remus: WOOF, WOOF. Like that?

Sirius: You’re mad.


For some reason, I found Bubbles standing outside to read, while the Paps creeped on her.

Bubbles: It’s the only way to get any peace, with four teenagers in the house.


Martin seems to be coping okay, though.

Martin: Where in this pregnancy book does it say how to deal with four teenagers!? I’m gonna be bald by the time I’m 40!

Or maybe not.


Lyra’s certainly made her stamp on this legacy, considering I haven’t seen her haunting recently.


Bubbles: Time for me to get old! I wonder if I’ll still be as beautiful!

I’m sure you will.


Apparently I don’t have her hair in elder form, so I had to make do.

Bubbles: Aw, I didn’t want to have glasses…

You’ll get used to it.


I guess Harry couldn’t be bothered to find his bed, and instead decided to freeze to death in the cold?



She’s level one in the martial arts skill! I think I know what LTW she’s going to end up with if she keeps going like this.


Bubbles: Ooh, these glasses are fantastic! I can see all the little people!

Told you they’re good.


Late night gaming again, I see, Remus?

Remus: High scores are everything.


Pap: Your house sucks, they’ve locked us out! How am I supposed to get juicy news stories now!?

Mia: Bitch I don’t live here! I’m fucking dead!


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