RL Update

I’m alive, nobody panic!

I missed my legaversary, which I am gutted about. It was June 5th 2015 that Lori Gordon’s legacy began posting, and I am so mad at myself that I missed it! Though, I have been trying to draw Lori for several days in order to make up for it.

So several things have happened in the last few weeks, one of which being that I HAVE FINISHED COLLEGE!

… Kind of. Anyway, I’m not attending as much any more and should be fully finished in a few weeks so will have much more time to do Sim things! The second is that I bought myself a graphics tablet (the Wacom Intuos Draw, to be precise), and I love it! Here’s a drawing I did of Shego.


It’s also Glastonbury Festival and What-The-Fuck-Is-An-Economy time here in the UK, so everything is stressful and I have extra hours at work. I’m contracted 15.5 a week, but I average about 20, and this week I’m doing 33.something because of the festival.


200 stats


I have to thank fluffymao who single handedly blew up my inbox with liked post notifications.
Not even kidding;


Also, the Steam Summer Sale started, so I am just starting Dragonborn and Dawnguard in Skyrim..

I should hopefully be playing some more soon as I’m starting to miss these nutcases!

6 thoughts on “RL Update

  1. Woo! Congrats an finishing college! Such a grand feeling of freedom!

    I’m terribly sorry to have blown up your inbox, mail going every which way…tsk tsk. Probably wasn’t easy to clean up. But I’m happy to have helped you up to 200 likes! I love the Gordon Legacy and am looking forward to seeing more of the HP kids! ^_^


  2. Nooooo, I’m so sorry you missed your legaversary! I mean, I missed three of mine, so maybe fourth time’s the charm? However I doubt you’ll take four years to finish the Gordons… you probably won’t even take two. 😛 Congrats on the milestone all the same, and on kind-of finishing college, and on those awesome stats! The Gordons have come so far in a year. :’) Haha, fluffymao was also responsible for my two “Biggest Days in Likes” (two consecutive days, I believe). WordPress should really give her a shiny badge for all that reading. 😛

    I really feel for you Brits right now… and of course the Internet is having a heyday with the whole thing. Not that I’m laughing, but at least Brexit is generating some pretty stellar puns? (Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Latervia, Bailgium, Nethermind…)


      • Aaah, thank you! I’m still trying to draw Lori (and crying about it), but I even made my own font which I’m pretty happy about! It’s actually a super cheap tablet, but it’s really damn nice 😀


    • I might take four if I go on to do my super secret surprise ending plan? :O 😛

      Thank you! 😀 And they really should, that’s some hardcore dedication.

      Yeah, it’s kind of scary.. Me and my best friend have considered moving to Canada when it eventually all goes to shit, so we’ll come hi!? XD
      I also considered moving to Ireland as I’m technically already a citizen there, but as my stepdad so eloquently put it; “that’s like jumping off the ship and boarding a dingy, isn’t it?”


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