Calling All Minecrafters!?

So, as the title suggests, this post has something to do with Minecraft.

Basically, I’ve reopened my server! I don’t know if I ever said that I had one, but I did.
And I closed it because I wasn’t using it and it was MONEY.

So, if you have it and would like to play with me and maybe a couple of my friends, then let me know and I’ll give you the server address. I also have a voice channel on Discord (which is basically Skype but better – it’s designed to run in the background of games and takes up far less bandwidth) so if you have that and want to join me there you can do that too!

(Ooh look at me trying to be more sociable with people. This is going to backfire, isn’t it?)

Discord is actually pretty good. It’s kind of like Skype and TeamSpeak merged, so I’d recommend it.

SO ANYWAY, if you have minecraft and want to join, awesome! If you don’t have it or don’t want to join then that’s cool too!

2 thoughts on “Calling All Minecrafters!?

  1. This makes me wish I played Minecraft! I used to, but only casually, and online games make me nervous because everyone can see how much of a noob I am (I will never not be a noob). If I ever do take it up again I’ll totally let you know! 😀

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    • You totally should though 😮 My server is just me and my boyfriend mostly, and I just build cute houses and farm, and he makes shit out of redstone. A couple other people have joined, and none of us reeeally know what we’re doing (except my best friend who’s had the game since alpha, but she just builds giant castles) and it’s generally just a big laugh because we’re so awful at it! I really like it that way because it’s just a bunch of idiots bumbling around and pretending we know what we’re doing 😀
      But yeah, if you do ever go back you’ve got to come to Rivendell! 😀 (oh yes, my sever’s name is Rivendell 😛 )


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