3.11 – The One Where They Wait

Hoooooo boy, this was a fun one to write. The heir poll is still open and I’m still conflicted about who I want to win this time…


Recap; Sibling rivalry, Mia and Amy were cute, Michael beat up one of Lily’s friends, there was a christmas gift giving party, there was stuff, Lyra got more promotions and learned how to ‘zeniport’, Mia nearly burned the house down because she wanted to chat with Amy, Lyra was so done with the fires shit, May finally broke up with Wilfred, Kenny and Michael became young adults, Michael and Lyra sparred (she won), Lyra became an actual adult, Kenny beat his first ranked chess opponent, and I built a mini gym thing!


Sonia: Is this it? Have we won? Can I move in now?

Not in that outfit you can’t!

Michael: *is too busy dancing in the party cabin*

Sonia: Okay, bye then!



Lily: This stupid house breaks the moment you try to do something normal… You can’t even wash dishes here without a sink exploding on you!

Was that a prank or does it just not like you…?



Nobody came, in typical May style…


Now the boys have grown up they’re able to get proper jobs, married and have kids.

Instead they prefer to make fools of themselves by being addicted to dancing.

What have I done.


With the house in a constant state of disarray, I was getting a little sick of everyone’s fantastic moods being brought down by dirt and sod off if you thought I was hiring a maid! They come in, take your money, eat lunch and then leave. They never do their jobs properly!

So instead I went with the game crashing nightmare that is the Bonehilda.

Gold star!


The first thing that happened was that this appeared on the carpet, and hasn’t left. I have no idea what it is.

Oh, and then Bonehilda got stuck and had to be reset by overwatch. Why do I even try?


Livy: Okay Anthony, I know you don’t like people but could you stand any closer?


Can you tell it’s a party!? Everybody’s stuck at the stairs!

May: These people don’t even live here.

Peter: Seriously.


It’s the last of the YA birthdays!


Lily: I hate everything.

Sonia: This party should be about me. I am unimpressed.



Oh Mia…

She rolled… Something I can’t remember, so it can’t have been that great! She also took Master Acrobat as her LTW, something I actually haven’t done. I never really played many of the professions; I got halfway through the singer one once and then gave up.


Lily (who didn’t change one dot) locked in Unlucky as her final trait, and I don’t remember what her lifetime wish was.

I’m good at this!


Dawn: You have a good chance at winning. I don’t want to talk to you.

Mia: That’s fine by me.


And because I’m an impatient person, I aged up the girlfriends Sierra and Amy!


I also said goodbye to Lily and May! I felt a fleeting moment of guilt about kicking May out of the house she’s lived in all her life and stuff, but I’m sure she’ll do fine. It gives us space to do things like MOVE PEOPLE IN.


Of course, before I could get started on that, everyone got hauled away to graduation. Nice hat/hair, boys!

Mia got all the way up to asking Amy to move in with her, and just as she was about to start the interaction… Graduation cancelled it.

Fuck you too.


Obligatory diploma toss!

Mia graduated with Highest Honour and I don’t remember what she was awarded, Michael also graduated with Highest Honour and was awarded Most Likely To Save The World, and Kenny graduated with Merit and was voted Most Likely To Take Over The World.

Michael’s saving the world from Kenny, then!


At which point, Lyra immediately decided to start a protest complaining about politics. In front of City Hall.

Mia: Amy, will you move in with me?

Amy: Of course! Isn’t that your mother down there?

Mia: I have never seen that woman in my life.


Yes, it’s true, Amy has moved in!

She is genuinely the sweetest soul alive, with the traits Friendly, Charismatic, Good Sense Of Humour, Clumsy, and Daredevil. No wonder everybody loves her!


I then gave her a Gordon style makeover and, well, I’m sorry Mia, but I think I‘m in love with her!

She also wants to be the Leader of the Free World, and with the traits that she has I think she’d make a great leader!


Peter: Hey, what’s happening to me!?

Mia: Toot toot!

Amy: Oh god, not this guy…


Peter: I’m old!

Amy: You’re old!



Lyra, for some reason, has taken to skinny dipping. And somebody (it was either Kenny or Michael as they weren’t present at the birthday) decided to steal her clothes.

She stayed like this for a really long time.

Lyra gives no shits.


Amy: When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that’s amore!

Sims are weird.


Michael: Sonia, would you move in with me?

Sonia: Yes.


Sonia: But I think your mother is a glowbug.

Michael: I know you’re having a bad day but that’s no reason to take it out on me…



Artistic, Hot Headed, Diva, Hates the Outdoors… What a delightful sim!


Michael: Amy, what do I do? I’ve spent so much time with Sonia and I thought she was like, my dim sum, you know? But it turns out she’s horrible… What should I do?


Amy: I think you need to find somebody who’s more like your french toast, if you know what I mean!

Michael: Not at all.


Lyra: You’re a sellout.



Sonia: I want to hold your hands.

Michael: Well, uh, please don’t break them?


Mia: Let’s take a selfie to show how in love we are with each other!

Well, at least somebody is doing alright, I guess!



Ah, the Rainbow Swan makes her appearance! It was funnier at the time, and I also suck at naming things.


Mia: Uh, Sonia you interrupted my practice.

That’s Kenny’s ranked chess opponent. Kenny beat them at chess, and then Sonia actually beat them.

She’s the worst.


Michael: Let’s spar!

Lyra: I can take you, even in just a towel!




Lyra: I can’t believe I lost to my own son…

That’s now 2-1 to Lyra, so she’s still winning technically.


It was the full moon (I love the mod that takes away the stupid glow!), and all the zombies in the garden decided to make a beeline for old man Peter.


Lori was up (no surprises there, she’s up virtually every night anyway) and chilling in the hot tub, where her naked granddaughter had sat hours before.

Lori: I’m already dead, how much worse can it get?


Ella was also awake, but again she’s wandering around most nights too.


Lyra: This piece it’s… it’s… FANTASTIC! It’s a masterpiece, a thing of real beauty!


Mia: Take your camera somewhere else, I’m busy working for tips and being pretty.


Dawn: Sorry, was this guy watching your performance?


Amy: So, Dawn, what do you think of our current political leader?

Dawn: I try not to think.

Mia: Figures.


Amy: Uh, I don’t quite think that’s what you’re supposed to do?

Dawn: No, no, don’t tell her. It’s funnier when she fails.



Amy: Just like she is, am I right?

Random Guy: What.


Michael: My girlfriend is the worst. I must train harder and harder to achieve a state of peace where this doesn’t affect me.

So sticking your arm through the wall helps?


Amy: Chilli is hot!

Not as impressive as Lyra, I’m afraid!


They’re so cute I can’t even cope.


Honestly, this animation is my favourite. And I love the scenery of Isla Paradiso (I have never been more grateful for a good PC) because while Mia’s LTW is questionable, her girlfriend is NOT.


Amy: So I have a surprise for you.

Mia: More than the meal and the beach trip?

Amy: Yes.


Amy: Shit.

Mia: What’s that you just dropped?


Amy: Marry me?


Amy: Hug?

Mia: Give me a minute, I’m still staring at the big ring on my finger.


And then they went home to, uh, shower…


Amy literally gets on with everyone.

Boa: She dropped the ring too! We’re kindred spirits!


Curt: Hmm, this is very interesting fire juggling you have here.

Mia: Does thing mean you’ll tip me?

Curt: No.


All Michael’s hardwork has paid off! What’s left, it must be the black belt?


Michael: There’s only one thing to do now!


Michael: And we’re back in China!

Amy: Back? I’ve never been!


Amy: Guys? Why are you going inside? We have lots to explore!


I managed to divert at least one person away from the inside!

Mia: Amy, come on! I have something to show you!


Meanwhile, Michael takes on his first ranked opponent, to the tune of Kenny’s dancing.

Kenny: I’m being supportive!


Mia: Hurry up!

Amy: *far down the mountain* What could possibly be so great we have to run up a huge mountain!?


Mia: The view of China.


And so they got married, with the whole of China as their backdrop.




After beating his first opponent 2-0, Michael swiftly moved on to the second. Who had a dramatic increase in skill compared to the last guy.



Michael: I must be swift as a coursing river!



Michael: With all the force of a great typhoon!



Michael: And all the strength of a raging fire!


Michael: Mysterious as the dark side of the MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Dear God, I love Sim Fu!

He won, 2-1.


Meanwhile, the newlywed girlfriends wives were busy playing catch outside near the market.

Each to their own, I guess.


8 thoughts on “3.11 – The One Where They Wait

  1. Mia is SUCH an adorable mime! I’m so used to Manny and his outrageous incompetence – that fire-flippy trick she’s doing just before the China trip? Yeah, never seen it. Manny was Level 6. Worst acrobat ever.

    At this point I’m gonna go ahead and assume (wishful thinking?) that Mia and Amy are a shoe-in, based on how much focus they stole in this chapter. But maybe you were just setting them up so they could leave us forever? D’: Ahhh, I can’t take the suspense. I need to Miamy babies (haha, that looks like “Miami”) in my life. :O

    Awesome chapter, keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Mia spends a lot of time doing weird things like that – it seems Lyra and her children dodged most of Boa’s uselessness! Poor Manny though.

        It’s standing at 3 – 2 – 1 atm (take a wild guess as to who has the one 😛 ), and I may close the poll tonight as it hasn’t moved in a while and it’s at 6 votes. If I’m being totally honest, I was so conflicted over this one. After some deliberation I decided wanted Michael to win as his LTW is more interesting to me, but then I moved Amy and Sonia in… Oh my god, Sonia is the actual worst. Amy is a complete ray of sunshine, and I swung very rapidly in the direction of Miamy. Plus with a ginger, I can get in all the Harry Potter references! 😀

        Thank you! That means a lot atm actually, I’ve been in a kind of funk over the legacy, thinking my writing’s going stale and nobody’s reading etc etc – the usual worries of an anxious person – so it’s good to know somebody likes it and stuff!!

        Oh, I’ve just joined Boolprop! Not that I have any idea what to do there…

        Liked by 1 person

      • The 1 would absolutely not be Kenny, because he absolutely does not take after his Great Uncle Florin, no siree! At least he has a girlfriend?

        You could always keep Michael around long enough to do his LTW? Especially since it’s a travel-related one, so it doesn’t take up any actual game time. Too bad Sonic’s a bitch. :/

        Hey, no worries, there’s nothing stale about this legacy! I have the same paranoia and it’s so counterproductive to frequent updates…

        YUSSSS! I just saw your name in the “Our newest member…” thingy. The Introductions forum is always a good place to start, and the Games forum is pretty hoppin’ these days (why am I even allowed to have a keyboard, seriously). And there are some fun Sims threads if you do a bit of hunting. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha noo not at all! It’s not like they’re both blond and nerdy and have questionable hair and fashion tastes!? You can’t tell they’re related, nooope!

        Yeah, that’s what I planned to do after the playing of this chapter, and now I’m really buzzed for it to kick off! I’m sure I’ll regret saying it later, but hey ho!

        Ahh, thank you! The same with yours, honestly. Yours did inspire me to start this one!

        I plan to have a nose around later tonight, work is a killjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG, I did not think it was possible to get better than just a gorgeous sim, but then Amy’s traits are amazing! She seems to be the most genuinely nice person on simEarth.

    But then Sonic, omg, the hilarity she has brought to your blog already. I know her traits suck, but the bad ones often make for more funnies and more interesting game play. I can just imagine her reaction if anyone beat her Michael in Sim Fu – she’d probably beat them up despite their martial arts expertise.

    Liked by 1 person

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