3.9 – The One With The Teens

Aaaaand I’m back! The Gordon’s trainwreck is here and crashing its way through another chapter!

After… events at a gig I went to the other night, I don’t really want to move much so I finally had time to sit down (not like I could do much else) and play some more! I’m also now on half term with a week off work – more Gordons!

Recap; Michael and Kenny became teens, Michael failed at flirting with Sonic, Lyra took them all to China where Lyra Croft made her first appearance and Kenny broke his neck while dancing, the dead relatives made multiple appearances, I sent everyone on a family outing for the first time, just for the house to nearly burn down a second time, but at least I got a cannibalistic family picture, right??


Lyra: Remember kids, when there’s a party you must turn up fashionably late!


Speaking of fashionably… I couldn’t even pick a half decent costume for my own party!?

Yup, it’s true! Lyra and co were invited to a costume party thrown by yours truly, and the Gordons appear to be the only people I know.


Lyra attended as a Chef, a nightmare on its own.

Lyra: I’m only a chef because I’m thinking about the food I want to eat!


That’s Mia on the right and Lily on the left.

These pictures speak for themselves.


May attended as an astronaut, Kenny is a clown(?), and Michael is a freaking cow plant.



Michael’s first call is to try pranking the host, who just blows the spell right back at him.

Livy: I write this legacy. Don’t you think I know what you’re up to!?


Michael: I’M DYING!

Livy: Rekt.


I have a feeling Kenny attempted a similar thing on this Joel look alike.

Kenny: Woah! Chill!



Mia: You have a really nice house!

Livy: .. Are you sure you’re Lyra’s daughter?


Mia: Look, I can do pretty ballet moves! But I’d focus better if you shut your child up.

Livy: Ah, she’ll be fine.


Damn fairies, casually having a floating conversation.


*awkward flirting*



Kenny and Mia: If she fights with him, then maybe she’s more likely to me me as heir!

Yeah, it doesn’t work that way guys!


If anyone was wondering where May and Lily went, the came home to play catch.



Hey look, yet another birthday!

At least with them all being so close I can double up, and you don’t get post after post after post of birthdays!


Mia goes first!

Mia: Why are there sparkles erupting from my boots?


And Lily’s turn!

Mia ran off with her cake almost immediately so I couldn’t grab a decent picture without missing Lily’s birthday.

Also – Clown Kenny facing the wrong way.


I love her look.

Lily: I love my look, too.


Nice formal outfit, Mia!


Mia: Maybe I just wanted explore the outside we’re never allowed to see?

That doesn’t happen in this house, girl, I don’t care if you rolled Adventurous or not.


Mia: Can I move out then?

Nope, you could be the next heir!


Lily rolled Grumpy as her new trait, I couldn’t possibly tell!


Mia: Now I can actually build skill on this thing, I’m going to work until I’m the best.

… Lyra?


Michael: You’re hot.

Sonia: So are you. But now I have to leave and get a boyfriend.




Uh.. What?


May is still playing video games, but I’ve never actually seen this game come up before. This is SimAnimals! I used to have this game on Wii until the disk got scratched beyond recovery.


Michael: *high pitched screaming*


Lily: Why are you taking a picture of me standing in the bathroom? There’s nothing to see here. Nothing at all. Get lost.

Feeling grumpy were you?


Mia’s still practising her ballet.


She’s getting really good at it, actually.


Michael: I’m dancing too!

Seriously, what is up with this generation?? They just want to dance!


Except Lily. Lily wants to do the dishes.

Lily: I don’t want to do the dishes, I just don’t want to live in dirt.


Michael: Mia, I know you love ballet, but get a life.

Mia: I’ll do what you failed to do, make friends at school.


Michael: She can’t do that if she’s not on the bus, right?


Mia: Guess who made friends!?

Micahel: Guess who didn’t…


This is Marissa Gordon, Dawn’s oldest! Those eyebrows, damn!



I couldn’t get any decent ones on their way to prom so, here’s the boys!


Um. Dawn?

What the hell. Weirdest glitch I’ve ever seen!


Mia and Lily’s dresses! I really like Lily’s, actually.

Mia: I sense great adventure ahead!

Lily: Yeah, that’s called the prom we weren’t invited to.


This is Amy somebody! She’s cute, but I think she’s that child I thought was way too young for Kenny 😦


Best. Moment. Of. The. Entire. Prom.

So, Lily fell on her face twice and still scored Prom Queen.

Michael did nothing of interest.

Kenny was checking everyone out, saw a wardrobe malfunction because of it, then knocked down the backdrop while chasing his crush. And obviously got rejected.

Mia had a great time and will remember this dance forever! And she saw a three-eyed llama.


Lori: Just keeping up my tradition of being in nearly every post this generation!


Possibly the most unrealistic thing to ever come out of Sims.

I have two left feet, dodgy knees, and I’m clumsy as hell. Ballet is not for me.

Sim!Livy: Mia’s been training me!


Lyra: Free holiday! What could possibly go wrong!?


You’re leaving this lot in charge of the house. Probably not a lot.


Mia: I’m feeling rebellious. I’m skipping school.

Lily: Cool, I’ll skip with you!


While Lily went fishing and did her homework, Mia had a much more exciting morning.


Mia: Take this Livy! This is for having such a nice house!


Livy: Mia what happened to you! You were such a nice child!

Mia: Try living in my house!


Mia: So this wasn’t quite what I planned. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that.

You think?


Mia: It’s fine, I’ll booby trap the sofa instead.


She rolled so many wishes on her rebellious streak thing though. She ended up snubbing everyone and wanting to beat somebody up. We didn’t take that one, though.


Lily: That’s not how you repair a sink!

Michael: You’re the one who broke it!

Lily: Well my party starts in five minutes, hurry up.


The first guest to arrive to Lily’s teen party immediately heartfarts Kenny and starts hitting on him.

Kenny: I don’t know what to do.


Amy heartfarts Michael, but he’s STILL chasing Sonic, who is yet to arrive.


These two spent most of the night following each other round trying to socialise. It was ridiculous.


Sonia: Hey, have you heard how awesome I am? I’m awesome.

Michael: Please love me.


Kenny: That was a horrible joke I’m so sorry.

Sierra: You’re adorable!

Kenny, she’s in to you. Stop being useless!


Mia: Did you know, your face is so beautiful it’s like a piece of art.

Amy: Go on…

I thought you were into her brother!?


I hate teen parties. I can never keep up.

Kenny: She’s hot too!



Meanwhile his other potential romantic interest was telling a ghost story to another girl I don’t know, and a bunch of dead fish.


Tired of them dithering around each other, Michael went in for the kill.



(Yes this is another angle, I missed the first one because I was watching Amy and Mia)


Kenny: Hey, do you like burgers!? We could totally go out and get some one day.

Lord help me.


I go back to check on Mia and Amy, only to find Amy passed out on the ground for no conceivable reason.



Diva Kenny decided to ‘Sleep On Floor’ as well, even though his energy bar was half full.

I don’t understand!


Mia: You’re only one day younger than me. We’re meant to be.


Heat of the Moment kiss accepted!


Micahel: Do you mind not watching us?

???: I’m just thinking how I’d like to be doing that to your brother…


Bed room eyes much!? 😛


Sonia: If you drop me I will kick your ass.


I’ve never had this animation come up before, and it’s adorable. It’s amazing.


Mia: Date me, Future Girl.


Michael: Date me, Sonic.


And then in some ridiculous cliché bullshit after everyone got a date (sorry Kenny), it started to snow.

This game, I swear.


And of course even though everyone had gone home, the Police still showed up to bring the adults back, and tried to lecture Michael even though it’s Lily’s party, and then Lily told her off as a misbehaving guest.


Commence insane clean up before Lyra arrives home!

7 thoughts on “3.9 – The One With The Teens

  1. Yeesh, I don’t know if binging Grey’s Anatomy has put me on a sentimental streak or something, but this chapter made me stupidly happy. Mia is GORGEOUS. She actually reminds me of Lira (not Lyra :P) for some reason, which is odd because she has a lot of Peter in her, but it’s the jawline maybe? Idk, but then Amy came along and I am now determined that they must be the pair to carry on the trainwreck. I could still be swayed but it’s unlikely. Also excited to see Michael and Sonic together at last. ❤ WHY AM I BEING SO SAPPY? God, I need to close this browser before I start spewing about true love or some bullshit.

    Kenny though XD I feel ya, buddy.

    Dawn with the car glitch cracked me up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Is it the hair!? I’ve found every sim with a reasonably square jaw and that low flat fringe reminds me of Lira! Especially Mia with the same hair colour. That’s what I like about Mia – she has most of Peter’s features but the Langurd jawline, which I do really like!
      I’m also a big fan of Amy’s face. She appeared as I was thinking ‘I need her in my legacy’, and Mia decided to take that upon herself and I’M SO HAPPY!

      Ah, Mario and Sonic ❤ He chased her for so long, and she finally fell for his charms! What charms!?

      I feel like Kenny spent most of the party running between girls and internally screaming. It was delightful >:D

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes everyone finally got a date!! (except poor Kenny lol, his prom experience was so funny) And that kiss between Sonia and Michael ❤ So cute, I've never had that happen either. Wonder if it came with a certain expansion pack? Anyway, yay I loved this chapter! It was so cute to see (almost) everyone happy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • More happiness coming your way in the next chapter! Well, at least the first half, I haven’t played enough to know about the second half yet.
      Kenny is hopeless wreck, it’s fantastic. But don’t worry, he gets some happiness too!
      I think it’s Into The Future? I never had the ‘dip kiss’ option until I installed that one. Either way, I love it and it will be coming up a lot!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. LMAO, Lily, way to fail at skipping school. Skilling and doing homework. I’m not surprised Mia was chosen heir, she has so much more personality than her sister. And then she got Amy to fall for her, which neither of her brothers were able to do. So perfect.

    This legacy is going to end up a matriarchy if we’re not careful…not that it would be a bad thing, but hey. I know Eli was technically co-heir with Ella, but it’s her line that continued the legacy, thus matriarchy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mia was definitely the best choice. As much as I loved the boys, Mia was my favourite from day one. Although I did a have a small time where I wanted Michael to win! But then I remembered Amy and went straight back to Mia.
      Haha, I was worried about that too! Half the generations have all been female! It’s probably my fault, I tend to write the girls as badasses and the boys and useless idiots. I tried to be different in the gen five kids, and it worked!

      Liked by 1 person

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