Interlude ~ A Day In The Life Of May Gordon

Remember in 3.6 I said May was acting like somebody with depression?

Here’s a sad little post about my spare, that is both really pointless and will (hopefully) make you like May more. I wanted to give her a hug after following her all day!
You don’t have to read this, we resume normal scheduling (like my posting patterns have ever been anything close to normal) soon!

I would also like to remind everyone that her traits are Neurotic, Loner, Good, Gatherer, and Heavy Sleeper. She is also wearing some weird career outfit, even though she’s self employed so how the heck did she get one of those?


12am – Play video games while everyone is in bed.


2:30am – Clean the microwave counter.


2:45am – Back to video games.


4:15am – Freak out, and head to the bathroom.


4:30am – Clean up the leftover cake in the backyard.


5am – Stare out window while the kids begin to wake up.


5:15am – Clean the sink.


5:35am – Wash the dishes that Michael left behind after Key-Lime Pie breakfast.


6am – Everyone begins to get up, so head upstairs and play video games on the bedroom laptop.


7am – Everyone is heading to school/work, come down and get cake for breakfast.


7:10am – Put down cake in favour of feeding fish.


7:15am – Feed fish.


8:40am – Return from feeding fish and get cake for breakfast.


9:20am – Freak out.


9:45am – Head back upstairs and go to bed.


6pm – Wake up and play video games.


(before 10pm) shower and freak out, then wait at the fridge for food.


10:10pm – Eat Key-Lime pie.


10:57pm – Wash own dishes and dishes from family meals.


11:26pm – Use the bathroom and then check fireplace in case of spontaneous combustion.


11:50pm – Return to video games and repeat.


The weird thing is that she seems so happy. She never went into the red with her moodlets (no ‘starving’ and no ‘exhausted’), her mood meter never left elated, she did get the ‘enjoying solitude’ moodlet, and she smiles most of the time. She was like this before Wilfred left (if you noticed she was midway though her ‘feed the fish’ routine and her sleeping was already whacko), and I’ve never actually been concerned about a Sim like this, but I’ve also never seen as Sim act as disjointed as May, so here we are.

Ma-ay! D’:

3 thoughts on “Interlude ~ A Day In The Life Of May Gordon

  1. With traits like those, it’s no wonder she acts the way she does! She’s like a shining example of the TS3 trait system actually creating sims that are behaviourally diverse. She seems so content this way too. She’s like the only live-in legacy sim ever to get exactly what she wanted. :’)


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