3.2 – The One With The References

I’m alive! It has been a looong time, and I am sorry. I have been distracted with stuff and things, and work, and college has started again and I don’t want to fail this time! However, I’m mostly writing this during class, so I don’t really see how that’s helping.

The other thing is that I’m taking a sort of break from playing? I kind of feel like I’m doing the same thing with all my sims and that they all sound the same, and also that I’m running out of funny things to say about each picture and it’s boring, which sucks. I basically feel like I’m going stale on the game/blog, and I really don’t want that to happen.

So I’m playing a little more of my EPIC at the moment as it’s fairly simple and my naming theme is boss.


And we start the chapter with a long awaited announcement.

Elisha has completed her LTW! Half her ‘perfect’ garden is actually dead, but either she or the game doesn’t seem to know that so it counts!



So, old lady Elisha gets booted into the time stream along with her husband (who refused to show up for the shot) where they then proceed to quit their jobs and pursue careers in acrobatics, singing, and magic.

Oh, and they remain married, but Eli gets a boyfriend.

Yeah. Story Progression hates me.



Lyra starts her reign by spiking the cake.

Lyra: It’s only ginseng! It’s believed to be an energy boost, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation, treat diabetes, and treat sexual dysfunction in men.

… I don’t want to know which one you’re using it for.



I have hundreds of photos like this, yet I still feel the need to take another one every time it happens.

Lyra: Like a boss.



I haven’t ever played a fireman before, so this is awesome!

Lyra: I love the feel of a long hard pole between my legs.

Lyra no.



And Lyra maxes her next skill, Street Art!

Lyra: Stick it to the man, bitch.



She keeps rolling skill related wishes, so I sent her across the road to buy a handiness book.

Lyra: I’m already very handy.




And in a hurried subject change, Old Man Boa has graced us with his presence!

Boa: Sup. Heard I just died in my real legacy.

Sucks to be you lately, dude.



Lyra: This painting is disgusting. Just look at it, it’s hideous. 

That’s your brother.

Lyra: Exactly.

Boa: *whistling*



… What the what?

Peter: This is my new look. Don’t you love it?

What is that!?

May: The door… what’s behind it? I haven’t been outside in so long…



It’s a May/Elisha face clone from the fire station! Seriously, this is kind of freaky. Maybe Elisha is a little more Face-One -ish than I thought…



Lyra: I am masterful with the hammer. Masterful.



Lyra: It’s fire time!



They’re sending you out alone!?

Lyra: I can handle this.

They’re going to die.



This screenshot only exists because as she was driving by here, I noticed that tiny speck of a sim and said “Oh, that looks like Brendan!”.

I then paused the game at this exact still, and hovered over him. That is Brendan.


It completely freaked my boyfriend out.



Lyra: So where’s the fire at!?



Lyra: I’m too hot, hot damn! Call the police and a fireman – wait, that’s me.



The bonus part of having your potential spouse get stuck in the same profession as you is that you can spend work flirting!



Peter: I think you’re really hot.

Lyra: That’s because I’m a fire person!

Peter: Isn’t it fireman?

Lyra: Sexist much?



Lyra: My dad just died, why would you remind me of men like that?!

Peter: … wtf?

Also, either my graphics card decided to throw a strop or the game glitched, but either way everyone’s clothes turned grey for a couple hours.



Lyra: You know, you’re pretty good at this whole comforting thing. Why don’t you move in with me and then you can comfort me full time, if you get my drift.




Peter: Yeah, but your mum’s hot too!

… What is wrong with these sims?



Peter instantly started rolling wishes to project Auras of some kind, so this happened.

Lyra: Fuck this aura, let me mourn my dad in peace.

Peter: But aren’t I here to comfort you?

Lyra: … I’m going outside.



Lyra: Are you, are you, coming to the tree? Where bags of money lie in wait for me…

Peter… Peeta? Anyone? No? I’ll let myself out…  (though I didn’t get that myself until writing his name in the next picture down..)



Noooo, Dennis died! Kris looks like they’re an adult now though.

Yes, I left them with the default names. I struggle to name my sims at the best of times, let alone their gnomes too!



Lyra: Peter, I really like you. I think it would be acceptable if you bought my flowers.

Peter: Score!

Lyra: I am Queen of this household, I must set strict rules.

Actually, you’re still a princess until Ella dies.



May still exists! This is her RI from prom, who turns out to be my simself’s son.

Why do my legacy bunch seem to have a thing for my simself’s offspring?



Lyra: This is my seductive face. Date me.

I’m sure he couldn’t resist.



May: You should, like, totally move in with us. But like only if you want to. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to. I won’t be crushed or anything. No, I’m not freaking out, are you freaking out? Why would you say that? I’m fine!



Well, this was a screw up on my behalf. I really wanted Lyra to propose just because she’s, well, Lyra. But I guess I was playing as Peter so had him propose. Oops.

Peter: You may not be Queen of this house, but would you like be my Queen?




Well, she couldn’t say no to that, could she?



Lori: Supernaturals forever!

Peter: You didn’t have an elongated lifespan, therefore no. I have 75 days until I’m an adult.




I can’t remember why I took this screenshot.

Lyra: It’s because I’m really handy in the shower.




Sometimes I feel like all she ever does is skill, but it’s worth it, she’s nearly maxed like five skills by now. Seriously, this sim is BOSS.

Lyra: Like a boss.



Ella: Lie in the grass, next to the mausoleum…

You’re retrieving my grave. Please don’t be lying down in the graveyard on a full moon.



Woo, baby!

So. Freaking. Excited.



Elisha: How dare you kick me out of my home… I’m home with my plants…

Joel: And I’m home with my water slide!



Lyra: … Who are you?

???: I am a rocketship.

Lyra: Sure.

It’s been so long since I’ve played that even I can’t remember his name.



Peter: Hey people I don’t know, come to my wedding party! Also while I was talking to you, the flooring and wallpaper has mysteriously changed around me.

Mysterious Reappearing Portrait of Ella: Don’t forget me.



Elisha: Hi, home stealer.

Peter: Who the hell are you?



Lyra: What do you mean it’s my wedding day? I need to upgrade this fire extinguisher! This is the single most important thing that needs to be done today.

She wouldn’t drop that action from her queue until it was finished…



Brendan and Yadira showed up! I have no idea who they left Natasha with as she’s clearly not here.

Guys. Please don’t abandon my only spare-baby!



Speaking of spare babies…

Dawn: We don’t speak about this.



May: If I put myself in time out, do I have to attend?

Yes, blue boots.

May: Hope nobody steps on my blue suede shoes.

… I hate myself.



Um. Yadira..?

Peter: I am uncomfortable with how close she’s stood to me.

Yadira: I’m uncomfortable with the presence of this old lady.




See that dead guy? That’s Lev’s new husband. Also see that old lady front left? No idea who she is!



This picture is everything to me.









Yaaay 😀

May: My sister is here. The whole wedding is ruined.

… Damnit.



Brendan: My baby sister, married!?

Dawn: I know, who’d have thought of marrying her?

Eli: My baby girl… pregnant!

Dawn: Dad, go away.



The mother of the bride was overcome with joy and couldn’t contain herself.



I missed their kiss for that, but the expression of the gate crashing old lady is enough.

Speaking of gate crashers… this is the only thing I think with weddings now.



Lyra: Like a boss.

Peter: My wife is awesome.



Lyra: Caaaake!



… Who gave Lyra that knife!?



Let this be a lesson to you guys, this is what happens if you gate crash a wedding!



These two got stuck and had to be reset… Of course.



So, have you ever seen a gnome do this?? This is Kris. They’re in their emo phase.

Kris: It’s not a phase, it’s who I am!



Peter: So… do you like benches? Benches are great.

Ella: Person person plus.

Lyra: Please stop talking.



Peter: So, Lyra, I’m researching Alchemy as a way to cure myself so any potential kids we have won’t live forever.

Lyra: Sounds good. A Queen can’t have children that effectively out rank her.



And for this, I will leave you with a conversation between me and my potentially-drunk-at-the-time boyfriend;



This was half good, half terrible XD

Well, life is a thing that’s happened, and for the first time in a reasonably long time I am really very happy.


2 thoughts on “3.2 – The One With The References

  1. LMAO, grey clothes? And here I thought I’d read about all the strange and wonderful glitches this glorious game gives us. Well done, Livy’s game, new glitch!

    I struggle naming my gnomes, too. My EPIC ones were musicians, until I got too many so they’re now nameless. I read a blog that just numbered them, that’s always an option, lol.

    Lyra has the best double meanings ever. She is definitely handy, lols. Also, I would not be opposed to you changing the spelling of fairy boy’s name to Peeta 😉


  2. Yay for Elisha! And hahaha I loved Lyra’s comments about her brother XD So mean, but so funny. Lyra’s comments might just be my favorites. Her being “handy” cracked me up! I can’t wait for her baby, I hope it takes after her personality wise.

    (Also, I just had to say this but I like emo gnome too hehe). Nice to see an update!


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