Drum Roll please…


A moment of silence for May and Brendan, and for the one soul who voted for Dawn.

Dawn’s vote was the very first vote to come in, and then it was just Lyra from there on out. Her victory was pretty much decided after Wednesday night, but I kept the poll open for kicks.

Time for some small announcements!

May will be staying for a short while! May and Lyra are best friends, and May also has the best chance at completing her LTW, so she will be staying around for that. If Dawn had won, Brendan would have stayed as they are good friends.

This also means Eli and Elisha will be leaving! However, they are both super close to completing their LTWs, Eli just needs to max handiness (he is on 9 and a half skill bar right now) and Elisha only needs two more perfect plants. They will move out at the same time as Lyra and May become YAs so hopefully will have given me as many legacy points as possible before I eject them into the time stream.

The next post will be up in a few days.

I am so excited, I’ve never got this far in a posted legacy before! 😀

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