Evans EPIC and PSA!



I have started an EPIC challenge!
(I was inspired by somebodysangel13’s Rourke Epic Legacy, and you should totally go check that out if you haven’t already!)

I’ve started this is because I tend to play too far ahead, and then want to play and can’t. So, I started another challenge that’s not another legacy, because if I did that I’d end up abandoning the Gordons for them by accident. And I really love this legacy.

So! The first post isn’t actually up yet, but I have enough pictures and I will probably start writing it soon. You can find it over here at evansepicchallenge.wordpress.com. There is nothing there for the time being, but feel free to check it out and follow it anyway 😉

I’m kidding, you don’t have to do that!

Also, as some of you smart cookies have noticed and already taken advantage of, Brendan is up for download! The others will be added as soon as they turn YA, which won’t be long as the poll is looking quite obvious at the moment.

The only thing I’d like to say about that; checking on my mediafire tells me how many times they’ve been downloaded. I’d really like to know who’s downloaded who, just so I have a rough idea of where my sims are going!

Oh, and I uploaded both .sim and .sims3pack for Brendan, and I’m happy to do the same for Lori, Ella, and Eli if anybody would like me to!

One thought on “Evans EPIC and PSA!

  1. Ooooh, brave of you to start a second challenge! I’ve always wanted to try an EPIC, but I don’t trust myself to handle more than one thing at a time. (Pretty much applies to every aspect of life.) I followed the blog because you said I didn’t have to. 😀

    I’ll probably download Brendan for kicks, and if you get around to it, I would love to have Lori! I kind of collect legacy founders… if that doesn’t sound too creepy.


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