2.8 – The One With The Babies

Bonjour! Since I am in France, I will be writing this whole post in French!




Elisha: What do you mean I have children to attend to? I’ve never had a child.



Dawn got new hair! I went on a small download spree, and I think this suits her better!



Um, Eli?



Just to point out, Eli vanished for a while and tried to take May with him.

Ella: Nothing to see here!



Why do sims have a tendency to pee themselves in front of my legacy bunch?



May: Hey, why haven’t you been paying attention to me!?

Oops. Automatic birthdays!



May: I am very very cute.

You also look like you might be a face clone…



I got a little carried away with the blue/aqua in her clothes. But – a child who hasn’t got blonde hair!

Though – how did you get black hair? That’s what Ella has, and I don’t even know how she got that.



Eli: What do you mean we have kids to attend to?

Boa: No kids here.



Uh. Brendan, that’s not… that’s really not how that works…



Attempting to check on all of the children, Dawn is on her way to the summer festival. So I sent everyone else with her.

Dawn: I wanted to escape that family. Why are you sending them after me?



Dawn: I don’t like the look of that suspicious woman over there…

That’s me.

Dawn: Exactly.



I seriously hope my simself isn’t pregnant again, she just aged up into a horrible choice of clothes or something.



Talking of my simself being pregnant, this is her second daughter! With the world most ridiculous name.

Fawn: I’m not a baby deer, I swear.

Also, she was born on the same day as Brendan or maybe even the day before so, a quick check with MC and she got aged up.



May: Why are my hands floating?

Eli: I must be very careful not to let go.



Eli: …. Shit.



Obligatory festival greetings card which will show up at the end of this chapter or in the next one!



Fawn: Look at the muscles I don’t have!

Brendan: *blank stare*



She is literally the cutest.

Eli: When you grow up there will be four of you battling for heir. So you need to be the very best.



I click back over to find Brendan doing this… Please don’t hit on my simself’s kid!



Meanwhile, back at home…

Ella: Well this is fun.



And this is Lyra Gordon! An athletic, brave sim whose favourite colour I can’t remember right now!

Also – super sparkle photo!



Ella: Aww, my first girl…

YOU MEAN THE THIRD GIRL FOR THIS HOUSEHOLD!? Well, at least I know you’re capable of producing more than just girls…



Ella: Boa, don’t you want to come meet our baby?

Boa: What baby?

Elisha: Computers are great. Love the computer.



I am in shock, Elisha is actually parenting.



Aaaand things are back to normal.

Boa: Is this mine?

May: Hungry!

Elisha: Could somebody feed this child please!?



And it’s Prom Time!

Brendan couldn’t stop staring at all the lights! Are the aliens coming for Brendan?

Fawn revealed that she liked Brendan a lot. Brendan was so happy he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face.

Brendan was ectatic to except the crown and thanked everyone for rigging the votes.

What an amazing night! Brendan won’t soon forget this dance.

Basically, Brendan’s prom was super lame. He didn’t get into any fights or get rejected for anything. And now he’s the Romantic Interest of my simself’s daughter!



Eli: Super uncle Eli to the rescue!

Ella: That child is trash.



Lyra: I’m blonde. Fight me.




Princess Dawn: A princess must always be graceful when faced with difficulty.



Princess Dawn: I must welcome people into my kingdom with open arms… before I club them on the head with my sceptre.



Dawn: When I am ruler, no babies will be allowed to scream near me!

Clusterfuck at the cot because I forgot to buy a second one…



Dawn: Brendan! Fetch me a refreshment!

Brendan: I’m doing my homework. Besides, I’m the original prince here.



Dawn: A princess must not be afraid to run when her life is in danger.

… from monsters under the bed?


I know this post is super short, but I stopped playing for a while after this picture and I cannot think of a decent way into the chaos that is the next chapter. It won’t be long before I update again as I’m getting close to the heir poll now and sort of need to catch up!


4 thoughts on “2.8 – The One With The Babies

  1. I was kind of excited at the prospect of a French chapter, so I stuck it through a webpage translator for fun. It was a pretty terrible translation. (My favourite part was when Dawn was called “Aube.”) Don’t worry, I read it in English too. 😛

    Dammit, as much as I want to like the children of my own legacy blood, Boa sucks at producing genetic variety. I do see hints of the Langurd nose on Lyra, but it’s hard to tell because I play with Ephemera’s skin replacement. I don’t actually know what it looks like on EA-default toddlers.

    The stroller glitch just happened to Gumby’s kid and I was so excited to narrate it, but you got there first (thunder stealer!). Just kidding, I cackled all over again. 😀 Hope you’re enjoying France!


    • Why am I not surprised that you did that? xD

      Actually, I’ve seen Lyra grown up and she looks more like Boa than Brendan does. May is a faceclone but Dawn’s a nice mix 😛 xD

      Well, in the case of thunder stealing – I was excited to post about Dawn’s new hair and I swear it’s the same one you used for Skydancer!? xD But the stroller glitch is the best.

      France is great, except I’ve been here two days and I’m already sunburned pretty badly D: 😥


      • Oh man, I can sympathize so hard. I’m practically albino and I played quidditch all day in blazing sunlight on Saturday. I didn’t know sunburns could bubble before now. Aloe is a lifesaver, I hope you had some with you! 😛


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