2.3 – The One Where – Damnit Eli!

This might be a long post, I’m not really sure. I quite liked just playing as Eli for a Sim week, and while I did prefer Ella I have to thank everyone who voted for him and stopped me booting him out of the house as now he’s got Charismatic and has aged up, he’s a lot more fun. This is the whole Dom/Ashleigh situation all over again!

In the James legacy, I chose Dom as heir quite early on as Ashleigh rolled next to no wishes and never did anything. Then they both became YA, I turned her into a vampire by ‘accident’, and suddenly she was the most interesting sim I’d ever created and Dom just…stopped being interesting. He stopped rolling cool wishes or doing cool stuff. I guess I could’ve swapped heirs over but chose not to bother.



After seeing the disappointment that was the melted face girl, Eli decided to head inside and hit up the computers for Nerd points, despite rolling wishes for Jock points.

It was then I noticed the other housemates on their way in. Eli, go socialise!



Eli: Why hellooo, ladies!

Tamora: Has that ever worked for you?

Eli: No.

Tamora: I wonder why…



Tamora: Ohmygod, you’re like, so cool!

Eli: Hell yeah, I am.

Leaving Eli to it, I went ahead to scout around outside and at the neighbouring dorms.



Good thing there were more people as Melty Face and Peado man were flirting away outside, which was quite funny to look at, given the state of their faces.



And then there was this roommate, with her… interesting fashion choices.



Eli: Oh yeah, I’m so skilled!

You’re fulfilling wishes for Jock points, not trying out for the olympics.



Everybody in this room proceeded to freak out over Eli’s presence in it, inflating his already over inflated ego.

I went looking for Tamora again, as so far she was the only likely candidate for our spouse.



And there is where I found all of Eli’s housemates. At the pool. Without him.

Eli: What do you mean, without me? I’m here, aren’t I?

They didn’t invite you though, did they? You gate crasher.



Eli: Have these beautiful purple flowers that I totally bought for you!




And then there’s this guy.

Apparently Tamora was so shocked that she fused the back of her skull with Eli’s face, not that you can really see it from this angle.



Tamora: *pees self*

Eli: Are you seeing this? And you still want her as an heir spouse?

Quiet, you. You don’t get a say in this.



Hey, look who his roommate is!

I totally didn’t set that as her bed on purpose. *whistles innocently*



Look at my precious little nerd, going to class!

Eli: It’s so high up, it hurts…


Still trying to deny your real self there, Eli?

Eli: I’m cool, I’m a jock, I’m bowling.

Dude, I’ve been bowling. That shit does not make you cool. Sliding all over the shop in sweaty shoes worn by like 500 different people? It’s not a good look, let me tell you.




That’s not a strike, there’s one still standing.



The celebratory dances are amazing, let’s be honest here.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you failed!


Eli: You didn’t see that.

Oh, I saw it. I have photographic evidence.

Eli: You wouldn’t dare.




Yeah, I’m with you Glasses. I don’t know what’s wrong with him either.



I sent Eli to the stadium, planning to ridicule him further for his athletic uselessness, when this girl showed up.

I tried to have Eli interact with her, but she was going to class, so I did what every good simmer does.



Stalked her.



I also saw this pretty fairy, but I have enough issues with household space without adding a fairy into it. Also she’s a 10 Rebel. Elisha is 10 Nerd.




Elisha: Have you been here, like, all afternoon?

Eli: … No.

Elisha: Yeah, cus that’s not totally creepy or anything.



Elisha: But you’re hot so I’ll allow it.



Eli: Red flowers to match your red hair?

Elisha: How could you possibly know my favourite colour!?



Eli that’s not how it works!

Eli: Yeah, it is. I gave her flowers. Now she gets to kiss me.



Elisha: What is wrong with you!? You stalked me outside my class all day and I’ve spoken to you for about five minutes!

Eli: Sooo… no kiss?

I like this one.



Eli being both friendly and charismatic is actually a huge help, as sims reeeally want to tell him their traits.

I mean, why wouldn’t you?



Eli: Can she see me? Does she know how cool and smart I am?

Dude. She’s a ‘Jock’. Doubt she cares.



Eli: But… Wait – does anybody actually know what this thing does?



Make you sit like a weirdo, apparently.

Also, what is this? A staring competition?



Eli: Elisha, meet at the Comic Store for a date?



Elisha: I’m over here, loser.



They get on so well… I think at this point I gave up on Tamora and started just following Elisha.



He left mid-date to go to class – damnit Eli!

And of course, there was a clusterfuck at the door because nobody knew how to use it.



Some sneaky brain enhancing power increases his Handiness skill.

Eli: Does this count as cheating?



Eli: Party at my place! Keg party!



… I forgot your pyromaniac tendencies from the flames on birthday cakes.

And still trying to be a Jock, I see?



Eli: Who said anything about that? Nerds are much cooler.



Nerds get to play with coloured fire.



I’ve only just noticed this but Elisha and that girl in the background have the same hair, and scarily similar faces…

Elisha: Don’t drop him, don’t drop him…



Apparently it’s now a dance party.

Eli: I can’t dance.



Not this again.

Also, check out paedo dude’s creepy face!



I love how accepting the Heat Of The Moment kiss automatically bumps them up to Romantic Interest without any of this ‘confess attraction’ bullshit XD



Aaaand the police are coming. Well, it is 1am!



Eli: Everybody out – out!

*nobody moves*



Weedy McWeedy Pants has finally started working out… Maybe now you’ll be able to fight your way out of that paper bag!?



I forced Eli to spend more time studying, his performance thing is nowhere near full!



Eli: Give me cookies, grandma.

… What happens to the poor unfortunate soul who buys a cake? Do they just take a bite and suddenly start aging up?



More studying…

Eli: Please. Get me out of here.



Creepily standing in the bushes to ask her out – but hey, at least one of the guys can do it without their mouth full!

Creepy Dude: Hey hey, I see you!



Eli: *ruins the moment talking about comic books*

You nerd.



Eli, you’re not supposed to stare at the chess set, you’re supposed to use it.



Those arms are no longer weedy. Apparently the working out is working!

Also, he’s taking to cooking whenever I click the ‘hungry’ moodlet, instead of getting some random leftover. Student life does weird things to people.



Apparently the working is working too well, as he’s now too tired to work.

Eli: My brain hurts…



Damnit Eli!



I’m assuming this was final exams day!?

His progress bar is 2/3 to 3/4 full so hopefully!?


He failed.

Damnit Eli!



Report cards are in!

Eli: I can’t look.



Eli: Really?



Eli: A C!? That’s bull!

Damnit Eli!

Well, at least you passed.



Yeah, I’d say the working out is working.



Eli: Time to make like a tree and get out of here!



Melty Face: It’s leave, you idiot. Make like a tree, and leave.

Eli: I will!

I swear to you, this chapter took three days to write and I’m still not entirely happy with it. Oh well, we accomplished what we came here for – Eli’s found a spouse!

I liked Tamora, she was just a little too… pudding faced, for me. I used to play with heavily preset sims (back when I didn’t use sliders), so I prefer sims who’s faces are a little more interesting, or contrast to my legacy sims!

Next chapter we go back home, though it’s a short one because I’m saving for something!

One thought on “2.3 – The One Where – Damnit Eli!

  1. LMAO, that roommate with the crazy patterns is brilliant. Best example of EA fashion failure EVA!

    University is the most brilliant place to find a spouse, so many interesting and pretty faces! Elisha and Eli is going to get very confusing, but she is gorgeous, so we can deal 😉


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