2.1 – The One With The Heirs

This was actually supposed to post tomorrow, but I’m so far ahead at the moment (I’m writing 2.5) and still wanting to play that I thought I’d post early. I know that as soon as I stop playing I’ll find it hard to get back to (or maybe not this time?), so I might as well update now so I don’t get too far ahead of myself.

Last post was… a fill. Stuff happens in this one, I swear! Though I really shouldn’t comment on the quality of my posts as I’ve read and planned them, of course I think they’re terrible!
Recap Time, even though it’s not really needed;

The pets got some love, Ella and Balboa started dating, Eli threw a party and tried hitting on a girl and failed miserably, the house got burgled and everyone ate pizza, Joel mastered the riding skill, my simself had a baby named Amber, Balboa took up Alchemy and Ella took up gardening, Ella got some cliche tattoos, and Balboa’s sister had a baby.

Lots of stuff, nothing hugely important.

Starting with a few spam pictures I took of Ella and Boa being cute, and couldn’t find it in my heart to ridicule them through captions.


Screenshot-1148 Screenshot-1149 Screenshot-1150 Screenshot-1151

Balboa: See that? That’s our star.


Ella: Sweet, but I think that’s a lamppost.

Balboa: Oh, you’re right.

Ella: This can be our star instead.



Balboa: I have a really important question to ask you, and I’m sure I can’t mess it up.

Ella: I’m slightly worried…



Balboa: …. shit.

Ella: Called it!



Balboa: You know, this could totally pass as a star, right? They’re just rocks, aren’t they?

That’s a meteor. Or a shooting star, but I can see where you’d get confused.



Here’s hoping any kids get Ella’s length nose… this angle is very unflattering on you, Balboa!



Eli: Damn government agencies… sending me viruses… breaking my laptop…

Are you still hacking?

Eli: Yes.

There you go then, you can take off your tinfoil hat.



Ella then took this moment to redecorate the front of the house.

Ella: I don’t feel so good…

Hey, maybe this is one of Eli’s computer viruses turned real? That can happen, I saw it in an episode of Scorpion.

Ella: No, I really don’t think that’s the problem here.


In case anybody wondered, yes Pal still is in the legacy house! And somehow managed to rip off the exact same clothes as Eli.

Eli: I don’t even have a date. Does my computer count?

No, else I would’ve gone with mine. Sorry!

So here’s a little run down of what happened at prom… because I don’t screenshot the notifications, else you’d all be trying to read from pixelated files the size of your thumb.

First, Pal hoped they played his favourite song.
Eli started checking everyone out. And I mean everyone.

Pal and Martina were dancing, definitely some chemistry there!
Eli was standing around, minding his own business when somebody trod on his foot. What other choice did he have but to beat them up?

Pal then spotted a three eyed llama… What was in that punch?
Eli decided to ask his crush to dance, unsurprisingly got rejected, and then got made fun of. So obviously, he hates himself.

Pal got into a fight because somebody looked at him funny.
Again, Eli couldn’t stop checking everybody out.

Pal is ‘tearing up the dancefloor. Wooo!’
Eli saw somebody wearing the same tux as him! Was it Pal? I bet it was Pal.

Oh, and finally….
Eli convinced everyone to vote for him as Prom King! Not sure he earned it, but A+ for effort.



What better way for the newly crowned Prom King to celebrate than to steal your mothers motorbike even though you can’t drive?

Eli: Rules are for losers.

Well, you are a hacker… it’s a slippery slope.



Ella: I just got off the phone with your simself. She told me to throw a bachelorette party.

Don’t do it.

Ella: Too late.

Eli: I’m just choosing to ignore the fact you’re wearing your graduation robes for no apparent reason.






Ella: Yeah, I’m about as impressed as you are.



Bella: Something about all of this is fishy, if you ask me…

Also, since I somewhat renovated the house a little bit, she’s taken to sleeping like this every night. She loves the end of that table.



I can’t see what could possibly go wrong here.



Hera: I’m exhausted and have no idea who you are, get the fuck out.

I had no idea that Balboa’s final trait was equestrian, so finding the ‘horsey friends’ moodlet in amongst the others was a surprise…



Eli: Nobody noticed the motorbike missing last night, right?



Eli: Not that it matters any more, I can do whatever I want from this point on!

Pal: *is completely ignored*


Cue synchronised noise making.

Eli: Please stop.



Eli: What the…




Eli: Now that’s more like it!

*has a D in class and somehow locks in Charismatic*



And then everyone sits down for a nice family breakfast… of cake.

Yep, I’ve already kicked Pal out. We’ll never have to see him again!

Ella: Am I the only one noticing the dirty dishes?

Eli: If this is my birthday, how come I’m not allowed to sit down?



Somehow I forgot that Eli’s supposed to be a computer nerd with no sense of humour and went with… this.

I feel like I need to write this here;
Anthony, you were right. I’m so glad I didn’t eject this sim into the timestream.

I foresee some fun genes… if he can ever find a spouse that is.



Anne: Hey, we’re both Charismatic with No Sense Of Humour, and you’re suddenly very attractive to me!

Eli: Wait… what?



Jessica and Sim!Livy showed up for Ella’s bachelorette party wearing the exact same dress.

And of course, Jessica instantly heartfarted Eli. The confused yells could be heard for miles.




Gabby: Bachelorette Party? More like fucking Baby Shower, you’re all pregnant!

Yup, apparently Sim!Livy is going to have a second child and so is Gemma. Well, maybe they’ll produce some potential spouses for the legacy babies?

Technically they’re not sims that I’ve created… right?



Ella: What the hell is a lifeguard ‘Party Dancer’, Livy?

Sim!Livy: I thought the party could use a little… entertainment.


Stripper #1 (oh yes #1): Hey, who’s the old girl? She’s hot!


Lori: And who are you calling old!?



… Why am I the one giving the toast? Knowing me, I’d probably give a speech about toast!



Eli: I’m joining in if it means free booze.

Anne: Well it’s not free if you waste it on me, is it!?

Eli: There’s still a use for that…



Sim!Livy: I’m beginning to regret this decision… I think maybe I want to go home.

Everyone of course decided to lurk outside and cause route fails at the door, and I had to slowly shepherd them all inside.


Stripper #2: Look at me daaance!

Sim!Livy: Is anybody aware that the soundsystem is broken? No?

*nobody else paying the slightest bit of attention to anything*



Even the Bachelorette herself just stood by the TV complaining she was tired.

Ella: It’s the… the pregnancy, you see. Just takes it out of you.

I’m calling bullshit.

Ella: Does anyone know where Eli is?



Outside, smooooooooooooching the neighbours.

Ella: Attaboy!



Ella: Did you know I’m like, a famous artist now!?

You’re level five, dear. Calm down. Also, you don’t talk to strippers about art.



Ella: This is my Bachelorette party… meaning I’m about to get married. Why in the hell did you think this was a good idea!?



My simself spent most of the night standing here by the fridge and pulling this face. Sounds like most of my life, if you ask me.

Everyone cleared off shortly after this, and nobody really enjoyed the party other than the girl who spent the whole night outside having alcohol sucked off her face by Eli.


And guess who should turn up half an hour after the party finished? None other than Balboa’s sister, Lev Langurd. Thankfully, she wasn’t pregnant again.

Lev: Must I be referred to as ‘Balboa’s sister’?


Why do I continuously subject myself to the hell that is throwing parties? Never again. Never again I swear.

Bring tissues to the next chapter. Shit gets real.

7 thoughts on “2.1 – The One With The Heirs

  1. Holy crap, SO MANY pregnant sims! And i don’t know if it’s weird for me to say this, but I think Boa and Ella make a better match than he and Malissa ever did? I tried to hard with their relationship, but it just wasn’t happening. These two just work somehow. Anyway, I’m just a little excited to see their kid (also Lev’s, ’cause she’s dumb and never had any with Jeff). But now I’m worried for the next chapter…


      • Story Progression went nuts when I put it back in the game (removed for lag-check) and suddenly literally every sim was pregnant. Multiple times. Kind of terrifying!

        Well, you wrote them like a good match as I would never have guessed that. If I’m honest I was kind of nervous about it because I was stealing the heir so like, would he and Ella ever be as good as he and Malissa!? I guess so 😛 Ella and Boa both seem to be kind of similar, but in different ways, if that makes any sense whatsoever.
        I did sort of feel like cheating when I added them in because you’re not supposed to use sims you created, and while I didn’t create them I did download them with the purpose of adding to the legacy and I couldn’t remember the rules on that! But hey, does anybody religiously follow the rules any more? I figure it’s hard enough to get to the 10th generation without losing your sanity, I could bend the rules a little!


      • It actually works out well that you paired him with Ella, since the heir poll is in full swing and it doesn’t look like Boa’s progeny will be carrying on the legacy. So at least if he can’t be a part of the Langurds’ main bloodline, he gets to be a part of the Gordons’, right? 😛 And I totally agree — the legacy rules are made to be bent. You can’t be expected to find interesting-looking townies for EVERY generation…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, that depends on whether one of Eli’s spawn wins the heir poll next time round… Ella and Eli tied so I’m just gonna put all their kids up. So I guess we’ll see? 😛
        You know what they say, laws are made to be broken!


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