So, I’m not sure why WordPress decided to turn my last page into a post, but I have made Lori, Ella, Eli, and my simself available for download in case anybody wants them!
Or you know, there’s an issue and I need them.

They are downloadable from Mediafire as .sim3packs, and they install the same way as any custom content file – you double click the file and it installs itself and then they’re available in the Library Tray when you load up! It’s awkward, but it’s the only way I could find to get them in without having to track down all my custom content and then ask you to install it all, because I do use a lot.

They shouldn’t come with any bugged pieces, as those crash my game and so I delete them pretty quickly. I also think that installing them this way all the CC used shows up in the launcher so you can delete it separately if needs be? But I’m not sure.

You can find their downloads from the Family pages (Yours Truly, in the case of my simself); let me know if you plan on downloading them! 😀

Next real post should be either Saturday or Sunday 😛

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3 thoughts on “DOWNLOADS!

  1. FYI, if you want to provide .sim files that will show up in the Saved Sims folder, you need to save them from the CAS/Stylist screen, if you click the … button on the sim’s portrait, you should get an option to save the sim. Personally, I convert files to .sim from Sims3Pack anyway, since I don’t install anything via launcher. But will be grabbing some, definitely Ms Gorgeous Ella.

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    • I tried that, but it didn’t save all the CC, and Ella and Lori have a lot of it. Idk, maybe it was just something stupid I did, but I didn’t do anything other than how you said. I loaded them in on my other machine when I was retrieving other sims from there, and it didn’t want to install them properly. The only way it worked was sharing them, and then taking the file from the exports folder and installing it that way :/ Maybe I’m just being dumb??


      • Yes, .sim files doesn’t include most CC (hair and makeup often come across, but not clothes). But that’s kind of the point of using a .sim file, that you don’t get potentially unwanted CC, only the genetics. Up to you how you choose to share your sims 🙂


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