1.11 – The First Of The Last Ones

So, last time wasn’t as awful as I expected! In fact, it was borderline good.
Recap time!

Ella graduated with Miss Popular of all things, Eli developed a personality, Pal became real and promptly got ignored, Eli became a hacker, Ella stole Balboa away from some random woman, and then Boa moved in.



Ella: I’m actually quite pretty, aren’t I?

I’m reasonably surprised. This is much better than the wobbly piece of junk you painted first time around. More legacy points!



Bella: Oh, it appears my old lady legs have given out on me. I’ll have to stay here forever. Don’t move or I’ll claw you.

Lori: Aww, she’s so cute!



Joel: Good girl, Hera!

Hera: Well, you’re not that embarrassing any more, I guess. But where did those lime green shoes come from?

Yup, the pets are still around and still getting love! Though it’s usually when I’m not paying attention 😦



Balboa, didn’t Katana teach you better than to talk with your mouth full?



Ella: Who needs Rock Paper Scissors when you can have a pillow fight!?



Ella: Where did you get these pillows, anyway?

Boa: Out of the garbage.

Ella: Recycling… nice.



So, with Eli fast approaching Young Adulthood (and prom being in three days), I decided it was time to do a bit of spouse hunting. Cue the ‘sleepover party’!

Eli: My sister makes really good music.

Martina: I want to go home.



Eli: Sooo… movies?



Martina: Not with you!

Boa and Joel: REJECTED!



Lori: I see you there, failing with girls.

Eli: I hate all of you.



Eli: If you break that sink, I might have to break your legs. Or, hack into your family funds and take all your money.



Bella: Balboa, your dancing is as bad as Joel’s waffles.

Joel: I heard that!

Bella: You were meant to.



Balboa: What do you mean, my dance moves are epic.

Lori: Don’t mind me, just decapitating Balboa with the pizza!

Bella: I don’t see how that could possibly be considered a problem.



Eli: Look, somehow I knew that your favourite colour would be purple in order to give you these beautiful flowers!

Martina: They’re nice but…



And she was saved from answering by the call to go to bed. I swear I did invite other teens, but she was the only one who showed up.

Eli really doesn’t have many friends.



Hera: Well, what did you expect? You threw a party and it went reasonably well. Something had to go wrong.



Eli: Help, I’m fused with the door!

Kacey: Haha, suckers!



Kacey: They’ll never catch me… the only tough guy in this house is an old man!



Kacey: And who doesn’t want a used science table covered in multicoloured stains and with burn marks on!?

Gee, I’m sold.



Eli: Well, all this excitement has made me hungry.

Police Woman: This Eli kid is fucking idiot.

Kacey: I agree.



Police Woman: Ha! You’ve been beaten, foul criminal!

Joel: I remember when this was my job…

Eli: Hey, Dad? You’re blocking the way to the fridge.



Ella and Martina: A burglar!

Kacey: I’ve been here hours. I literally walked past one of you to get in here.



Balboa: Is nobody seeing this!? There’s a burglar!

Ella: I don’t even have the words for this.



And of course, 3:49am was the perfect time for the men of the house to sit down and eat pizza.

Joel: Hey, Balboa, did you know I once beat up a burglar before the police got here?

Eli: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad



Balboa: This pizza is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Ella: Taste it, it’s heaven.

Balboa: Better than cake?

Ella: Well, that’s pushing it. Better than sex.

Balboa: Like you would know.

Ella: Wanna find out?

Balboa: Absolutely.


Eli: What did I just witness?



Ella rarely gets time to just play guitar so this was great to see. Also, I love to hear the music of the guitars.


Remember Bimble? Remember Ella’s first friend, Delilah? Well, they’re getting married. Oh, and my simself has started learning guitar… Good girl!



Finally, Lori was allowed to use her motorbike that she’s wanted for so long.

Sadly, you’re a little old to look as badass as you once did.

Lori: Respect your elders.



For anyone who doesn’t know, Balboa’s LTW is Alchemy Artisan, so he needs to master the alchemy skill, and create and use 50 elixirs. I’ve completed this one before, so I’m holding out some hope that we’ll get this one.



No, I’m not using hideheadlineeffects, Joel really has mastered the riding skill!

Hera: Well I’ll be damned.



Balboa: Wait, so this one does what? Gives you wings?

Can’t you just buy Red Bull?



Ella: I’m not sure what I’m planting, Boa had it in his pocket so I thought I’d help him out.

Ella, you probably don’t want to know what that is.



I got a notification saying that my Simself had given birth to a baby girl named Amber, so thought I’d head on over and have a look.

Apparently, I don’t even have a house, I live on an empty lot with my cat and supposed husband Omar Collins (I’ve never seen him…). Well, at least EA’s naming system didn’t give my baby something too ridiculous, right?



Ella rolled… and interesting wish, that I decided to fulfil, and sent both her and Balboa halfway across town figuring I could leave Ella to her wish fulfilment and let Boa…



Visit his family.

Balboa: You’re pregnant.

Lev: Yes, I am.

Balboa: I didn’t hear about this. Who did you marry?



Old Dude: Me. She married me.

Ella: I’m not sure which hurts more, the tattoo or the fact YA Lev married my dad’s lookalike.



Badly rendered treble-clef tattoo for the musician! In her favourite colour, of course.



And also a giant ass pair of wings because I’m cliche as hell.

She also has an Illuminati symbol tattooed on her ankle but I’m lazy and forgot to get a shot of that.



I went back to check on Balboa, and found him here, watching TV on his sister’s bed.

What else did I expect?



Balboa: My sister is in labour. I am the only one around. She is driving a boat. Please send help…

Lev: Don’t complain at me, I’m the one in labour.



Balboa: Good luck!

Lev: You’re so useless.



So Lev had a sparkly fairy baby, and Balboa just stood awkwardly outside for no real reason.

I feel so sorry for Ella.



Grounded for some reason I can’t remember, Eli has taken the maid’s place – oh yeah, they have a maid now!

This was kind of poor, but I had 130 something screenshots to divide up into three event-filled chapters, so this is another ‘set up’ chapter. I know it sucks, but bear with me, I promise!

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