1.10 – The One With No Title

Worst post in the history of worst posts? Most of these shots are so old I don’t really remember why I’ve taken them, which, you know, is somewhat of a problem when it comes to captioning them. Or not, as I could make up something totally random and neither you nor I would know the difference.

Also, this post is kind of short as not very much really happened, and I’m using this as a sort of segue into the next generation… maybe. Because with Eli still as a teen, he’s not exactly heir material yet!

So, I apologise both for my general MIA-ness and the crappiness of this post!



Ella: Hey, remember how I never learned to drive?

Eli: If you know what I know about con-structural design, you wouldn’t drive either.

Ella: Don’t logic me to death on my graduation day.



Ella: I’m choosing to walk apart from you all as I wish to deny the fact that I’m related to any of you.

Eli: How did you guys get here, I’m pretty sure you weren’t in the car.

Lori: I took my broom.

Joel: I’m Joel. Nothing I do ever makes sense.



Ella: Do you smell that? The sweet smell of me never having to go back to school again and being able to live solely off of paint fumes and cake.

Eli: Or, you know, whatever money I make, being the only one in the house with the ability to get a respectable job.

Lori: Excuse me? I am a line cook, and it’ll be your ass I’m cooking if you ever say something like that around me again.



Ella: I’m free! Free I tell you!



And here we have Miss Popular.

Of all the things you could have possibly been voted, you got popular!? You don’t even have any friends!

Ella: The people love me.



Ella: Hi, I realise we’ve never spoken and so have no idea what you’re doing with your life.

Lev: Don’t worry, I don’t think anybody else does either.



Ella: Boa, where are you!?

Balboa: What do you mean ‘where am I’, where are you??



Ella: Oh, I’m just in your house, watching your sister make dinner.

Balboa: Maybe you should leave…



Ella: Remind me again why I came home?

Yeah, I don’t know either. And now you get to go on holiday with those gross old people!



Eli: Finally, with my parents and sister out of the way, I’m free to create my most expensive life changing potion yet!



Eli: Pal, my dearest friend, drink this.

Pal: What is it, orange juice?



Eli: No, something much stronger.

Pal: Vodka?

Eli: Vodka isn’t orange, you fool. Nor would you drink that much of it.



Eli: No, it’s a potion to turn you real! Now nobody can accuse me of being insane!

I’m pretty sure they still can, only maybe now for different reasons.



Uh, Pal, I know you’re new and all but… that’s not how beds work.

This is probably the last we’ll ever see of Pal, as he drives me completely insane and is glitched to hell.



Eli: Fight me, broken sink!

You are waay to weedy to even think about fighting your way out of a paper bag, let alone repairing a sink.



Eli: Alright then, let’s see what these shady government agencies are up to, and if they’ll give me any money.

As long as you’re not hacking NASA to get their blueprints for your bedroom wall.



Lori: What the hell do you think you were doing!? Did you have a party!? Why is the house trashed!? YOU’RE GROUNDED.

Eli: That’s impossible, I didn’t do anything! Literally.



Ella: Hey Balboa! Despite Livy’s best efforts I keep rolling wishes to talk to you or go on dates with you, and she’s finally given in so, wanna go on a date?



Eli: Broken sink! Tell me your secrets and allow me to repair you!

Please change your clothes. They’re embarrassing me.



Eli: This sink. Is going. To pay.

Ella: Bye Eli! Have fun on your date with the sink, I’m going on a real date!



Ella: On ma way to steal yo’ man.

At this point I got the pop up saying Boa was engaged… After a discussion with my friend, I decided to ignore it and get on with my original plan.



They’re talking about food. Can you get any better?



Ella: Speaking of food…

Ella, no.



Ella: I’m tired and it’s the middle of the night. Sup?



Then this happened, and I’m honestly not even sure why.

Balboa: I’m engaged, how dare you!?

Ella: That didn’t stop you in your last life!



Balboa: Last… life? Is that why I have such a strong hatred of Jelly Beans…?

Ella: Uh, are you okay?



Ella: So, you should totally break up with whatshername.



Boa: Consider it done. She might hate you though.

Ella: The people love me.



Ella: Now that’s out of the way, I can do this!

Boa: Say what?



Why do I find this thoroughly unsurprising, and yet impossible to caption?



Then this happened. All of this happened.

Screenshot-1097 Screenshot-1098 Screenshot-1099 Screenshot-1100 Screenshot-1101

And it wasn’t until this point that I realised they were playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and scaring each other. Any doubts I may have had were instantly wiped.



Ella: Move in. Just do it. No questions. It’s got to be better than living in this lake, right?

I have only just realised – Lev and Florin aren’t there! I know Florin got married (shocker!) but I never got a pop up about them moving out, and lord knows what happened to Lev. Oops?

So, there are two Langurds running loose in my town and I’m not able to keep and eye on them. Well fuck.



Balboa: Why does this house look different than last time I was in it…?

Ella: Since when was the carpet that colour?

Bella: Since when did that freak live here!?


That wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been! Still not the best, but I’m hopefully setting up for something awesome.


5 thoughts on “1.10 – The One With No Title

  1. “Joel: I’m Joel. Nothing I do ever makes sense.” Truer words were never written.

    “Vodka isn’t orange, you fool. Nor would you drink that much of it.” Haha, er, were you around when “neknominations” were sweeping the interwebs? Some idiot frat boys would beg to differ.

    I approve of your breaking up Boa’s “previous engagement.” I mean, he’s a Langurd, so Langurd morals (or lack thereof) clearly apply by extension. It’s a given.

    “So, there are two Langurds running loose in my town and I’m not able to keep and eye on them. Well fuck.” You are pretty screwed, and I’m sorry for that. But I’m warning you, don’t try to sue me ’cause I have a really good lawyer just for situations like this. 😛


    • I’ve played with him in a legacy before, and he is honestly one of the weirdest, most illogical sims I’ve ever encountered. And that’s saying something!

      Oh god… they were horrifying, some of the stuff the fools drank! I fortunately never got nominated for that… or anything, for that matter.

      Langurd morals…? What are those? 😛

      But how would your lawyer fare against… ME!? I studied law, I can take them! Though (touch wood), nothing too insane has happened yet. I do need to go and check on Lev’s two (or maybe it’s three now?) children, and Florin’s… whatever that is!


      • Well… well… I watch Suits, so I clearly know all there is to know about law! *rapidly dials Harvey Specter* Haha, okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I should seriously think about attaching a waiver to my downloadables though.


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